Thursday, July 31, 2008


Busy Guy is Mr. Independent! He gets dressed by himself every day...most of the time the shirt is on the right way...but don't try to help him change it if it's on backwards!!!

We went to my cousin's wedding last weekend. The 3 big boys stayed with Grandma Sue and hubby and I had a little "date" with the babies. It was so fun. Papa danced with his sweet girl.

Mama and her "Sister Girl" (her nickname).

The cutest feet and shoes in the world...have I said how much fun it is to have a girl?

Our favorite pose.

Baby George is getting nice and round.

Tuba on his birthday enjoying the indoor fire and candles.

Snuggle time with the brothers.

Baby time on Mama's bed.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12 Years Ago Today

12 years ago today we became first time parents! It was the beginning of the best part of our lives. Tuba's birthday is today. We are celebrating with a fire...of course...if it's still raining tonight then we'll put on the air conditioning and have a fire in the fireplace:) On the menu is hot dogs, chips, watermelon, beans, bread, and cupcakes...and smores too! Happy Birthday Tuba! about that hair-do (don't) I have goin' on?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Guitar Star

What a ham! I can't imagine where he gets this from??? Who says biology has anything to do with it. I'm a true believer that nurture wins out over nurture vs. nature! This child is his father through and through!

Friday, July 25, 2008

First Meeting

I realized today that I haven't posted the photos of hubby meeting Lydia for the first time. they precious.

First meeting at Layla House.

First bath back at the Hilton.

So sweet...boy has she grown!

Our family in front of Trinity Church. My cousin Miranda (she works in Sudan and met my family in Addis for the trip) , Grandma Barb, Grandpa Jim, Lydia and Cam, and Grandma Sue.
So many of the photos of the trip mirror the ones I took 2 years ago with Busy Guy. I will post later the photos of both babies having their first blessing by a priest at Trinity Church.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life with our first girl...

Here's what Papa and the boys think she should be doing...playing video games with them!

But, Mama has other dressing up in a swimsuit just for the photo op!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quick...type quick

I have so many things to say (I know...don't I always?). I just don't have the time. I can be online for 15 minutes/read the paper/or shower each day. Usually I choose the shower. It's incredibly busy around here. But, hubby is still home and that helps SOOOOO much. I'm pretending that he's never going back to work. I think we can just move into a tent on a friend's property so he doesn't have to work! He is an awesome dad and helpmate to me....Thanks Hubby!!!
I have the opposite of post-partum depression. I am deliriously happy all day long. I love to hold and cuddle my babies (all 5 of them). We have been singing songs and laughing at all the funny things the babies do. The boys of course love it when one of the babies poops really loud or yawns so big you can see down their throats.....boys...what can you say? I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for my many, many blessing that You have heaped upon my head.
I'm so thankful....
My diabetes is'm eating fruit like crazy...and cereal for breakfast...yummy!
I'm healing up well and have so much energy.
I have the world's best husband...seriously I do!
I have two new healthy babies...and they are beautiful.
Our church family has been bringing us meals each day. What a huge blessing. We have been eating so well. The food is all delicious and appreciated so much. I think we would be sinking without it...or at least just eating pizza and cereal all day long.
My hubby doesn't go back to work until the 30th of this month.
Lydia is a great sleeper. She gets up once a night, drinks her milk, and goes back to sleep. Right now hubby gets up with her...which is so nice.
Baby George is such an easy baby. He eats, sleeps, poops, and starts it over again.
I'm having so much fun dressing a girl!
The big boys all adore the babies and love having Papa home. It's such a special time. I wish it could go on forever:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How's Everyone?

