Friday, July 3, 2015

Sister Update

Sis had a magnificent year in 1st grade!! She found her love of school! She had a wonderful teacher that understood her and liked her and helped her become academically successful. Sis's reading ability soared and she is now comfortable doing math. Yeah!!

Sis's hair is beyond beautiful. It's very long. When it's wet the curls stretch all the was to her hiney. She does NOT like to wear it down. She likes it up in a ponytail and then the ponytail braided. One day after school she came home and took her hair out. I quickly snapped the above picture. Whoa! So pretty. I'm encouraging her to wear it down but she won't. I'm hoping that changes.

Sis is a good friend to kids at school. This year she had best friends of boys and girls. She loved to play "ninjas" and hide and seek on the playground. Fitness and music were her favorite things at school.....right after recess.

She is especially helpful with Tuba. She has gotten him dressed from head to toe....including shoes...several times. He outweighs her by 100 lbs. but she diligently works to get him all outfitted and ready for the day. Her heart is easily swayed if Tuba feels sad. She often talks Cam or I into taking Tuba along on errands because she feels bad when he's disappointed. She gets him to agree that he will behave and then walks him hand in hand to the van. Now, anytime Tuba wants something he goes straight to Sis.

Sis continues on in TKD and she's already excited for fall soccer. She goes out into the backyard and kicks the ball around with Moses and George. She's in swim lessons and is making good progress. She's finally not scared.

My sweet girl will be off to 2nd grade in the fall. She's a tiny (41 lbs.) of mighty muscle and sparkly energy. 


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