Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy Guy

Busy Guy is getting to be such a big boy. He's completely potty trained. Wears big boy undies all the time. I put him in a pull-up at night but most of the time it's dry in the morning. I got the nicest note from Busy Guy's pre-school teacher. She said that he is "the youngest in the class. He is well rounded academically and socially; he is also attentive to our instruction." What a great thing to hear about our little boy.
He is such a character. He has numerous "special" items...special blankie (in the photo), special doggy named Mocha, special Lamby that plays music, special pillow, special bear. All of these have to be in his bed for nap and bedtime. But...he carts them around the house during the day too...especially after he wakes up in the morning. It's a hoot...he stands trying to hold all the special items and crying each time one drops. He eats breakfast with all of them!
He's turning 3 in March...I can't believe how fast it's going.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

I took Tuba yesterday to the neurologist. They turned his VNS ALL the way up...we thought it already was at its max but anyway now it really is. We hope that will stop the seizures. Also, I talked to the NP about his impulse control/outburst behavior. He was really naughty to his teacher a few weeks ago and hit her! This has to stop. We are going to try a medication and see if it helps. Many of Tuba's outbursts and hitting happen when he has to "change gears". The more seizures he has the more obsessive behaviors he gets the more outbursts he has...and on and on.

I have book club tonight....Yahooooooo....girl time:)

Ericka: I can't access your blog and miss reading about your family...can you add me as a reader?

Went to the gym today...let's see if I can do this more than once a week? I really need the exercise...clears my shapes me up...if I go more than once a week.

Mr. P signed up for T-ball. That will be fun and something new for our family. We've done soccer and Cam played himself but none of us has played baseball. It is expensive!!! We had to pay an extra $30.00 on top of the $65.00 sign up fee because we don't want to work the concession stand. Why do t-ball games need a concession stand? Whatever! and mit too.

The photo is my sweet boys watching cartoons together. They were watching Baby George for me!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sisterly Love

Big Sis has been lavishing Baby George with lots of love. I came into the kitchen to see her laying on baby brother and drinking her baba all snuggled up to him...followed by a kiss. Too sweet.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I've Done It!

My job as a Mother is complete!!!!!

I was making Mr. P some toast...I was using up some of the white french bread I had bought to go with the chicken noodle soup I wanted when I was sick. This is my stand-by meal to make myself feel better.

Mr. P comes in the kitchen...looks at his toast...and cries...seriously with tears in his eyes..."No, I don't want THAT...I want our regular brown bread".

YES! And let me mention that it's not the wimpy "wheat" bread but a dense whole grain, 5 grams of fiber a slice bread! I have always given it to the kids...and it has paid off. I can retire now...happily:)

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Return

I'm back...I've returned...I've been gone 3 days. I've been sick...and in bed for 3 days. Tuba and I both have strep throat...a nasty...terrible, horrible painful as all get out version of strep. I spent the last 3 days alternating shivering cold or sweating hot from fevers. My throat felt like I swallowed shards of glass...and then drank lemon juice, I had body aches and swollen lymph nodes in my belly that made me wince, oh, and the lymph nodes in my neck were huge and so tender. Any noise sent my ears ringing and my head clanging. I've been on Zithromax since Tues. and just today could emerge from my deep dark cave of my bedroom. I've done nothing but lay in bed...and of course nurse Baby George when he was hungry...which I think was every half an hour. Plus, Tuba felt the same as I did...horrible. He also has spent the time laying down...much of it in bed with me.

Now, for the blessings. God has blessed me immensely. As I lay in my bed feeling so horrid I thought about the people around the world that do not have access to antibiotics or pain medication...or even a Doctor. I laid in a plush bed in a warm dry home. I had tea, and soup, and popsicles or anything else I wanted to eat. I had clean water to sip and warm water to bathe in. Also, only one of the 4 kids was sick...I kept praying that nobody else would get prayer continues.

The greatest blessing was that I had Cam. He was home...already scheduled to be off work and not have class again until Fri. (today). He took over...everything except feeding the baby. I was able to retreat and rest...when I'm sick I usually cannot do that. I really appreciate his hard work while I was out of it. The icing on the cake (not sure if having strep could be compared to a cake...but oh, well) was what Cam said to's the nicest thing he's ever said to me...ever. He told me that he really appreciates what I do and how hard it is!!! Now, he always says he appreciates me but it's that acknowledgement that it is hard work that was so great.