We are all adjusting well to the new additions. It's unbelievably busy...but so fun too. I can't even imagine doing this without my hubby. He is a HUGE help and I'm trying not to think about when he goes back to work:0 So, here's how everyone's doing:

Baby George (this is his patron saint): So sweet and so tiny. He was our smallest baby (7 lbs. 14 oz.) With all my concern about having a huge baby...I really had nothing to worry about. He was born 2 weeks earlier than our other bio boys so in reality he would have weighed about 1 lb. more. He nurses well, sleeps well and is just amazing to sit and stare at. He has fuzzy little hair and looks so much like Mr. P and Tuba. He's putting up with lots of hugs and kisses from his siblings and tolerates all the noise too.
Lydia: Also known around here as "sister girl". She is the happiest and sweetest baby girl. Just don't set the princess down! She loves all her brothers and laughs at them. They kiss her toes and bring her toys to play with. She gives kisses and loves to stand and jump. She is beginning to crawl but so far only scoots backwards...which really makes her mad. She loves her babas (bottles for those who don't do baby talk). We tried rice cereal but she really didn't care for it. I think she wants real food. She watches with wide eyes as everyone eats. The other day Busy Guy gave her a frito...without us knowing. All of a sudden she was screaming and when I went to investigate why I noticed she had a soggy frito in her lap. She cried and cried.."where did that yummy thing go?". It was too funny...but no you can't have a frito for your first food! She is sleeping really well. In the week she has been home with us she has switched over to sleeping at night. She gets up once a night, has a baba and goes back to sleep. She goes down at 8:00 pm with the other kids and sleeps until about 7:00 am. But...last night she slept through the night and is still sleeping. Even though we now have 5 kids I still wake up and think...oh no...they haven't woken up yet...I hope they are okay. If only I could just relax and enjoy the extra rest. She weighs almost 16 lbs. She is healthy and so happy.
Busy Guy: He is adjusting to his two new siblings. He isn't showing any jealousy towards the babies but is having some extra acting out. I know it's normal but WOW is he causing us lots of extra work. He put a beach towel in the toilet and was flushing and flushing it! When my mom came over later in the day he told her, "I was naughty, it was funny" and then laughed himself silly. He is getting into lots of things. We put the childproof lock back on our bedroom door. Papa taught Busy Guy some new phrases..."line of sight", and "proximity". It's a hoot to hear Busy Guy say them. He really has to stay where we can see him at all times. He takes full advantage when hubby and I each have a baby and are sitting down feeding them. If it's quiet...look out. He is being sweet too. He calls Baby George "Brudder"...hi brudder...oh cute brudder. He loves sister too and coos over how cute and sweet she is. She put her hand on his face and he came running to say, "she pushed me"! We are giving Busy Guy extra cuddles and finding extra activities for him to do. Having Papa home is the key. He takes the kids on outings each day and plays with them all. Plus, he's an extra set of eyes.

Mr. P: Doing really well. Loves having the babies home finally! He comes in each morning and kisses the babies...even when I say not to because they are sleeping;) He is a huge helper. He will hold Lydia's bottle, bring us things and entertains the whole gang. He's also a great investigator when we need to know where Busy Guy is. The kids should get a salary! He loves to hold both babies. Today he asked me if George is drinking white milk or chocolate? I told him it's white milk and he replied, "why because he can't have chocolate yet". Too funny! He thinks it was the funniest thing in the world when George peed up in the air all over the place. Mr. P is also loving having Papa home. They go to the gym (boys into the daycare to play) each day, walk to Starbucks for treats, play outside, go to the park, etc. He is cherishing our book/singing time at night...even if I can't read 10 books now but only 2 or 3. He is doing swimming lessons and is now jumping off the diving board (with life jacket and being caught by the instructor) and putting his face in the water!

Tuba: Loves, loves, loves the babies. He rubs their heads and kisses them constantly. He laughs at everything they do. He makes sure they have toys/blankets/binkies/bottle, etc. He is really good at alerting us to Busy Guy's antics..."Uh-Oh" can be heard at top volume when ever he spies something amiss! Tuba is enjoying summer school...even if it's only 2 hours a day. He gets to go on the bus and have some fun at school with other kids. He is also doing swim lessons. He really enjoys them and talks about the pool all week long. He is getting adjusted (as we all are) to the new seating arrangement in the van. It's so squishy for the three big boys in the back row. Tuba is squeezed in between Mr. P's booster and Busy Guy's car seat. He takes full advantage of the close proximity to bug and annoy his brothers! The new car rule is..."hands in your lap". We may be looking at a bigger car already!

Well...that's how the kids are doing. I'll write more later on how the parents are doing (were good too). Here's some of my favorite photos of the week.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

2nd Arrival

I'm swamped...but here's a quick update until I can catch up and get some photos on here too (the kids might be teenagers by then:).

