Sunday, May 30, 2010

Choir Girl

At Easter our choir sings "Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tomb, bestowing life". It's Tuba's favorite and he rocks out to it and cracks everyone up. Sis has taken to singing it all day...every day. Here she is singing it for Tuba. Not bad for a 2 year old!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I just don't get games that is. I've never played them. Never been interested in them. When I was a kid the first video games came out. Okay, I did play an occasional game of PacMan and one or two games of Space Invaders at a friend's house. Oh, and there was a time when Cam and I would go play a race car game at a local tavern. Picture this...I was pregnant, we'd go in at lunch time, play a few games, laugh our heads off, and go home (and yes, I was super competitive and beat Cam lots of times). :)

Truthfully though, I just don't get the video game craze. I know...I don't have enough testosterone! Ironically, I now live in a house full of boys who LOVE video games. UGH! And...a house stocked with an XBOX and all the games. I've had many disagreements with my lovely hubby about which games our kids are allowed to play/watch. I've also had many fantasies about throwing the XBOX off a very high cliff! The violence is one problem but actually the language is more offensive to me. Many of the games would be okay for my boys to play except for the language. Not any big time swearing but things like "what the he**" and a few name calling words that I certainly don't want repeated from my kids.

So, the boys have games that are rated for their age, approved by me, and they have a time limit each day. I set the timer and if I can be sure they do not remind me. It doesn't matter how much time I allow them to is never enough.

Mr. P has been asking for a DS. Fortunately for me Cam was the first to say "no" to this request. For once I didn't have to be the bad guy to say no on the video game topic. He still wants one REALLY bad and asks for one each birthday and Christmas. Of course now Busy Guy is in on the asking too.

My sister J and my nephew D visited recently. D brought his DS. My nephew D is 3 years older than Mr. P so we told Mr. P that maybe when he reaches that age he can have one too. All the boys were so fascinated with the DS. Even with an extra boy in the house it was amazingly quiet. Hmmm....maybe I should re-think my position on the DS? I could buy each kid one and I'd probably never see or hear from them until they were starving? He-he!

Even more fun than a DS....a doggy! Sis chased the poor pooch around the house trying to catch him.
All the boys sat and watched how to play. My nephew made sure that Tuba got in an the action too.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Here is my sweet girl while still in Ethiopia at the orphanage. We are so blessed that she received such great and loving care while we waited to bring her home. This morning I am feeling good. Last night I was in terrible pain. I have a bladder infection....OUCH! By the time I went to the walk-in clinic, saw the Dr., went to the pharmacy and got home to take my meds I was feeling really bad. But, this morning I'm pain free. Thank God for antibiotics and that I have access to them. As I laid in bed last night I thought of the millions of women around the world who suffer in pain because they do not have access to a doctor or to life saving antibiotics. Every human should have access to health care. I pray for those suffering around the world. I am thankful today and even more aware of how lucky I am.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Field Trip

Last week I got to go as a parent chaperon on Mr. P's classroom field trip. Mr. P was thrilled to ride on a school not so much! Despite the nauseatingly bumpy bus ride we had such a lovely day together. The weather was so warm and the scenery was beautiful. I am such a lucky mom that I get to do these things with my kids. It was a special day. The kids planted seeds in the garden beds....Mr. P was planting carrots.
Next they fed the salmon fry. Us parents got to scoop and bag the fry into individual bags for each kid.
Mr. P and his salmon friends.
Releasing the fry into the stream. Go little fish, GO!
Looking off the bridge as all the fry swam by and off into the wild.

All Clear

Sound the alarm...the All Clear Alarm. Cam is fine...just a virus that he slept off. Yeah!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Cam went off to work this morning, I made pancakes, I was listening to music in the kitchen and cleaning up while the kids played. And then the phone rang. Cam was calling...I assumed he was calling to say good morning to his know what they say about making assumptions! Well, in fact Cam was calling to say he was coming home. He said he has a fever, chills, and a stomach ache. WHAT!!! Do you know what this caring and loving wife said to her ill husband? I said, "Home? You can't come home! Can you go to a hotel?". You might ask yourself why I could be so mean. Just go here and you'll see why I suggested he not come home. In the end I said come home....but is it mean to suggest he sleep in the garage? When I told the kids that Cam was sick and coming home Mr. P asked right away, "is it the throw up germ?!". Yes, we are all still afraid! I'll keep you posted...if I'm away too long you'll know that it's not good. Pray everyone...PRAY.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Count Down!

