Saturday, October 30, 2010


I will be posting about each of the kids and what they have been up to but first I thought I'd share with you a delicious little story.

At dinner the other night I was trying to get the food onto the table. Kids were loud, kids were running around, one kid was crying.

I heard Cam comfort Baby George (the crier) and give him a kiss.

I came to the table to see BG with his finger extended and asking for a kiss. I assumed that he had an owie on his finger (hence the crying) and I kissed it.

As soon as I had kissed it I realized that there was something on my lip. I touched my tongue to my lip. Why? I do not know and in hindsight this was a very poor reaction.

Hmmm....there is something very bitter on my lip. So I walked back to where BG was sitting and took a little look at his extended finger...which he was still holding out. EEEK. I notice something brown all over the end of his finger.

I ask BG, "is that poop on your finger?", "Yah" was the reply.

Alarm bells were sounding, Cam hollered from the next room, "WHAT!! I just kissed that finger". We both quickly ran to the bathroom and as I began rinsing my mouth and lathering up my face with soap Cam went full court press with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Blech!! We got all cleaned up (really, can you ever be cleaned up from such a thing?) and returned to the table.

There sat BG with his finger still extended, still covered in poop. I then asked him, "BG did you put your finger in your diaper?", "Yah" was again his response.

Cam cleaned him up while lecturing him on poop poking while I got the kids started on dinner.

The moral of the story. Poop is bitter and now you know it. Just kidding, the real moral of course is do not blindly kiss a boo-boo when it could really be poo-poo. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Travel Tips and Tribulations

So what's left? How do we manage in an airport, on a plane, or in a restaurant.

1. Airport - I pack way ahead. I pack each child a backpack with snacks (and I put some special snacks in my bag for emergency fussiness. It's amazing what a fruit snack can do!), toys, books. Each person has a coat, backpack and suitcase to be in charge of. Well, the wee ones don't have a suitcase to roll because they are strapped into a stroller....sometimes not so happily. When we get to the airport we count suitcases, count backpacks, count kids. Once out of the car and into the airport we go in a line straight to get our bags checked. The last trip we checked two bags (it's too expensive now or I'd check it all). Then we re-group and head for security. Cam and I literally have a pow-wow. We look at each other, say out loud, "this is going to be crazy but we have plenty of time, don't panic, don't rush, and remind the security people that Tuba has special needs". We smile and are very friendly to everyone. It helps! One of us goes in the front and one goes in the back. Each of the big boys rolls a suitcase (even when they don't want to...and especially when they lay down on the airport floor and have a fit about rolling the suitcase....Busy Guy!!). To go through security you have to take off shoes, coats, backpacks, etc. We warn the kids ahead of time. When it's time I hand them a bin and they start putting the things in the bins. I place the bins on conveyor. Once they are ready Cam folds up the stroller (it has to go on the scanner belt too) and then he goes through the metal detector. Then each kid goes through. I go last and then we re-assemble everyone and move on in our formation. One parent leads followed by kids and then one parent in the rear. At the gate we sit and get situated. Then we eat, get drinks, go potty and hang out. Once the plane announces that we can board we pick up, put on coats, backpacks, get assigned bags to each person, get into formation, count things and get on.

Here's an old one from our trip to Disney in 2007. My how they've grown!

2. Plane - We've been on a plane once with just Tuba, once with each baby coming home from Ethiopia, once with three kids when we went to Disney in 2007, and twice now with the whole brood. I can say it's much easier with one. ;)

On the plane we do divide and conquer. It's our special term. :) We decide who sits closest to each parent and who we are in charge of. Usually Cam takes Baby George and the middle boys. Well, the middle boys are the best! NO trouble on the plane. They watch a movie, eat snacks and never utter a word except, "can we have pop?". I take Sis and Tuba. In case of an emergency I always tell a flight attendant that Tuba has special needs and that we have 5 kids who will need help getting off the plane. The plane ride went really well on our last trip. Think short flight. Also, the flight going is always better than the return...more on that at the end. When we land and it's time to get off we wait until everyone else is off the plane and we get off last. We get on coats, backpacks, get out suitcases, count and then file out. We usually get a dirty look from the cleaning crew standing there waiting to get on and clean. Note: in case you always thought that a plane is cleaned really well between trip....ummm, NO. It's a 10 min. quick job to clear the garbage and straighten up. If you want it clean you better come with disinfectant wipes and get cleaning.