Glory to God! Baby Boy born Thursday July 10th at 3:45 pm. He weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. He is so beautiful and sweet and adored by all his brothers and big sister too as well as hubby and I. He is eating well...actually doing marathon nursing sessions and sleeping good too. We are BUSY but enjoying our family. Hopefully pics will be coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My First Head Band

It's my first head fun! Okay, I know it's Lydia's head band but it's so much fun for's my first head band too:)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thursday is the Day!

I'm going in to the hospital Wed. evening to have the medication placed in my cervix. Thurs. morning they will start pitocin if I haven't gone into labor.'s here. Keep me and our family in your prayers!

She's home!

It was amazing to finally meet my sweet baby girl! Lydia is soooo happy. She smiles, giggles, and coos all day. She loves to stand on my lap, hang onto my hair and jump. She is bright eyed and so strong. She lays on her tummy and rolls both ways, then gets up on hands and feet like some kind of Pilate's move. She scoots backwards and will be crawling soon for me:) Her hair is so pretty...soft wispy curls. She has a little button nose and the sweetest rosebud lips...of which I kiss a million times a day. She and I go to the Dr. today so I'll see how much she weighs (don't want to know how much I weigh!). The boys are beyond thrilled with her. I'm especially surprised about how much Busy Guy loves her. He kisses her little feet and wants to play with her all day. It's a constant round of "who's turn" to feed, play, snuggle and hold Lydia. I'm SOOOO glad my hubby is home. We haven't had 2 seconds alone together and probably won't for about another year! I told him we'll have a "date" while I'm in labor at the hospital. But, it's so fun to be all together again. He is a great help and the boys are so excited to have their playmate home again. And...the most fun...dressing her!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Last Update from Addis I type my family is at the airport getting ready to board the plane! It's finally here. These are the emails I received today. My family arrives tomorrow night at 7:55 pm. The boys and I are so excited. I made the boys t-shirts that say, "I'm the big brother". They are so excited to meet their new sister. The whole family is thrilled. This is the first granddaughter! I also made Lydia a shirt that says, "I'm the big sister". She can wear it to the hospital next week to meet her newest brother.

From my stepmom:
We spent yesterday with Lydia. In the morning Cam and Sue went to a couple of places so we stayed with her and she slept most of it. She is so incredibly beautiful, we cannot stop looking at her.
We spent most of the afternoon with Cam and baby in the lobby area of the Hilton. Lydia sang and giggled and squealed to her heart's content. She is really getting strong. She was standing on my lap yesterday and I had my arms in a circle around her. She was hanging on to my forearms and pulling herself to a standing position! I'm afraid you have an early walker on your hands. She is so bright and does so many advanced things. When I think about Troy's sister's little boy who was born in the beginning of December, she is way ahead of him. She transfers items from one hand to the other and has incredible hand eye coordination. She has been a big hit with all of the Hilton staff and many visitors. They all say the same thing-she is so beautiful!
I have taken some great photos of her with your dad. He nuzzles her neck and she giggles and giggles. She has a husky sounding voice. She looks so much better than she did the first couple of days.

We are very anxious to get home. We were ready to leave on Wednesday! The Atlas has been good to stay at even though it doesn't have the conveniences of the Hilton but is very clean, new and nice to stay at and the staff is wonderful. I would recommend it highly to any future travelers who cannot afford the Hilton. We just paid $4599 birr for 6 nights and the birr is 9.6 to a dollar. I told them they need mattress pads under the sheets and facecloths. They actually wrote it down.
We have less than 12 hours to flight time. We are going to the Hilton and have a good lunch then to the airport 3 hours early because Emirates told Cam we needed to yesterday. Lydia slept well last night according to Sue when I spoke to her this morning so hopefully she will do well on the way home. I can't wait for you to see her! We love you and miss you very much.