Here's the boys looking very scholarly!

84 more days! That's the number of days until Cam is DONE with grad school! I think I'll make a big paper chain and rip off one each day. I can't wait!!!

This quarter is nearly over. The best news is that Cam finished his thesis and it was accepted with flying colors. Great job Cam. please never say the words thesis, final project, or scholarly paper to me again. :) Cam will be presenting the paper in early June. His thesis (oops, I had to say the word again) topic was on the long term stress and effects of raising a child with special needs. Much of the research hit home with us and there were lots of tears shed. I have yet to read the paper (don't want to say the word again)'s 28 pages long and I'll need some quiet time to read it. That should happen about the time Baby George goes off the college. No, I plan to read it soon and possibly attend Cam's presentation.

We have lots of graduation stuff on the calendar. A brunch that Cam and I are attending. Truthfully, it doesn't sound too interesting to attend this brunch and listen to speakers from the University...but hey, it's food, it's NO KIDS, and it's a 30 minute car ride each way alone to chat with Cam in the car. So, I'm in!

Also, on the calendar is graduation. We are still trying to figure out who will be coming to watch Cam walk across the stage. Okay, no hard feelings to you Cam....but, it is seriously boring and long. I will be going but probably the kids will be home with a sitter. I'm super proud of Cam and ready to celebrate but sitting in an arena in a major US city with thousands of other people is not very personal. I'm all for the party with all our family and friends. :)

Then after graduation in which they give Cam a fake diploma he will have ONE MORE QUARTER to go. Yes, that's right. They let you walk and then finish. The final quarter will be 4 days of clinical and then his paying job of 2 12 hr. shifts a week. I can't wait for that to be over...and it hasn't even started yet. But, the end is in sight. It's getting brighter each day...of my countdown. 84 days to go.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old Self

I have been feeling rather run down, tired, dizzy, stressed and just sort of blah. I was about to go in and have some blood work done. must have been a virus 'cause I'm feeling like my old energetic self again.

So to celebrate my returned energy I used my Saturday well.

Got up at 5:30 with Baby George.

Breakfast for the masses, got everyone washed/brushed/dressed, picked up the house, read the paper, got myself ready for the day.

Took the kids to Home Depot (brave or stupid???). I needed Super Locks to keep Sis in the house. She is a major escape artist!

Made lunch, cleaned up lunch.

Headed out to the yard to plant some plants.

Put babies down for nap, put in load of laundry.

Finished planting, pulled weeds....loads of weeds....2 hours of weeds. Was feeling so good so I dug up two stumps...yes, two stumps, and yes by myself. She-Woman hear me roar...or wince when I bend over now. :) Got good and dirty and sweaty and got a lot done.

Planted a few plants in the new no stump area. Put all my tools away.

Took a shower.

Made dinner...BBQ burgers....mmmmm. Fed kids.

Cleaned up dinner mess.

Switched laundry around, started more.

Folded and put away 4 loads.

Play games with kids, helped clean up toys.

Got everyone in pj's. Put 2 littles to bed. Gave Tuba meds.

Poured cereal for big boys for bedtime snack. Read books to big boys. Said prayers. Put big boys to bed.

And...somewhere in there I got about 2 million cups of water for kids and changed about 4 million diapers. ;) I also got/gave a trillion kisses, pushed kids on swings, chased kids, cuddled kids and settled...or ignored about a zillion disagreements.

Sheesh! Now, I'm off to bed to read. Hopefully I can stand up and move in the morning.

Goodnight all.