Speaking of dirty looks. I'd love to video tape people's reaction when we get onto a plane or come in a restaurant. It's hilarious. I can see people using their praying powers to ensure we do not sit by them....heads shaking, brows sweating, eyes looking up to heaven. The sigh of relief when we pass them by. HA! But, we have had so many people come up and tell us how great our kids are. Sometimes these people admit they were surprised by how good and quiet they were. Thank you to those people!

3. Restaurant - This is a hard one. We love to eat out. We love good food. It's hard to find a place to go to with good food that is fairly quick and where the kids can be quiet enough but still have fun. We have made some very bad getting dressed up and going out for expensive dinner to celebrate. It's not fun to shush kids constantly when you are supposed to be having fun. Plus, I don't like to spend a ton of money and have the dinner last about 20 minutes. That's about how long it takes kids to eat and play quietly and then be DONE. So, we try to make smarter choices when going out. Pizza and family friendly (loud) are both good choices. We have lots of great places to choose from in our area. We especially like Spiros Pizza in Mukilteo...great food and free blowpops for dessert. We do have rules for eating out. Everyone stays in their seat. I can't stand it when kids run around a restaurant!! We usually color for entertainment and Cam can spin a mean knife (butter) or wedding ring. :)

One thing Cam and I use that helps us keep track of everyone is called, "eyes on". When we are all together and one of us adults is going to walk away with or without one of the kids we say to the other adult, "I'm going "blank" and you have eyes on "fill in number of kids". So at the pool when I would take Sis potty I'd say to Cam, "I'm going to the bathroom and you have eyes on 4". It keeps us on the same page and keeps the kids safe.

***Disclaimer: The going trip is always much better, nicer, calmer and easier than the return trip. I don't quite know why? Perhaps it's because we are tired from vacation? I can tell you that the return trip from Hawaii was SO bad that we vowed to never fly with our kids again....EVER! First off the TSA agent at the airport was a crazy nut job! Will I be banned from flying for saying that??? While going through the metal detector Tuba kept reaching his hand up and touching the side of the door. This caused it to beep. Tuba was sent back and had to try again, and again, and again. Tuba started to melt down, cry, hit himself, hit me. I was getting flustered as Cam had already gone through with all the kids and I could not see him. The TSA guy was not interested in the fact that Tuba has special needs nor the fact that he couldn't help touching the side. Our giant MAW buttons weren't helping either. I asked if they could push him through in a wheelchair, I asked if I could walk through with him, both were a big NO. So as I was being bit and spit on by Tuba I was getting flustered at the guy. Then the TSA guy tells me, "Lady, if I'm gonna have a problem with you then I'll have to take you the back room". Seriously!! My next thought was that I was going to be strip searched by this TSA nut job. YIKES! I lost my composure and bellowed loudly for cam, "CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM". Suddenly Cam appeared where I could see him so I then yelled that I couldn't get Tuba to walk through. We tried once more and Tuba did it. Thank the Lord because I can tell you that I would have been arrested before I went into a back room with that guy. Cam once told me (another story for later), "Becky, you act like a big giant person but you're actually pretty tiny". Believe me I'm a BIG person when I need to be!

