Saturday, February 16, 2019

Dipping my toe in...

I haven't posted anything on here for 19 months. Eeeeeks!!!! I think about it and I miss it. Really, I'd like to have it as a way to look back at our lives during these busy years. But, SO busy! I'm going to give it a try. What do ya think?

I'm thinking it will be pictures mostly because what can I really say about things that happened so very long ago.

Here goes....
Tuba got to go to day camp for 2 weeks. We hired Mr. P to be his aid. They had a ball!! It was really special watching them bond. Mr. P took great care of his big brother. After two weeks he had enough money to buy his own iphone. Woot!

Next up was the birthday season! George's 9th bday! We celebrated at our fave restaurant. 

This cracks me up...we cannot take a good selfie. A bunch of nuts!!

Then he celebrated with friends at the local aquatic center and a picnic. 

Doggie love

And growing teens....crazy times.


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