Thursday, October 30, 2008

This One's For The Girls

I had a great time last night at my book club. The gals were all so fun. I actually knew a couple of from Pre-school and one from the gym. We had yummy snacks and discussed the book. I'm so happy to be part of this fun group of gals. We are all about the same age with kids about the same ages too. I'm thankful today for all the terrific women in my life. I have so many great friends (those I'm lucky to have in my family and have as friends), childhood friends, church family friends, blogger friends, adoption world friends, teacher/school friends, and neighborhood friends too.
Our next book club book choice is.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hooray Again...and Ramblings Too

I don't know what the delivery guy was doing...or not doing...but I went in and pushed the On button and the washer started fine. I've been happily washing and drying clothes all day. I love to do laundry...not put it away. Some day the kids will be old enough to put them away...not yet though.
And...tonight is BOOK CLUB NIGHT...yahoooooooo:) I'm counting down the hours until I go. It doesn't start until 7:30 pm....holy cow...that's almost my bedtime. I will have to have some coffee so I can stay awake. I'm bringing Baby George and the other kiddos will be home with Cam and they will be in bed at 7:30. He's looking forward to a silent household.
And....I went to WW today and got weighed...painful!!! I had 3 of the kids with me so I didn't stay for the meeting. I did get the new books and info. I really need to buckle down and get motivated to get this weight off...but I just haven't been. I don't know why....? I'll be telling myself that I AM motivated. It's getting embarassing to have my weight loss box on my blog and I haven't been able to report a single pound loss! Painful! Usually making my weight loss plans public gets me motivated....I don't know...? Anyway, if you want to give your husband the "deer in the headlights" look....just tell him this...."I wish I could be happy fat, in sweats every day, with a greasy pony tail and no makeup". I was kind of serious...okay, totally serious...he was totally scared!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hooray, hooray today is a wonderful day. I am getting a new front load washer and a new dryer delivered!!! I am so super duper excited! Not only will it save me time because it washes more in less time but it will save money and electricity....YEAH. I tried to upload the Wizard of Oz song.."Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" because I keep singing it to my old washer (it wouldn't upload?). The boys have discovered the movie and have watched it a few times recently. I love that little tune!
Okay.....SCREEEEECH! HALT! I took an intermission from blogging to greet the delivery guys. BUT.....they installed them and the washer isn't working!!!!! WHAT!!!! Oh, I only have about 12 loads to wash today so I hope this gets resolved...pronto...I'm not patient...especially when I just paid major cash for a brand NEW washer. The service guy is coming today. I'll let you know what happens....OHHHHH. I'll be singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" to the salesman today.
On a side note. I am sick...sore throat, sore ears, tired. Baby George is sick too. Poor baby won't nurse because he can't breathe and his little eyes are all red. Sister and Busy Guy had fevers a few days ago but are fine now. Oh, it's the season of sickness! Tuba goes tomorrow to have the VNS turned up again and get his stitches out. The seizures have not gotten better and his behavior has gotten very bad...cranky and a teenage girl...only he hits too;)

Friday, October 24, 2008


I am a lucky mom...I get to spend my days looking into these amazingly beautiful eyes. 5 pairs of gorgeous eyes. I get to see them twinkle when they are excited or grow wide when surprised. I get to wipe the tears from these eyes when they are sad or hurt. I get to stroke the kids' eyebrows to put them to sleep. I love to watch their eyes become sleepy and the lids get droopier and droopier until they close. I get to look into these eyes when I'm correcting a behavior or praising a job well done. I get to see the love they have for each other and for Cam and I reflected in these eyes. I am a lucky mom.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My New Drink

Here's my new drink to order at Starbucks...I'd add whip cream and sprinkles too:)

Notice that the quote is written by a mother of 5.....hmmmmm.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The Simple Woman's Daybook...will not be seen today...not a simple day. I took Tuba for a neurology appointment this morning. They turned up the VNS and upped one of his seizure meds. It's only the afternoon and I'm ready for pj's. All these appointments and trips into the city are catching up with me...or maybe having 5 kids is catching up with me...I'm tired today. Here's a sweet picture to share with you. This is Lydia and our darling Godson Gabriel. They were at the same orphanage together in Ethiopia. They have actually known each other longer than we have known them...amazing. We had a wonderful day on Saturday with the kids all playing.

Young cute.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tuba... doing well. He was pretty nauseated after surgery and threw up a lot. He recovered well at home on Friday. By the end of the day you wouldn't even know he had surgery that day. When you ask him where his "owie" is at he looks all over his body and then sort of shrugs. The kid has an amazingly high pain tolerance. He has an incision about 4 in. long with 18 big stitches in it and he isn't bothered a bit. I just took the bandage off and put antibiotic ointment on it and a new bandage. looks owie to me. He has had a couple of big seizures every day. The VNS will be turned up to full strength at his follow up appointment in 2 weeks. I'm praying he will return to mostly seizure free days.

