Monday, August 31, 2015

Camping Part 2

It took me awhile to get part 2 of our camping trip posted. I had to get photos off of Cam's phone so I could post them. Turns out he took some good ones of the camp site and the trailer we rented. Look how cute it is?!

Sis especially loved her bunk. She sat in there listening to music.

Like I said....George got to celebrate his 7th birthday while camping. Fun!! We had cupcakes at Grandma and Grandpa's campsite.

Fun party in the outdoors. Notice the racing theme at G&G's campsite? They are big Nascar fans. 

The campground had Shuffleboard and everyone had a great time playing. We'd all like a big court in our backyard!

We got to have Grandpa's amazing grilled chicken. My dad is a serious MASTER of charcoal grilling! I was taking notes!

And we are looking forward to more camping next year!

Look how much fun we are having!! Barb, what is the thumbs down for? I cannot remember. And why am I showing my beer? We are a strange bunch. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Camping Adventure

We rented a little camping trailer and set off on a camping adventure! Our van can tow a trailer....and renting the trailer was a great price! Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the outside of the trailer but it was a 17' trailer with a double bed, bunk beds, bathroom and kitchen. We LOVED it!!!

The three biggest boys slept in a tent while Cam and I and the littles slept inside the trailer. It was cozy and fun!! And...the bathroom got used A LOT! That was worth the price of the rental just so I didn't have to walk to the restrooms in the middle of the the dark....with the boogeyman. 

My dad and stepmom were also camping with us. It was a fun time! 

Sis loved them trailer more than any of us! Her life long dream is to grow up, buy a truck, a camper and a horse. She spent hours sweeping the floor of the trailer so it would be neat and tidy! She loved laying in the bunk listening to music.

Everyone loved the toilet in the trailer....maybe a bit too much. It was a novelty for sure. Cam and I learned ALL about grey water and black water. And after learning that we would have to connect the drainage hose to empty the tanks we decided NO poopy in the trailer toilet...only pee. Sorry, TMI. 

On to the best part of camping....the food! We have had an extremely dry summer and a burn ban was in place so no campfire! That was such a bummer. But, we still ate lots of yummy food. My favorite summer breakfast was the perfect thing to bring camping....yogurt, fresh berries and sliced almonds. So delicious!

Eating outside was fun too! What's better than drinking hot tea/coffee in your pjs while hanging out in the woods?!

Morning doggy snuggles. 

The highlight for the boys was riding on Grandpa's tailgate. 

Happy Hour Camping Style. 

And more about food. Cheetos Baby! Grandma and Grandpa gave George some Cheetos for his birthday. He declared, "you may kiss the bride", and then hugged and kissed the bag. Ha! Now, that's love. 

Good thing I brought some too for everyone else to eat. 

Cheetos are perfect for the woods....where no orange fingers can make things yucky. 

The campground was at the beach which was fun. There were also putt putt golf, shuffleboard, and a big hot tub for entertainment. 

Everyone loved putt putt golf! 

Part 2 of Camping coming up tomorrow. George got to celebrate his birthday while camping!

A Few Of My Favorite....Camping Things

Wearing PJ pants all day...notice Tuba wearing his while golfing.

Walking through the campsites and looking at everyone's setup. I especially love campsites that have a vase of flowers on the picnic table. 


Flipping pancakes on my outdoor gas grill while Cam cooked kielbasa on the webber. 

Laying in my cozy bed in the morning while Cam put the kettle on...and then kids coming to snuggle with me. 

Sitting around and visiting.

Monday, August 17, 2015

4th of July 2015

This year Cam worked 4th of July. Only a half day but we missed him for the parade!

I have one rule for 4th of July. You have to wear a red/white/blue outfit...and let me take a group photo. 

Sis and I got in the spirit with a holiday manicure. The big pink blingy ring was added by Sis. It definitely does NOT go along with my color scheme. Also, notice her lime green skirt...but, I have to pick my battles...and you might as well rock the rainbow bright outfits while you can. 

Grandma and Grandpa joined us for the parade. 

It was a fun time watching the parade and gathering candy. 

We were suppose to spend the rest of the day at our friends' house but they were both sick so we stayed home. We ran to the store and bought all the fixings for a 4th of July meal. That means BBQ chicken, potato salad, veggies/dip, and berry shortcake. Yum! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mr. P is 12!

One more year until he's a teenager! I'm going to enjoy this last year of the Tweens. My baby!!

Mr. P's birthday was celebrated in two parts. He had a party with a few friends...they went swimming and then had pizza at our house. It was a slumber party so the boys naturally stayed up REALLY late playing video games. It was really a fun time....and easy! 12 year old boys don't require much...outdoor space and food and they are good!

Then on the actual birthday we had some family fun. The day started with B-day breakfast pancakes....and coffee. 

That night it was off for a fancy dinner at our favorite place. It's always a love fest and a great time to take pics. 

Cheers around the table!

Makin' a wish.

Then after dinner we were off to the park to walk and enjoy the weather. Ummm....the birthday boy is  definitely showing his pre-teen self. 

A great opportunity for a family selfie!

Happy Birthday Mr. P! You are a delight to us and we can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

George Update

Whoa!! Summer has spiraled and gotten away from me. I can't post all of the fun summery things we've been doing until I get the baby's update done.

Better late than never. 

George had a terrific year in K. It was a tough decision for me to make but the half day program worked out great! The teacher was awesome!! was really nice to have that extra time to spend together. Sometimes we ran errands, but mostly we ate lunch and then read together in the quiet house. I will treasure those days.

Academically George did terrific!! He started off the year very ready to read but every time I encouraged him he would say, "no thanks". Ha! Finally, he just took off! He went from reading a few sight words to reading a chapter book in no time at all. I love it! 

George did love our afternoons together but he is SO ready to spend ALL day at school next year. He is most excited that he will get double the recess!!

Still plugging away at TKD...but summer attendance has been spotty with our busy vacation schedule. He is ALL about soccer and very looking forward to the fall season. And he's become a very good swimmer! He says he wants to do swim team in the future.

And...this kid asks A LOT of questions!! I'm not kidding you. By the end of the day I have to tell him that the "Question Window" is closed. He is very curious about the body and recently asked how babies are made...yes, we told him. He asks Cam a ton of medical questions and also a lot of war history questions. Like I said...SO ready to spend ALL day at school.


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