So after that ordeal we had a couple of hours to burn before getting on the plane. The kids were wild and loud and awful. I was crabby and tired and awful. Tuba was terrible. While boarding the plane he refused to move down the aisle. While trying to get him moving he bit my hand and then spit in my face. It was so humiliating. I started to tear up. A kind woman sitting near me reached up and rubbed my arm. The flight was worse...2 hours of horrendous turbulence (the worst the flight crew had ever experienced), flight crew buckled so no drinks, no snacks. Sis and Baby George were hungry, tired and crabby. They had to be buckled due to the turbulence and they did NOT like it. They both screamed for 2 hours straight. Sis pinched me until my arm was black and blue. She wanted her seat belt off and I had to hold the clamp closed. She screamed and bucked and kicked the seat in front of her...for two hours...until she then threw up on me.
The turbulence was bad, scary bad. I was scared with all the bumbs and jumps. All of this made the flight even worse. At one point I thought to myself, "the plane is going to crash into the ocean and I'm glad. It will all be over with". I'm sure if the other people on the plane could have gotten away with it they would have thrown us out the air lock!

I do believe that these photos showcase exactly why we had trouble in the AZ airport. I blame Cam. ;)

You may wonder why we would ever do it again...I can tell you Cam is with you! But the flight to and from our last trip was way shorter and much better. The worst of the return trip form AZ was at the airport waiting to board. The kids were wild and tired and wild. They had had too much junk food on vacation for sure. They were sharing a pop after having pizza. The last pop was being passed around and my sweet lovely wee ones were shouting top volume, "IIIIIII WAAAANT POPPPPPPPPPPP!". So embarassing!! I never let the kids have pop except on vacation and the occasional dinner out. Soon the pop was in a tug of war and it got spilled on the carpet. Next thing I know Sis and Baby George were down on the floor licking the carpet....Ewwwww! My eye was in full twitching mode. Next Sis was licking the glass back and forth...slobber oozing down the glass. Mr. P and Busy Guy were fighting over a coloring book and soon it was in shreds...along with my nerves. Getting gathered and in line was awful but once on the plane it went really well. Thank goodness or I'd never get Cam to fly with the kids again...ever.

So, in my very long winded fashion that's how we manage the tribe on trips out. Sometimes we do it well and sometimes....we have lots of room for improvement.

The Car

First let me say that a picture does NOT say a thousand words! The photo of my babes sitting on the wall is oh so deceptive. They look calm and kind and nice...but, they were wiggly. Sis kept getting down and I'd put her back up. Tuba kept putting his hand in his sibling's faces because it bugs them....and gets them to scream. Lovely.

Now, on to The Car. Let the doom music begin. If there is one area I wish I could make vast improvements on it would be riding in the car. Ugh! The madness begins even before we are in the car. First everyone needs to be ready to go. You know...dressed, shoes on, coats on, back-packs ready, things remembered and finally buckled. It makes me shudder just to think about it. I can tell you my worst parenting moments occur during this time of day. Not pretty!

I try to organize it so getting in the car goes smoothly. But, usually it's chaos...that thing I want to avoid. The good thing is we have an attached garage. This has been a life saver. About 15 minutes before we have to leave I begin sending the kids to get shoes on, coat on and get in car. I join them and help where I'm needed and oversee. Each kid has an assigned place in the car. Middle row is Busy Guy and one of the wee ones (they take turns), back row is Mr. P, the other wee one and Tuba (unless Cam isn't with us then Tuba is in the front seat with me). The wee ones used to ride next to each other but...NO MORE! They are brutal to each other in the car. Hitting, kicking, biting, teasing, repeat! To the big boys' defense. They are usually very good in the car. Most of the problems are caused by little ones instigating...and occasionally Tuba bugging.

