Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wetsuits and Boogie Boards

The best part of our vacation this year was the time spent in the ocean. After last year's boogie boarding experience I knew I wanted to be ready with my own gear. Cam bought me everything to stay warm and a cool boogie board of my own. The kids also got lots of gear over the course of the year. We were set! On the OR coast you need a full wetsuit, boots and gloves to keep warm. 

Sis wasn't sure about going all the way into the waves but a wetsuit is good for keeping warm in the little surf too....and while doing cartwheels. 

I bought Cam a full hood so the top of his head and back of neck would be protected from the sun. 

It was so fun to suit up and head down to the waves as a family. Tuba was plenty happy to stand in the sand and watch us ride the waves. 

After we were done we loved the outdoor (heated) shower to rinse off.

Cam and I stayed in the water longer than the kids. I think it's the benefit of being older (and having more fat). We stayed warmer! We were addicted to the waves and loved being out there together. The kids would get cold after about an hour and bail out one at a time. They'd head up to the house to shower and Cam and I would keep going. 

George was a maniac. He is a good swimmer but it made me feel better for him to be in a life vest. He would be out in the waves with us. Considering the height difference he was so brave! The waves coming at us that were above our heads were WAY above his head. 

Look at these surfer studs! Oh my, how handsome. 

The ocean is calling to me as I write this. We miss it! The way the water feels and sounds, the color of it, the taste of salt and the smell are just magical. And the thrill of riding a wave as it propels you toward the beach. So wonderful! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Beach Time

It's a dog's life! Nobody enjoyed our beach vacation more than our dogs. Especially Rocket! It was a joy to watch him run on the beach. He ran like a race horse all day. He chased sticks and kids and stalked seagulls. He ran through he water and played with any dogs he met along the way. 

When he wasn't running full steam on the sand he was being spoiled by the kids. 

Or napping with Kali....on the furniture. Spoiled dogs!

He was so tired at night that we didn't make him go into his kennel. He slept with Moses on the couch. 

Kali got in lots of snuggle time with all the kids. 

Nothing better than lounging around with kids. 

Kali staying alert on the beach. 

My favorite pic of Rocket from the beach. He was digging and had sand all over his nose and lips. So funny!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Two Decade Tuba!

When you are turning 20 you help cook your birthday breakfast. Kielbasa and eggs and toast. Tuba's faves. 

Did I forget to say....20....what the heck?! 20!!! How can that be?! 

Tuba's friend sent him a bouquet of fruit. He loved it!

We spent the day at the beach then home for dinner and dessert. Pudding with loads of whip cream was a big hit. 

Once Cam got home from work Tuba got to open his gift. Two sets of grandparents pitched in with us to buy Tuba an outdoor propane fire pit. 

When Amazon delivered it Tuba saw the huge box and yelled, "FIRE!!". He's such a stinker...he knew what it was. 

Once it was opened he started bossing Cam around to get it set up and lit. 

Hot weather doesn't matter when you are a fire lover. Tuba was so happy. 

Happy birthday Mr. 20! You are such a joy and light to the world. You delight in small things and the beauty of the world. I love it when you call me to look at the sunset. You never miss it and you make sure the rest of us see it too. You love new shoes...just check out the new orange birthday shoes from Nana. You ran all over the house showing us how cool and fast they make you. Thankfully you love going to all your siblings' sporting events. You are the best cheerleader...and you even cheer the other team too. Everywhere we go you wave to people and say thank you to them. You love to help stir whatever is cooking. And oh yes you love to eat yummy food. Tuba you are a joy to us and we are so glad you're ours. Happy Birthday!

George's Party

George had an old fashioned birthday party (my favorite). The plan was to have a squirt gun fight and run in the sprinkler. But, the weather was a bit cool so the kids didn't want to get wet. Instead they ran around and played chase and tag. 

The kids enjoyed a hot dog and chips lunch and ice cream cookie sundaes! 

It was a fun party. I was was Rocket. 

George Turns 8

The baby of the family turned 8 this summer! 

Birthday breakfast request was waffles and bacon. Oh yummy!

Then we hit the road for a ferry ride and fun day on our favorite island. 

The weather was clear and sunny but not too hot. A perfect beach day. 

Throwing rocks and swinging sticks are some of our favorite activities. 

Making a birthday wish. 

We hiked up the hill to enjoy the beautiful views. 

Stunning magnificent views. 

Oh baby boy George. You are smart. REALLY smart. You are voracious reader. You've already read all of the 5/6th grade novels that we own. You've read several of the libraries series such as 39 clues and Kane Chronicles. You are curious about the world. You especially love science and want to know how things work. You want to hang with the big boys. I want you to be my little boy a bit longer..and you are tolerating my hugs and kisses for now. I am excited to see where your interests take you. The sky is the limit so aim high! Happy Birthday sweet George. 


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