Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Nest

On Sat. Mr. P was feeling under the weather. He was up all night with croup...barking like a seal. He didn't get any sleep...neither did Cam or I. Mr. P had to miss t-ball practice Sat. morning. Instead he made himself what we like to call a "nest". He brought all the pillows in the house and cozy blankets and put them in front of the front door. Not where I'd make a cozy nest...but to each his own! Soon enough Sissy was lying on him, pulling his hair and then Busy Guy and Tuba joined in and wanted a spot to lay too. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

On a side note...Tuba's seizures are much better. We have been seeing about 3-5 a day....what an improvement! Thanks for the prayers and keep them up.

Friday, March 27, 2009

You're Busted!

Here's Sis after being caught with Daddy's game. Her defense is "if I scream loud it will distract them and I won't be in trouble". LOL...she is a hoot.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

False Starts

After several false starts I think I'm finally on track and making progress with getting this baby weight off. I've been going to WW the last few weeks and I'm down 5 lbs. AND...I've been to the gym twice this far. Yesterday I did the yoga class. Wow, I am sore! It's amazing how strenuous stretching and holding poses can be! I did the yoga at my gym in the aerobics room with the "surround" mirrors....UGH. I spent most of the class trying to shut off my brain...I'm like a chatty Cathy doll to a crazy person! Seriously, constant thoughts like...

Crap! I look fat...oh, I am fat!

I should have worn a different boobs look huge...oh, they are huge!

I really need a toes look terrible. Get some paint on the babies.

I'm having a good hair day. Wow!

Ouch! Man, I'm out of shape.

Ewwww...I need to remember to bring my own mat next week (as I lay face down on the stinky mat from the gym).

I wonder what the kids are the baby crying...does he need Cam stressed?

How much longer until I'm done? Wow, this is really harder than I thought.

I'm a crazy person...all the other people look so peaceful and relaxed...I wonder what they are thinking in their heads?

Anyway, that's my update. The best part is that my jeans are loose! That is a great feeling;)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Is there nothing sweeter than a little boy in a white t-shirt?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snappy Dresser!

Wow...Busy Guy modeling my knee high boots...well...thigh high on him...cute!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Water Room

We took the kids to the Children's Museum this week. They love the water room...not so much for me;) Good thing Dad is with them. Here's the difference between Cam and I:

Dad: Aprons? What? They don't need to wear aprons. Look guys, this is SO fun, do this, look over there, wow, watch it go!

Me: Get your water proof aprons on, roll up your sleeves (better yet...only wear short sleeves to the museum AND bring an extra shirt), stand back, don't get wet, are we ready to go yet!

Dad: That was fun!

Me: Wow, we are really wet!

Good thing these kids have such a fun Dad!!!

Sis spends the whole time getting a "drink"...MMMM nummy!
Another yummy lick.
Yet...another slurp.
Busy Guy making bubbles go.
Mr. P making the water wheel spin...AND is wearing an apron...what a good boy.
At least one kid can't yet get too wet...unless Dad gets really wild.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sad News

Many of you have read Melissa Fay Greene's book, There is No Me Without You. Today I was sad to learn about the death of Haregewoin Teferra. She was an amazing woman who inspires me and who did so much for the orphans of Ethiopia. May her memory be eternal.
For anyone who hasn't read this great book...please do...your life will never be the same.
Update: for information on how to help the children Haregewoin left behind go to

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Party, Party!

Well we just finished up a week of parties. Busy Guy turned 3 yesterday and Mr. P had his Patron Saint day. On Sunday we had the Batman and "Robber" birthday party and last night we did a big Irish dinner. I'm pooped...cooked out...cleaned out...organized out...and ready for normal. It was a REALLY fun time and the boys LOVED it!
Looking at his Batman cake....ohhhhhahhhh!

The capes I made the boys....Sis has one too but not yet finished. They love them. They are reversible and I got the pattern at

Showing off their Batman tattoos.

Superhero jumping.

Even Batman gets timeouts;)

Monday, March 16, 2009


So...this is what happens when I fall behind in the laundry! Poor boy had to wear GIRL jammies to bed. At least I put the hot pink ballerina ones on Sis;)

And...from the comments section (in case you don't read those). From my dear MIL...Grandma Sue.
I love this! I will always remember when I had to send my SON to his visitation with his own Dad wearing MY tennis shoes because they were the only ones that fit...after his overnight growth spurt! It was as if his feet changed two sizes overnight! And what did my son say to my ex..."I don't know what they are doing with the child support money!" I was mortified but it was a no-win situation. Things happen and they can only be turned into humorous memories. I love you all and thanks for sharing.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Something From Everyone

I'm busy making Super Hero Capes for the kids and getting ready for Busy Guy's 3rd Birthday. It's a Batman and "Robber" Birthday Extravaganza!!!

