Thursday, May 28, 2015

See This

So....this happened recently. I've never had glasses....never needed glasses to be more exact. 

Here's a confession for you. I didn't know what "readers" were. Nope. That might sound silly but I really had no clue. I was at a bridal shower and was having a terrible time reading some little tiny print on the side of a disposable camera. friend says, "here, try these" and hands me her glasses. 

WHOA!!!! And holy moly and WOW!!!! I could SEE THE TINY PRINT!!!! AMAZING!

Everyone laughed and I quickly made note to run out and get myself a pair. 

I now am the proud owner of four pair of readers. If you too need these fantastic little helper you know that one pair isn't nearly enough. I have one in my purse, one on my nightstand, one in the kitchen and one in my cosmetic drawer (eyebrows, people!!). 

I am loving being able to see so much better. In my defense this is why I think I never knew what readers were. You see my parents are young. So young that they never wore readers while I lived at home. I do remember my grandpa pulling his glasses out of his pocket to read something. Ah-ha! Readers! Until this point I thought all glasses were by prescription only. 

I didn't really understand that you use this special type of glasses to look at things up close. Warning: Do not look at items far will make you woozy. I'm learning the fine art of perching the glasses far enough down my nose so that I can look up and over them for distance. 

And yes, I did go to the eye doctor to make sure I didn't need a prescription. I've still got 20/20 vision. Yeah for that! 

Other epiphanies I've had since discovering readers:

1. Old ladies with long whiskers on their chins and upper lips don't know they are there. They need readers! And then they need tweezers. 

2. Emoticons are making lots of different faces and even hold different things. Who knew?!

3. My husband thinks my readers are hot. Like smokin' hot. Sheesh...I would have gotten a pair 10 years ago if I knew. 

My elementary school librarian wore that chain around her neck so she could put her readers on and off and not loose them. Ohhhhh! I get it now. 

And maybe I might want one of those chains!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sleeping Beauties

This post has to be a secret! So....if you see my children...DO NOT tell them you saw this post...or the pics...please!

I love to take pics of my kids sleeping. They are so precious, and sweet...and they are holding still. And most of all they cannot protest. 

I found George asleep this morning wearing sunglasses. I think they were on the whole night since there were deep grooves on each side of his head from he arms of the glasses. 

Tuba came home from church on Sun. and took a little nap on the deck.

Okay...especially this cannot speak of. My Tween would kill me if he knew I took this photo...and shared it. But, isn't it the most precious of them all?! 

On the weekends the kids do slumber party. Moses sleeps with the big boys and the littles...Thing 1 and Thing 2 sleep together. 

I can't resist getting one of the napping dad too. 

Sis is famous for piling toys and things on her bed and sleeping in the middle of it all. 

Well, at least this one doesn't mind the photos. 

Hmmmm....I seem to be missing a photo of Moses. I'll have to get on that. It's really hard to get a photo of him. He gets up the earliest of all the kids. He's often up before I am.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Spring Slice

It's A Dog's Life -

Outside My Window - Sunshine!! And wind. I can see the trees blowing and swaying. But, the sun is amazing! The sky is brilliant blue with white puffy clouds. The trees are bright shades of green and lots of beautiful bright pinks, reds, and orange blooms on rhododendron and azaleas.

From The Kitchen - Meatloaf for dinner. Yum! Some of my people didn't used to like meatloaf but the last time I made it I put BBQ sauce on top before I cooked it and now...viola...they all like it. I love baked potatoes and green salad with my meatloaf.

Also I have a roast ready to go into the oven. George and I watched a YouTube video on making the best roast beef sandwich. We are slow roasting the meat....which has been rubbed in olive oil, coarse salt, pepper and rosemary. After cooking it to a perfect rare tenderness I will put it in the fridge over night and then thinly slice for sandwiches.'s going to be good.

I Am Thankful - I've gone on several field trips each year with my kids. I love going! I'm lucky that I am able to go so often.

I Am Wearing - It's a miracle people! I'm wearing clothes. Not sweats, not pj pants. I'm wearing dark navy jeans, white t-shirt, denim long sleeve shirt....and slippers....but I have my hair fixed AND jewelry on. It feels like a Sunday....since that's really the only regular day I wear an outfit, with cute hair and accessories. Alas, it's a Thursday but I'm trying something's called WEAR THE CLOTHES IN YOUR CLOSET BECKY!

I Am Creating - A flower garden with the kids. We tried vegetable gardening two years ago and it was okay but really the plot is so small and the hedge next to the plot isn't so great for the garden. This year we picked out some flower seeds and started them in Dixie cups. It's been fun to watch them sprout up. This weekend we will put them into the plot. We hope to have lots of beautiful flowers for cutting and also for just looking at in the garden.

I Am Going - Camping this summer! Yeah! The kids are over the moon excited. We are renting a camper...that's the best part!!

I Am Reading - I'm almost done with Gone Girl. I saw the movie with Cam. HOLY MOLY!! So, I decided to read the book for more info. Actually, the movie is very close to the book. When I'm done with it I will start my book club book called The Girl With All The Gifts.

I Am Hearing - A lawn mower buzz in the neighborhood. My dog snoring and George in his room cleaning up. 

I Am Planning - Cam has a new job. Well, same job as an ICU ARNP but he is changing over to the surgical ICU and his schedule is changing. This is a BIG change for us. He will work very long 13 hour days. But, he will work three days one, one off (Sunday), then three more on and then.....SEVEN days off. Yeah!!

Cam is excited to the max! I'm of course excited too but it is going to be new...and different and have it's own challenges.

This week he is trying out the new schedule so he had the weekend off and then Mon.-Wed. off too. That was nice!! He was a huge help around the house and with the kids. Now we are onto the part of the week where he is working the 13 hour days. Eeeeek!! So the planning for me is crucial. For example tonight Moses has practice and usually Cam is home to hang with the other kids but tonight I've got to take everyone with me. Tomorrow same pick up and drop off the other 5 boys in the carpool for Mr. P's team. Good thing my van seats 12!

So, I'm busy planning dinner so it's ready on time, and packing a bag of items for the kids to do in the car during practice. Then home and into bed before Cam will even get home.

One Of My Favorite Things - This year Mr. P and Moses are both playing Flag Football. I LOVE watching my kids play sports. LOVE!! I don't follow any pro sports...don't watch the games on TV or live nor do I read about them. The sport's page is just fire starter around here.

But, I adore cheering for and watching my kids play. They've played soccer, basketball, and flag football for team sports. It's the best!! Go Team!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week - The rest of the week will be busy and tough without my help mate. I'm going to plan accordingly and pace myself. School to sports to bed...repeat. Then Saturday games and planting our flowers. 

A Picture Thought I'm Sharing -


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