Mr. P and Busy Guy can (which doesn't mean will) do their shoes, coat and buckle. Sis can do it all but usually refuses a coat (I do her coat and threaten to put a pin in the top if she takes it off). Baby George can get in and wait. So I usually put his shoes and coat on in the car. Then begins the battle over buckling. Both toddlers want to "me do it" but can't buckle the whole thing themselves. AND, often they pull a power struggle by saying, "me do it" and then refusing to do it. I calmly (with my eye twitching) tell them the choice is they buckle right now or I will do it. Half the time one of them will refuse and so I will buckle it. Then we get to endure 15 minutes of blood curdling screaming, "I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT!!!!". Tuba needs me to do his shoes and coat but he will get in and wait to be buckled. Occasionally Mr. P and Busy Guy get really helpful and put on Tuba's shoes or buckle one of the wee ones. :) :) :)

I can not think let alone drive when there is too much noise in the car. So, when it gets out of control I about short circuit. In the last two years our van has become very full and very loud. In the last two years I have pulled the van over and given kids time outs on the sidewalk (many times), I have pulled the van over and moved children (many times)...including the car seats, and twice I have had to exit the the same day. Ummmhmmmm. On the days and times when it goes smoothly I make a HUGE deal out of it. I give tons of praise and high fives all around. I also use the teacher trick, "oh, everyone look how well (insert name) got into the car today. Yeah for them!!". At one point I also used a little index card for each child and would give a sticker for getting in all ready. Stickers added up to extra TV or game time.

On the bad days after getting everyone in and starting off for school I feel bad about all the yelling and chaos. I will tell the kids "let's have a start over". We all admit to our bad behavior and move forward, vowing to do better the next day. Another nice thing we do in the car is say the Lord's Prayer together. Especially on those hard days it turns things around. We look for things in nature that we appreciate and thank God for them too. Sometimes I offer a piece of gum or a cracker (total bribe) to those who get in ready to go with no problems. Don't forget on school days we do this in and out of the car thing many times (leave home, drop of Busy Guy out and back in, drop of Mr. P out and in, go to gym out and in, pick-up Busy Guy out and home, then later in and pick up Mr. P, out and in, home). Thank goodness Tuba rides the bus to school. :)

That is a lot of parking lots. The bad news is that the wee ones will NOT ride in the nanny (stroller) any more. Boo-hoo. I've tried and it's harder to bend them into the seat and buckle them than it is to just let them walk. I force them to hold my hand. Baby George does not want to and he yells and fights it. But, I make him. It's the rule. :) Sometimes this makes him so mad that getting back into the car is a real problem. {Sigh} I try to think this phase will be short lived and I will just have to endure it. Just nod along and tell me I'm right. Okay. They do love their new independence and are walking on the sidewalk nicely and love running through all the new puddles this fall.

That's the every day car thing. Long car trip can be just as bad except only longer. Bahahahaha. Actually, most of the long trips are with Cam and that helps. There is of course the portable DVD player and lots of snacks and stops too.

Now, here's how today went. When I called for eveyone to go do shoes, coats and car Mr. P claims he didn't hear me and I found him playing bowling. Hmmmmm.

Sis did the whole thing herself even the buckle. Yeah Sis!! Got to love an independent kid!!
Busy Guy was buckled but had no coat on (this is a daily battle with him). And, he didn't have his backpack or his costume for show and tell. He had to get out and start again...which made us a bit late. He was mad about the coat wearing thing and wouldn't look at the camera. ;)
I did Baby George's coat and he got in and waited for me to bring his shoes. The flashlight...something he found on his way to the van. I buckled the bottom and he did the top. Good day.
Now, the day is only part way over but so far not too bad. Say some prayers that the rest of the day in the car goes just as well.
***Disclaimer: I do a lot of driving and in and out of the car by my own choice. I don't want Mr. P to ride the bus and Busy Guy goes to pre-school. I actually enjoy the driving thing. I get out of the house and talk to teachers and other parents. If I didn't drive kids to school I may very well never get dressed or leave the house...and that would NOT be good for me. Picture a slobby depressed wreck in pj's and slippers with a messy ponytail and melted chocolate on her face. I need to get out every day, get fresh air and talk to big people. Even with all the chaos of getting in and out of the car I know it will be short lived and will improve over time. Some day I will just say the word and I will have 5 big kids who jump up, get ready and get in the car. :) Don't laugh...I can believe it to be true. :) The other good part of the car is I do get to talk to the kids (when it's not too loud). I have a captive audience and have had many good conversations while driving. The kids tell me about their day before we get home.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Manager