Cam: Busy finishing this quarter of school. It's been a LONG quarter to say the least...too many sick people in our family:( Next quarter will be better...class only one day a week.

Here's our SURPRISE...7 in. of new snow in least the kids were happy.

Mr. P: As we were paying for our items at the party store Mr. P says, "Mom, today I threw up, it went into my mouth and then I swallowed it again." Mmmmm, nummy, the cashier actually gagged!

Cam got his sparring gear from Taekwondo out of the attic and the boys had a great time playing in it...the missing tooth looks so appropriate.
Busy Guy: Told me today he has lots of laundry to fold and I need to show him how. Too sweet...I'll get right on that!
The babies in the tub together this morning. Having a splash! Baby George weighs more than his big sister...but she can steal all the good toys.
Sis: Her language is really taking off. She calls the kitty and says Tuba's name really well. Most of the day she is babbling to baby talk...well, she knows what she is saying. She is having a ball playing outside too. She stands at the door and cries if the boys are outside without her. Mr. P says she stands on the deck and hollers at them...good girl;)

Morning cartoons in Mom and Dad's bed.
Tuba: Has strep throat AGAIN! This makes 2 times for him plus my 2 times! What is up with that? His seizures are the same...maybe slightly better. We've increased a med so it will take time to see an effect.
Baby Guy: Won't let me feed him ANY food. He will eat whatever I put on his tray all by himself...makes for about 4 outfit changes a day plus a major scrub down of the chair, floor, and baby himself:)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Year

What a change in a year. A year ago Sis was a tiny baby living at Wanna House in Ethiopia. Sometimes my heart aches for the tiny baby she was. For the time I didn't get to have with her. The time I missed while she was so small. All the growing she did and all the changes that happened in the 7 months before I met her. I'm so thankful for all the photos I do have from that time...but my mommy heart is missing the time I didn't hold her. Speak of the little angel...I hear her awake now and I'm going to get her, hold her and tell her how much I love her. Surely that will heal the aching I feel.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Cam's sister (most fun person in the world) wrote this poem about Tuba a couple of years ago. She sent it to Cam and I yesterday. Needless to say I was bawling and doing the "ugly cry"!


Wet kisses
Sticky fingers
Easy grin
You have stolen my heart.
Grown men haven’t breached that fortress,
But with a crinkle of eye and a blossoming of round apple cheek
I became yours.

Here is Aunt Cinny with the boys last summer throwing rocks at the beach.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Scattering of News

Sis continues to keep me busy chasing her around! Do you think she's "trying" to be helpful here in the dishwasher? It looks like she found something to nibble...Mmmm. She pulls the racks in and out slamming them loudly. I DO want/need a new dishwasher so maybe she is just helping me get one sooner.

Had a crazy time this week trying to figure out schedules for next year...kindergarten for Mr. P and pre-school for Busy Guy. We had planned to send Mr. P for full day K...but after I found out the tuition (you pay for the second half of the day) was $286.00 a month...we changed our mind. We will send him to 1/2 day for FREE:) Mr. P was bummed but then I told him he would get to have lunch with someone REALLY of course! Busy Guy will go two days a week to pre-school. It will work out to do all the drop-off/pick-up of both boys at the same time. The schools are about 1/2 mile apart so that works well. Everyone will be home by noon for naptime....whooohooo.

Tuba's seizures have been terrible. We had two appointments last week to the neurologist. They made adjustments to the VNS and drew blood to check his med levels. He has been having a 10-20 second seizure about every 20 minutes...yes I said that correctly...that means about 70 seizures a day. We hold out hope and pray for them to once again subside. We are continually asked "what is the Doctor going to do?". There is no easy solution or the Dr. would have already fixed it. They can try different things and wait and see if it works. We see the top children's neurologists in the country and they are giving us the best just isn't working. Cam and I are frustrated and scared. Keep praying for all of us.

And...on the light side of things...Cam and I are addicted to if we (you and I) aren't already friends on FB...then send me a invite. We have had a great time catching up with old friends and keeping up with family and friends around the country.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm going to take some advice from Baby George and put my feet up and relax!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I LOVE my brother!

This must be why Tuba is the only brother who's name Sis can say! So sweet. He's just thrilled to sit and feed her. Her little tongue was a lickin' like mad.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sister Girl

I must have taken her off the table 1000 times need to lift weights...just lift Sis!


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