From my MIL:
We are bringing you home a healthy, happy baby. Thanks to your suggestion about the NURSIE AD - As Cam put it, "that stuff is a miracle worker." She is sleeping now and we have late check-out with the shuttle coming at 4:00 PM to take us to the airport. Jim and Barb will be coming here after their checkout and we'll all have a huge and late lunch. Anyway, the soccer tournament is going on and we got to see some of the Layla House play at both their "home court" and at the Kidane. What I love is that the soccer teams are co-ed and the girls are as scrappy as the boys. Some great footwork on all sides, I must tell you. I am sorry that I missed some more of the "tourism" aspects..I would like to have seen the stone church and a couple other things but I figure I can do more next time. Now that I've had this wonderful experience I can truly imagine coming again. We are ALL anxious to come home, to see you and hold the boys and prepare for baby boy's arrival.

On the homefront...the boys and I had a wonderful time for the 4th. We ate yummy food and enjoyed the company of dear friends. We came home exhausted and plopped into bed. Today we will finish up some projects (okay, I'll finish them up) like painting some trim. I've got laundry to do and I'd like to mop the kitchen. We'll see how much I get done. Tomorrow we will go to church and then come home and anxiously wait until it's time to go to the airport! That will be the slowest hours of my life! I'll be posting photos after we are home and settled on Mon. Keep my family in your prayers while they travel home.

Doing the daylight because little boys were asking every two minutes..."how much longer until it's dark out?".

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

My thoughts today are with all the military families. I'm missing my hubby so much and it's only been a week. I cannot imagine him being gone for months or years. The spouses who hold down the fort and keep the family going are truly heroes. May God bless them and give them comfort and guidance...and keep their loved one safe from harm.
Talked to hubby on the phone this morning. He is getting really anxious to come home. 24 more hours until his plane departs Addis. He is going to just hang around the hotel until it's time to go to the airport. I could hear Lydia in the background cooing and squealing. She had her bottle in her mouth and was trying to get her toes and hands in too. Hubby says she is spoiled already. If she's not being held then she will fuss. She wants to be held while sleeping and then hubby silently slides her off and into her bed. I wouldn't expect anything less from one of our babies!
Today we are going to our friend's house and to a parade with them. It will be nice to get out of the house and visit with friends. I'm getting a little lonely for adult company. I have apple pie in the oven cooking and it smells to 4th of July!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's New

I'm tired...oh so tired...not sleepy tired but body sluggish kind of tired. I know...won't I be even more tired with two babies at home? I don't know...maybe...probably more sleepy tired. My feet are so sore I am hobbling around and my hands are swollen and sore too. The two center fingers on my right hand are numb all day. It's carpal tunnel due to swollen hands from pregnancy. It will soon go away. I'm really missing my hubby!!! I miss his help around here...especially while I'm so huge and swollen and tired. It's getting closer to his return...but still 4 days away. I know I sound cranky...because I am. Busy Guy has been taking the opportunity to make me get up and find him in some really messy/naughty situations. I've been thinking the playpen would be a good option for keeping him contained. This morning I called to him and asked what he was doing (in to) and he replied that he was eating toothpaste! I got up and took it away from him. He knows he is not supposed to have it. I scolded him and sent him to the corner for a time-out. On his way there he turns and asks me, "are my teeth sparkly?". Good grief! About 2 minutes after his bath he was all dressed and then went into the bathroom and dumped gallons of water on himself and the floor and put the towels into the tub of water. Good grief! He is now playing with Mr. P....ah, least for minute or two. I'm trying to see the humor in all of this....really I have to try harder.
I got the following email from my MIL this morning. I talked to hubby on the phone. He is tired and ready to come home. Lydia is feeling much better. Thanks be to God.

What a blessed child. She is able to transfer objects from one hand to the other and also babbles, stands and bounces and rolls from front to back and from back to front. Took her to the Layla House doctor today and her ears, lungs and temperature are fine. She is thriving and the stomach stuff seems to be lessening. She is also very much the happy baby. Love you lots,Gramma Sue

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Updates from Addis

It's been so great to wake up and have these emails to read. The first is from my stepmom. It is from yesterday.