Friday, May 14, 2010

New Doggy

My Dad came to visit the kids this week. He goes to AZ for the winter and just returned. He brought along Busy Guy's birthday gift. A new doggy. It looks so real. It even has a battery pack to make the tummy of the doggy go up and down like it's breathing. Adorable. The doggy which Busy Guy named Mohawk also came with a brush. He is a well groomed doggy now too. I think this is the perfect pet. No poopy and no shedding and no barking. :) Of course it looks so real that Tuba is scared out of his head. He takes a long time to warm up to pets. He shrieks and runs away from Mohawk which only makes Sis want to carry him around and chase her brother while Tuba hollers and runs. Oh! Mohawk is the hot commodity around here and many times I've had to referee the doggy and put him in time-out on top of the fridge. Busy Guy is loving his new pet....when his siblings aren't stealing him. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for our first doggy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hair Care

My friend asked me last week if Sis's hair looks good all the time or if I had to work at it. Yes, I do have to work at it. But, it's not work to me. I love it. I love playing hair and beauty shop with my little girl. far she is game too. This morning I took these pictures of her. Before and After photos to showcase her hair. Sis has great hair. Loose curls that spring up with moisture. I use Aveda Be Curly Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Cream on her. I don't wash her hair every day but maybe every 3 days. I put conditioner in every day and then rinse and comb it out. I put a dab of the hair cream in and it turns out perfect. Her ringlets stretch to her shoulder blades when pulled straight. Amazing tight spiral curls that spring up to her head when I let go.
Good Morning! Her hair gets quite tangled in the back and a bit unruly after sleeping. And after tubby and hair fixin' it's all gorgeous again.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Loves

There are so many things that Baby George LOVES. Anything with an engine is at the top of the list. Dogs and motorcycles are two of his favorites. He is using the little stuffed dog to drive the motorcycle. I love it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Faith

I've been absent from my blog for about a week. Yikes, time flies. I've been so busy with our house sale and the usual business of our household. Don't know yet if our house is sold...but there is some interest. I keep telling myself that it is in God's hands. I know we will sell our home in His timing. But, I'd be lying to say that I'm not impatient. I'll keep praying....for myself to let go and maybe a little prayer for my house to sell too. :)

I wanted to follow up on the other question that was asked by Carrie.

Did I read in your blog somewhere that you converted to Orthodox Christianity? What were you before and what led you to convert?

I grew up in a Christian family although we didn't attend church regularly. I was baptized in the Lutheran church and also attended an Evangelical church for a bit. In my teens and early 20's I did not attend church at all but did consider myself a Christian.

Cam grew up in a non-Christian home. Cam's mom is a Unitarian. Cam has always considered himself a Christian. Cam's mom took him to a Christian pre-school and all throughout his childhood he attended Boy Scouts and various Christian church youth groups, mostly at the Free Methodist Church. Cam had also attended evangelical and Catholic churches in his late teens and early 20's.

Shortly after I met Cam he took me to visit a church in his hometown. I really enjoyed the minister's homily and liked the overall feeling at the church. Cam knew the minister because he had worked as a strength coach at the high school in the gym's weight room. Anyway, skip forward a year or so. We had gone to visit that church just a couple of times over the year.

Cam and I were not living a life according to the Christian faith. We were pregnant with our first born and we were not yet married. We wanted to get our life right with God. Actually, I credit Cam with getting our life on track. Cam arranged for us to meet with the the time he was known as Pastor Dave. I did not want to go but Cam drug me there. I was humiliated. We talked with the pastor about our life and our faith. We made a commitment to change our life. We did just that. We started attending every week and starting living the faith.

The church was a non-denominational Christian church. The church had begun studying Church History the previous year and was in the process of converting to Orthodox Christianity. We joined in the studying and fell in love with the ancient church. Cam loved everything about it from the start. Cam is a huge history buff so it was right up his alley. He fully embraced every aspect. I loved learning about the church and how it began. I really do not like change very well but after reading and studying each aspect of the faith I too loved it. I also loved the people in the church. I felt at home and surrounded by love of the people. We have so many wonderful friends from our church. I'm so thankful for those people who made me feel welcome and loved when I felt vulnerable.

We were Chrismated as a family, Cam, Tuba and I in Feb. of 97, just after we were married. The entire church was Chrismated together. Now Pastor Dave is known as Fr. David. It was a very special and wonderful experience. I think about 35 families made the conversion together. Since then our parish has grown and grown.

For more information on Orthodox Christianity go to: and here

So, that's the story of how we came to become Orthodox. We truly love this faith and church and our church family. My mom also converted last year to the Orthodox Church.


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