Okay, so I really didn't know what to write about. I think I have 4 readers who are left reading my blog...and I'm related to 3 of them. :o I do appreciate the suggestions!! I will catch up on what each of us is up to...per Cinn and Grandma Sue's request. But, first I'll write about what Erika suggested. Here's what she left in the comments.

I would like to read about how you manage the everyday things with 5 kids. Like just going to the store or even driving. I am in complete awe, as I can barely manage the 2 that I have. How did you do it in the airport? On the plane? In a restaurant?

Here is one example of managing with the kids. Cam was doing his triathlon and I had the kids in downtown Portland. The street was busy with bikes flying down the road. I had my "nanny"...the double stroller (life saver) but the kids were yelling (screaming and crying) and wanted out. I found a ledge seat for them to sit and watch. I told them they could be in the stroller or on the ledge. It worked for a bit and then when they got down I buckled them back in the stroller.

I hear this comment a lot, "Wow, I don't know how you do it". I think it's usually meant as a compliment. It's rare that families have so many kids these days. We are considered a big family. Check out some of the blogs on my sidebar list to really see what a big family is. The moms of these truly big families can read along here and just chuckle. ;) Not only do we have a somewhat big family but our kids are REALLY close in age. Well, the last 3 are close in age. We added 3 kids in two years. Baby George and Sis are 6 mos. apart and Busy Guy is 21 mos. older than Sis. Sometimes after I hear "I don't know how you do it", I see a bewildered look in the person's eye. I sense they are thinking something more like, "I'm glad it's not me"....or "You are nuts lady". Ha!

Often what I'm thinking as a reply is "I do it well some days and not so well other days!". That's the truth. Yes, we chose this big close in age family but some days are hard and some days I don't do it so well. But, I do love it and I do work to make it fun and manageable.

Okay, here goes...

How do I manage with 5 kids? Well, I just covered some of that. It's busy and it's stressful and mostly it's loud and chaotic....and fun too. I don't really like chaos. Actually I had a therapist (yes, I've been to therapy and highly recommend it) tell me that I don't really hate chaos or I never would have become a teacher or a mother to 5 children. ;) So, I guess I don't hate chaos but I definitely function better in an orderly environment. I make order of the chaos well. I'm super structured. I don't like change and especially don't like anyone messing with my calendar. Seriously! Don't change anything that I will have to re-do on my calendar....And DO NOT write on my calendar!! I know, not very flexible. Well, I'm working on it...go with the flow...bend like grass in the wind.

Speaking of calendar. That is one way I keep organized. I have this fabulous calendar. I have cork board on both sides so I can pin up other things having to do with our schedule. Each month I put up the new calendar. I have red marks where Cam is working. The kids love this.....they can look and see when he will be gone. I put in all the school things, soccer games, doctor visits, b-days, anything and everything. It's my life line. It hangs in my kitchen and I spend much of the day glancing at it. I think after 16 years Cam finally knows to check the calendar before committing to something...I think.

I spend a lot of time planning the upcoming schedule. I spend the year thinking and planning so the following school year will work. From school schedules (pre-school/grade school/high school) to sports/activities I have to make sure it all flows. I spend a lot of time driving my kids to school and picking up and it has to work for I plan it out. I like to know on a regular basis what hours or times I'm available for appointments. This year is going great and I've already starting thinking what next year will look like....morning or afternoon pre-school for the wee ones?...morning or afternoon K for Busy Guy? combination with the other two boys school schedules and the gym, errands, appointments and Cam's schedule too.