Becky, your baby girl is a so beautiful and has such a wonderful temperament. She has beautiful hands and feet. She has great dimples when she smiles and does lots of cooing and singing to herself. She never showed any discomfort and looks like she is bonded with Cam well. She smiles at him a lot and when he feeds her she studies his face like she is memorizing it. She grips her little hands tightly on to you when you hold her and loves to jump up and down standing in your lap and rocks herself when she sits on laps. Even though she was sick today she was very calm. Cam said she is feeling much better tonight. She looks awesome in pink. Her hair is very soft and curly but not much of of it yet. She was by far the most beautiful baby at the orphanage. She loves to grab your dad's white beard in her chubby little hands and hang on to it. She smiled almost immediately at me and she laughed the first day for me too. I think it was the dark hair. She is a jewel just like Busy Guy. After being here a couple of days now I think it is the Ethiopian temperament. No one seems to be angry even if the traffic is bad and when they ask you not to take a picture at a museum it is all done in a soft voice.

We are going to go to breakfast at the Hilton with Cam (we hope) in the morning before his embassy appointment. We saw the woodcutters project today and Mt Entoto. We arrived at the church near a rock carved church from 1300 AD just as they began the chanting marking the 15 day fast. It was so incredible. We loved it!

We love you and miss you. Kiss the boys for us and we'll see you soon.

The next email is from Cam and then one from his Mom.


We got our visa with no issues. God is great! Her birthday is Dec 28th, so that's cool. She was quite ill yesterday, but I got the Italian version of Pedialyte and some antipyretics, so she is feeling much better. No vomiting today. Mom and I have been up since 2:30 this AM. Not sure why. Also, Gail said that we do not have to confirm our flight for Emirates, but being paranoid, I am going to go on Friday anyway. Also, I talked with Gail about that little boy at KM and she told me that he has been moved to Layla today and is hopeful for him. I will pick up Lydia's visa tomorrow and take pictures of Darwit while I am there. I am looking forward to your call tonight and I can't wait for you to see her. I have been dressing her in nothing but pink. All my love to you and the boys.

I took photos of Lydia and Cam. He chose such a cute outfit (and backup outfit) for her to wear at the Embassy. He picked out the white jumper with pink frills on the bottom and backside. He has been very careful about dressing her perfectly before she goes out. It is sweet to watch him 1) select the prettiest outfit and 2) struggle to get the thing on her with all the snaps in the right place. :) we both woke up last night at 2:30 and gave up the idea of sleeping by 3:30. Lydia slept for 5.5 hours! Cam and I weren't so lucky. Anyway, I think he's decided to go back to the orphanage and take photos and Keith and I are going to donate $200 American to the nuns there. Cam will probably talk to you tonight about that. He has broken down a couple times crying because "it was just so horrible" but now has a plan of action. Now about Lydia (we are trying hard to call her Lydia while we're here) she has had a lot of vomiting and diarrhea but hasn't lost any weight...still has nice rolls of chubbiness everywhere and mostly that's due to the pedialite and also the medicine plus the fact that we've been diligent about keeping her hydrated. She doesn't look or smell dehydrated and is not only plump as a partridge but smells wonderful. Oh, I did clip her fingernails as she was doing me major harm but I leave her toenails to you. Anyway, as for your daughter, she is thriving and I wish you could see how she grabs both of her feet and tries to suck her toes while trying to drink of her bottle! Also, trying to make mouth noises and burble at the same time. What a girl! While I think of it, Cam bought your mom a wonderful icon this morning. I'm sure she will like it. Also, while I think of it, Barb has said to me (and others) over and over wheat a wonderful Mother you are. What a wonderful set of parents you and Cam are. And how lucky your children are. I thought you'd like to know that. I hope you are doing okay. I know it must be hard for the boys to hear their Papa on the phone and then hang up. It is very, very hard for him, too. I know he will want to tell you all about his days, and plans, but believe me when I say, all he wants to do is go home. If there is anything I am dreading it's the Looooong plane ride home. But you and your mother managed that so I guess Cam and three grandparents can make it work. I love you lots.

So great to have all this news. It's great to finally know Lydia's birthday. We knew she came into care on Jan. 5th and was determined to be two weeks old. When her case was being prepared for court we were asked if we had a preference for her birthdate. We wrestled with choosing a date because her paperwork said she came to Layla on Jan. 5th and was two weeks old...that would make her birthdate Dec. 22nd. But, her medical exam was done on Jan. 8th and also said she was two weeks old....this would make her birthdate Christmas. We chose Dec. 22nd as our preferred date. Now, we know Dec. 28th will be her birthday. I don't know why that date was chosen. The court assigns it in Addis. If there is no additional paperwork detailing the reason for her chosen birthdate I will know it's God's will. I'm thrilled to have a Dec. baby since I am too. Plus, we have so many summer b-days. The girls are Dec. and the boys are Mar., June, July, July, and Aug.!

