Saturday, December 7, 2013

Peace On Earth...and in Me

We are busy decking the halls. We've got our tree and decorations up, been to see Santa and have attended one of the two Christmas concerts for our kids' schools. Tomorrow we are hosting our annual Dessert Open House and collecting basketballs, soccer balls and playground balls for orphanages in Ethiopia. It's a very fun time of year!

It's also that time of year when I get a wee bit overwhelmed. Eeeek! But, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve i.e.; a long list of things that have worked in the past. Cam is my best friend and he knows what gets me feeling stressed. So, he is enthusiastic to get some of our Christmas "to dos" done early. Although I was tired from Thanksgiving, Cam insisted we head out for our tree AND get our Santa pics of the kids done. He is right though, getting those things done early gives me lots of time left in the month to sit back and enjoy the festivities.

A few other things that help me to ease the stress and therefore enjoy the season:

I have several beautiful nativity sets displayed. I love to look at them and talk to the kids about the reason we have Christmas. It helps me to focus on Christ's birth and remind me what really matters.

I look at the world through my kids' eyes. They don't care about the end result, they enjoy the experience of getting there. It's a good reminder.

I *try* to take a few minutes each day to sit and enjoy the view from my bedroom windows. I drink a hot drink and rest, relax and quiet my mind. Sometimes one of the kids lays next to me and we visit. Sometimes I snuggle my sweet dog. It's amazing how just 10 minutes relieves stress.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Newest Black Belt

This awesome kid just earned his black belt in TKD!!! We are so proud of him. Three years of hard work and dedication! Way to go Mr. P!


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