Laying in bed I really missed my job. I missed my sweet babies...except Baby George who got to spend oodles of time laying with me in bed. The nicest thing was on Wed. when Tuba, Baby George, the cat Shiloh and I took a big long nap together. It was so warm and cozy and special. So, although I DO NOT want to be sick like that again...ever...there were some nice things about it too.

Tuba and I are out of bed today...still in our pj's and slippers...but feeling better. Thank God for our many blessings and for our health.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuba Update

Thanks to Renee for asking how Tuba is doing with his new VNS battery. Tuba's seizures are unfortunately not getting better. He is having about 10-15 a day now. We don't know why. He got the new battery and had a medication increase but it hasn't helped. We are hoping and praying they subside soon. We have seen this pattern over the years where the seizures go up and then go down and/or away and then up again. They are not as bad as past years and we hope to never go there again. When he was about 4 he was having 100 seizures a day. I will call and see if we can get into the neurologist soon and see what else they can offer. Keep praying for Tuba...and I'll keep you posted on his progress.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY: January 19 2009

Outside My gorgeous and crisp...a beautiful day. I will be going outside to enjoy it soon.

I am thinking...about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the inauguration tomorrow.

I am thankful for...the large step forward America has taken in electing our first black president.

From the a gleaming clean countertop and floors waiting to be swept. Cam is at Costco and bringing home a chicken for dinner and some salad greens to go with it.

I am wearing...sweats, t-shirt and slippers.

I am creating...clean laundry...and also getting things together to work on baby books. I'm a bit behind but committed to having baby books for all my kids.

I am the playground with the kids later today...and to a scrapbook workshop next Sat. where I will work on the baby books.

I am reading...The Lemon Tree for my book club. It's very good. It's about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I didn't know much of the history so it's been good to learn it. I highly recommend the book and can't wait to discuss it at book club next week.

I am hoping...for a bright future for America.

I am hearing...Baby George starting to fuss...might have to take a keyboard break, nurse the babe and then resume again...okay small break time now.

Around the house...are little boys playing, one big boy sick and laying on the couch. Tuba isn't feeling well...he's pasty white and laying down with blankies and his candle.

One of my favorite a day when we are all home together without anywhere we have to go.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: watching the inauguration, getting things ready for scrapbooking day....I need to order photos.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is at my Mom's house. Tuba's reflection in the glass doors is so precious. He loves the fire!

To participate in The Simple Woman's Daybook...go here

Sorry I kept forgetting to update. Thank you for your prayers for little Thomas. He is home from the hospital and is recovering well....Glory to God.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Scar Face

Busy Guy's new name shall be Scar Face. Poor little pumpkin fell on the sidewalk last night. We were on our way into church and he biffed it right onto his lips. That poor baby has had more owies on his face than I care to recollect. I'm going to put him in a big bubble suit so he just bounces. He is eating drinking okay...although I ruled out potato chips today...YOW...he didn't understand why he shouldn't have them? The picture looks like his teeth are missing but I assure you this time his teeth are far as I can tell anyway. We are all trying to decipher what he is saying with that big fat lip...A wan sa cera...translation...I want some cereal. I gave him some Motrin and he says it's not hurting. He's running all around playing...making me so nervous...he's the toughest little guy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where Have They Gone?

Where have my tiny babies gone? Six months have passed so quickly. These babies love each other. Last Sunday Sis saw another baby across the church and went running over to him...she stopped short when she realized it wasn't her brother. She kisses Baby George ever so gently a million times a day...much less hair pulling now. George lights up when she comes near. He reaches out for Sis and tries to grab onto her. I look forward to watching these two grow up together and watch their friendship blossom.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Candle Light

Tuba's favorite Christmas gift is a battery operated candle. It has LED lights that flicker so it looks real. It is even made of wax and smells like vanilla. He LOVES it and wants to take it everywhere we go. Here he is in bed sleeping with it...just before I pry his hand off of it and turn it off for the night. So sweet.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary.. me...and Hubby.
I am thankful to God...He sent me the perfect man. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Since we have no money...spent it all on Christmas...we decided to forgo anniversary gifts. We also decided not to go out for dinner, etc. It would be an uneventful day...yet still one to cherish. I took the kiddos to church in the morn (Cam was on call for work and stayed home to do homework in the quiet of the empty house), came home and decided I would make tacos for dinner and maybe a chocolate cake for dessert. Well, the day got busy and the cake didn't get made. After the kids went to bed Cam ran to the store for some printer paper. Much to my delight he came home with the BEST anniversary gift!!! A box of Dove Bars...Mmmmmm. The second part of the best gift was that we were able to sit in the livingroom and eat them in peaceful silence with all the kiddos sleeping:) We had a nice time visiting and chatting and eating our yummiest treat. That was better than ANY other gift! I have the BEST husband.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