My MIL's comment about cutting Lydia's nails cracks me up. My hubby who does everything I do in taking care of our kids has NEVER cut any of his kid's fingernails. I just commented yesterday to my mom that I sent nail clippers with him but that he would probably have his mom do it for him. Oh, well...he does change lots of poopy diapers;)

Just got off the phone with hubby. Lydia is feeling much better. Still has the diarrhea but the fever and vomiting is better. He's hoping to get back over to KM and take some pictures of the kids tomorrow. Also, going to confirm his return flight and do a little sight seeing.

More good news. Hubby checked his work email and there were two positions open on dayshift. He has been waiting for something to open up. So....Yahoooo! He applied and hopefully will be moving to days when he returns to work. He will have off another couple of weeks after he gets home. Luckily he saved up enough vacation/sick leave to have all this time off. I will certainly need his help! The boys will fill every minute of his time off...they are already planning what they will be doing with Papa when he gets home. Playing Legos, video games, wrestling, riding bikes and having bonfires are at the top of the list.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

From Home Today

I went to the Doctor today and he gave me an exam. He says I am 50% effaced and -1 station. I'm not feeling any labor pangs or any low pressure. Tues. I have an appt. and he will schedule my inducement. Holy Cow! I know it's time but now I'm feeling like...wait a minute...that's kind of soon...yikes...this is really happening soon. Of course it's exactly what I've wanted and what the Dr. predicted so I don't know why I'm backpedalling now. It must be the thought of all those labor pains....ouch! Hubby and Lydia will be home Sun. night. We will be a family of 6 for Mon. and Tues. and then I'll be induced and we'll be a family of 7!!! How amazing is that? I don't know yet what day I'll be induced but the Dr. said probably Thurs. That will be 6 days before my due not really too early. I've just never had a baby until I was a week overdue before. Plus, I think I'm still in denial that this is the end of the pregnancy. I was at the store today and 3 people said, "wow, you must be due really soon". So, I look ready too. Even with all the sickness and diabetes I'm still sad that this is the end and that this is our last pregnancy (unless hubby doesn't really go in for his big-V!!!). That's cracking me up...I can just see the look on people's face:0 I will miss feeling this little boy roll around in my belly and I really do like having such a big round tummy. It beats the heck out of the deflated balloon belly that I'll have after he comes out. It's a special time and experience. One that I will always treasure. I'm so happy to have gone through it 3 times. I better stop thinking about it now or I'll be sobbing soon. Tomorrow is my non-stress test. So far they have all been fine and my sugar levels have been good too. I'm not sleeping well at night...I think it's God's way of getting you ready to be up all night with a newborn;)

From Ethiopia Today

I talked to hubby on the phone today and also received an email from him. Here's what his email says.

I am missing you and our children very much. Lydia is beautiful beyond words. You were right, this is a trip of a lifetime. There are many good and wonderful things here, the coffee, the beautiful people, the sense of community and hospitality are amazing. I am very happy to have come. Lydia has a fever with vomiting and the squirts. I made a quick trip to KM and then to a pharmacy to pick up more wipes and the Italian version of Pedialyte, along with a hard core antipyretic (motrin on steroids:). I had my heart broken today at KM. The children were so happy to get their letters from the families back in the states. I especially sought out Aleme and told her through an interpreter that her family loves her very much and that they ARE coming for her soon. Afterwards an 11 year old boy came to me and begged (through the interpreter) that I find him a family. I promised him I would. His name is Dawit and the nuns say that he is very sweet and quite clever. I sobbed like a girl in the car on the way back to the Hilton. I will never be the same again after seeing the crippled and blind and poor begging. We will adopt again. I love you all with all my heart and I cannot wait to come home.
God bless you, forever yours, Cam

It was wonderful to talk to him on the phone. Poor baby girl is really sick. She stayed at the hotel with Grandma while he went to KM. I could hear her sleeping on his chest and she sounds sick. Keep her in your prayers. I can't wait for them to be on their way home.


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