One of the things that has changed the most since adding our last two kids is doing things spur of the moment. I used to run to the store on a whim to make some dinner that I was craving. Not any more. Now, I do my shopping online at Life saver!!!! There is NO WAY I can take the tribe to the store. Not fun!! I do shop also at Costco but I try to go when Cam is home or when I have just a couple kids with me. I go in with my list, kids buckled in the seats and/walking along side me, and I get in and get out quick....with a few snack samples to keep everyone happy. :) If it's not in the house it's not for dinner. I try to take meat out to defrost early in the day...or the day before. But, sometimes my dinner planning runs late and I have to go with what I've got. Same goes for shopping for other things. I plan WAY ahead, shop online or go out when Cam is home. I do occasionally take all the kids shopping. I can handle Target. I get one of those huge carts, buckle two into the seats facing the cart and one into the cart seat. The other two have to walk alongside the cart. I buy popcorn and a lemonade as incentive to be good. This has back fired on me a few times....spilled food, hitting/crying kids (crying mom), and a regretful drive home. Sometimes it goes well....but I don't do it often.

I love any place with a drive-thru! Cam thinks they are so wasteful (gas and laziness) but he's not the one with all the kids all day. I say God Bless Walgreen's drive-thru, Starbucks drive-thru, and PLEASE could the post office get one too!! Actually, I weigh my packages at home, pay the postage online and have the mailman pick them up for me. God Bless the Internet!!

Well, aren't I long winded?! I'll do more later....I have lots to say about the car. Oooooh!

Friday, October 22, 2010

What now?

It took me so long to blog our vacation that now I don't know what to write...or if I have any readers left? So, what do you think I should write about?? Leave it in the comments sections....and I'll get writing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Day

The wedding was held at Mormon Lake Lodge about 30 miles outside of Flagstaff. About two hours before the outdoor wedding was to begin it was pouring rain. Pouring!! But, the skies cleared and it was a beautiful day.
Cinn and Jamie acknowledged each other's families at the start of the service. Very touching and beautiful. Then Cam and Jamie's sister each read poems. For the vows Cinn and Jamie read to each other the most heartfelt letters. Love letters to each other about why they want to spend their lives together. I was were most of the guest. It was beautiful.
There could not be two more perfect people for each other. They are two of the happiest, kindest and most loving people. Perfect for each other! Love you Auntie Cinn and Uncle Jamie. Congratulations!!

Our family photo. I brought my tri-pod and yes, everyone rolls their eyes when they see me setting it up. But, seriously they will appreciate it some day. For now, I love it!! What a gorgeous bunch of people.
Love this photo of Sis waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Baby George exploring the woods after the ceremony.
Mr. P was all smiles.Nice photo of the mama and papa.
The gorgeous wedding cake. It was made by the bride and grooms friends and included coconut cake, a vegan cake and a gluten free cake. Sis ran right into the reception and stuck her hand right into the front white cake! Yikes!!! Luckily the cake maker could quickly smooth it out. Disaster avoided.
After a yummy dinner the party began. Cinn and Jamie love to dress up and brought huge bins of costumes, wigs, hats, etc. for the crowd to enjoy. Jamie's band played the music and we boogied down!! The kids really loved the costumes...okay, so did I!! Fun, fun FUN!!!
Tuba loved the costumes. Here he is in a lovely ballet number with glow necklaces.
Grandma Sue....I mean Disco Diva!
Cousin Tammy and Solana.
Family fun at it's best!
The boys were all sweaty from dancing so much.
My awesome MIL and moi!
Sis danced with Tammy for hours. She loved to spin around.
Yes, that is my husband.
The groom getting into the groove.
Grandpa Keith playing his Zydeco tie with the band.
By the end of the night the kids were so tired. Baby George had been up on Cam's shoulders playing air drums. He then sat down on Cam's lap, pulled up his shirt and said, "tickle me!". That is the cue for bedtime.
Mr. P had been crying to go to bed (it was only 8:00) but we were mean parents and made him stay. We were having so much fun. But then by 9:00 Busy Guy went fast asleep on my lap, Mr. P was crying and moaning, and Baby George was demanding tickles. Tuba and Sis were happy to keep dancing all night long.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding Time