My lesson in humility...
Today I'm standing in church when my friend leans forward and whispers that I have a big hole in the back of my skirt. "Huh, is my hiney hanging out?" I ask her. "Kind of" was her kind reply. Great! It's now near the end of the service and how many people have I flashed? I pinched the hole together and left to find a safety pin...or stapler. I did find a pin in the office and fixed myself up. Good thing I had 5 busy bees to distract me the rest of the service. Sheesh! No picture needed with this post.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I need meds!

Seriously I think I need meds. My OCD (self diagnosed) is kicking into overdrive lately. I'm crazed by the dust/dirt/clutter accumulating around here. In reality (told to me by Cam) the house is really clean and is only occasionally cluttered with toys. I would love to do about 10 hours of straight cleaning. In this fantasy Cam can take the kids out of the house for the day and I'll clean, clean, clean. I would love it...but it's not going to happen anytime soon. Cam is into his second quarter of grad school, works and studies during any extra time...which there isn't much.

We got new oak floors installed from the entryway through the kitchen. They are GORGEOUS! But, in my crazy mind...the OCD my cabinets and appliances look terrible. I thing at a time! Well, I've made a deal with myself (sounding crazier by the minute) to scrub and polish one cabinet section a day. I'd really like to do them all today but unless I lock the kids in one room, throw candy on the floor and put movies on back to back (hmmmm...sounding tempting) I won't get much done.

Perhaps, I should go clean something now instead of sitting at the computer? Wow...what a good idea!
Here's the beautiful new it! Can anyone tell me why my camera leaves these circles of light on photos? It's only when I use the flash and only happens sometimes...the lens is
Just to make me smile...and you...Busy Guy and Mr. P fight over the black cape so I put a safety pin on a baby blanket and "made" a second cape. Today Busy Guy put it on Sis so she could play Batman and "Robber" too. What a hoot. She wore it for quite a while. I keep telling the boys that it's Batman and Robin...but they just get annoyed and roll their eyes and tell me I'm wrong, that it's Robber! Whatever!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Men are from Mars or Venus or Somewhere in Space!

How different are men and women?

Cam and I each got some time this week to break away.

Woman: I went to the salon for a haircut and color...3 blissful hours of someone combing and playing with my hair. On top of the relaxation I came out looking fabulous. Plus, I got a hand massage while I sat and had my hair done. I stocked up on my favorite shampoo/conditioner...and bought 2 new eye shadows. Heavenly:)

Man: Cam is gone today with some guys playing paint ball. He donned a bunch of clothing including some of his Teflon armored gear for his motorcycle. He informed me that it (the flying paint balls) was going to hurt. He sounded so excited. He took extra clothes to change into because he would be all sweaty and covered in paint. He even sounded excited to see what kind of bruises he'll have tomorrow.

Hmmmm...Does that sound fun to you? I'm so glad I'm a woman.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Stats

Baby George and Sis had well baby visits today at the Doctor. Here's the stats:

almost 6 months old
28.5 in long 97%
18 lbs. 4 oz. 67%

12 months old
29 in long 44%
18 lbs. 6 oz. 7%

Wow...I really thought BG had passed Sis up in weight but he's sooo close! I should have nursed him a bit before the scale and he would have her beat! BG rolled over for the first time yesterday...and Grandma was here to see it too. I think he's a little late on the rolling over milestone but I don't ever give him any floor time....Godzilla will get him:)

Sis is now saying "Uh-Oh" constantly. Super cute. It's been one of the first words for all our kids...I do say it a lot.

Happy to have such healthy, happy kids.

Update on Thomas: He is still in ICU and still on the ventilator but making very small improvements. Keep praying for him.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Look what Baby George got for Christmas, look close, closer, enlarge the photo by clicking it. Do you see it? His first tooth!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Prayer Request

Please pray for our friends' son Thomas. He is 14 months old and is in the ICU with pneumonia. He has been there for 6 days. Pray for healing for his little body, strength for his parents, and wisdom for his doctors. Give your kids or loved ones extra hugs today and send up some prayers for this sweet baby boy.


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