Cinn and Jamie had the rehearsal night dinner at their home. They have a big courtyard in the back. It was so much fun. We got to meet Jamie's family and all of their friends. Plus, a Cam's cousin's family was there as well as some good family friends. Fun time to visit and catch up. There was BBQ (my fav) and lots of yummy food and drinks. A perfect night.
The gorgeous bride and groom...Cinnamon and Jamie!!

For the evening's entertainment....Aunt Cinn promised to feed her lizard for the kids. Crickets were on Poe's menu!

Have I mentioned how much our kids LOVE Uncle Jamie?? Well they LOVE him! He is the perfect partner for Cinn.

I was able to get a nice family photo of Cam's family....Dad, Mom, and sisters.

The night was so much fun...and the wedding is still to come.

Friday, October 15, 2010


After the Grand Canyon we went on to Flagstaff. Cam's sister lives there and we were arriving for her much anticipated wedding (lots of pics to come). We were thrilled to get to Flagstaff and begin the leisurely part of our vacation. Lots of time to poke around, swim in the pool and visit people.
When I went to Ethiopia to bring home Busy Guy I met a great family who were also bringing home a baby boy. Well, they also live in Flagstaff! We've been waiting for years to see each other again. It was a thrill to go visit with them at their lovely home. The kids had so much fun playing together. Here's a photo of Leah and her son in Addis. He and Busy Guy are very close in age...just a few weeks apart.
And here those big boys are now. They were fast friends.
On another day we went out to see this sight. It was on Cam's must do list. Personally, I was hot and itchy from my never ending heat a bit ill from the high altitude. But, I went along and ended up thinking it was really neat.
We went to see a HUGE meteor crater. There was a fantastic museum with lots of fun things to read and look at (if you didn't have 5 small children with you). You can go to to see more info. Cam was thrilled to see it!
It was enormous! And...did I mention it was really hot out?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grand Canyon

I can cross seeing the Grand Canyon off of my bucket list. It was amazing. I loved it! the weather was perfect...not too hot. We stayed in all the fenced areas to keep our family safe. I was a bit nervous thinking of all the kids running around...and had nightmares of someone falling. It turned out to be fine. We could see the views and everyone was safe...buckled and duct taped into a stroller. Just kidding!

Our big family takes up the view. It was an amazing view. I highly recommend seeing it.

We had lunch at one of the lodges and then got ice cream cones and walked along the rim admiring the views. Wow! Some day I hope to go back with just Cam and do some of the hikes. I'll add that to my bucket list.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On our way

We never did get over to the second Disney park. Oh, well. So life goes when it's blistering hot outside. Gives us a reason to go a few years. :)

Next on our trip was our drive to the Grand Canyon. We picked up our rental van and headed out. The drive across the desert was intense....and hot...and kinda boring. We kept asking ourselves why anyone would choose to live there. I really wanted to stop and knock on a door and ask...but I was afraid that anyone who chose to live in the middle of the desert might have reasons not to answer questions. ;)
We rolled down the windows to see how hot it felt. Like a blast furnace. Then I turned around and saw Sis's hair. EEEEKS! Hot dry air and high temps are not good for her hair....or for that matter any us. We all had badly chapped, dry cracked lips, dry cheeks, and frizzled hair. I started slathering us all in ointment.

Busy Guy sums it up for us here! A long car ride with 5 kids!!
The scenery...pretty but not where I'd want to live.
We stopped for dinner in Radiator Springs...okay, not really but a town on Route 66 just like it! It was really fun. Baby George made a new friend right away. We had a good meal and then were off to find our hotel.


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