I know I've written about this before but each time I take Tuba to Children's Hospital it makes me so thankful. Thankful that my sweet boy is doing well. I see so many sick children at the hospital. It's hard to see so many young children suffering. It's harder to see the pain on the parent's faces. I am thankful for the medical care that Tuba and all of these sick children are receiving. I pray for the medical staff doing such a tremendous job caring for these children.
I pray for the children and for their families. I tell you...if you are ever having a pity pot day...just take a visit to your local Children's Hospital and you'll feel blessed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Real Amazing Race

If you've ever seen the television show the Amazing Race you'll know what I mean. Couples go on across the globe on a scavenger hunt type race. This morning I had my own Amazing Race. My hat is off to all the Moms and Dads out there who have big families and busy schedules!!! I had to take Tuba to Children's Hospital for his pre-op appointments. Busy Guy and Mr. P had pre-school and Lydia was going to Grandma's house. Baby George was coming with Tuba and I. Cam is at school all day on Thursdays....of course:) The race began at 6:45 when I dragged myself out of bed. Breakfast for the gang...toast and eggs. Took everyone back upstairs to get dressed...thankfully laid out all the outfits last night. Nursed Baby and then jumped in the shower myself. Brushed 4 sets of teeth including my own. Washed faces and fixed hair...bed head you know. Put on makeup, fixed my hair, got dressed. Gathered items for two diaper bags, packed snacks, extra clothes and pull-up for Busy Guy. Went downstairs to start shoes, coats, backpacks and send kids to car one at a time. Buckle everyone and leave at 8:50. Drop the boys at pre-school...taking all 5 kids in with me. Back in car and to Grandma's house to drop off Lydia. Back in car and off to the hospital.....ahhhhh, silence in the car. The day was long but it was nice to only have two kids in tow. Arrived back home at 4:00. Time to re-group, eat dinner and go to church tonight. Thanks to my MIL for having the kids today!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Last night Cam carved pumpkins with Mr. P and Busy Guy. They listened to Halloween music and had a great time cleaning and carving. They put the pumpkins outside with candles in them. First thing this morning Busy Guy came running to look outside (it was still dark out....yes, our kids get up early;). He burst into tears..."Myyyyyyy pumpkin.....the caaaaaandle". We quickly reassured him that we would re-light it tonight.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

While reading a blog this week I stumbled upon this great thing...The Simple Woman's Daybook. I'm not a simple woman, I would like to live a more simple life. I would like to quiet my soul and focus on the simple things in my life. I think this will be a nice way to reflect on those simple things that bring me joy. I will be doing this on my blog each Monday.


Outside My is dark, cloudy and rainy. The leaves are turning and beginning to fall. The beautiful green of my yard looks so pretty with the wet leaves. There are a few toys scattered around the yard...leftovers from the last sunny day we played outside.

I am thinking...of how many things I have to do but trying to remind myself to stay in the moment. Enjoy each moment and try not to think too far ahead...that is what I tell myself.

I am thankful...for the love I have in my life. For the friendship I have in my hubby. For the snuggles and kisses from my kids.

From the kitchen...I have hot dogs de-frosting. We'll have left over chili over hot dogs and corn bread for dinner. Yum...what a good Fall dinner. It's one that everyone will like plus I get to use up leftovers too. I hate to waste food.

I am nightgown and bare feet...yes, it's 10:14 am and I'm still in my nighty. So nice! Hubby is home today and I need a relaxing morning to catch up on housework...and blogging too:)

I am creating...order and storage. I bought 5 plastic for each kid. I'm going to put all of their saved art work, mementos and such into each bin today. I made labels with their names for the bins. I can stack them and easily sort and store each child's items. My keepsake drawer is getting too full so this will be nice to organize everything.

I am Costco today. I need diapers, wipes and some food too. I feel blessed and a little sicken and overwhelmed every time I enter Coscto. The abundance of food and supplies I can afford and that is available to me is overwhelming. I'm grateful.

I am reading...How Even Broke His Head. It's really good. The main character has intractable seizures just like our Tuba.

I am have some down time with my hubby today to sit and visit and drink a cup of tea.

I am hearing...the dryer and the buzz of the computer...I'm so noise sensitive that I'm probably the only person on Earth who hears their computer. I also hear the classical music in the kitchen that hubby has playing. I hear hubby and Busy Guy and Mr. P upstairs. They are snuggling in Tuba's bed and talking. So sweet.

Around the my pumpkin collection. I enjoy getting it out each year. Remembering where I got each pumpkin or who gave it to me.

One of my favorite things...getting my house in order so I can sit and enjoy my babies and boys. I love to sit in the warm living room and visit with my family. Or...sit and read while I nurse Baby George.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I want to go pick up my newly framed photo of our kids. I took the photo of all 5 lying in my bed and had it framed for my bedroom. Tuba has his pre-op on Thurs. and then surgery on Fri. I'm praying that his seizures stay away and that his surgery goes well.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

It's called Mr. Sand Head

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Advice on Economy

Our priest sent us this great article and I wanted to share it. What a great perspective for me...who are worried about our economy. Taken from MSNBC.

Broker-turned-monk advises on crisis
Jar with soil on your desk will remind you what matters in life, he says

TSURNOGORSKI MONASTERY, Bulgaria - Brother Nikanor, a Nasdaq broker turned monk, advises former colleagues to put a jar with soil on their desks to remind them where we are all heading and what matters in life.
As western banks fold into each other like crumpled tickets and commentators portray the current crisis as the last gasp of modern capitalism, Hristo Mishkov, 32, shares the pain — and offers home truths.
His story partly resembles that of Brother Ty, the monk-tycoon protagonist of the 1998 satire "God is my Broker" by U.S. writers Christopher Buckley and John Tierney — he failed on Wall Street and became a monk.
But 10 years later, the similarities are superficial: the Bulgarian had a successful broking career, does not write self-help manuals and aims to get happy, not rich.His interest in financial markets began under communism in the 1980s when he and other children created their own play stock exchange in their apartment block's basement in Sofia.
Rebuilding an old monastery
Five years ago, after failing to find happiness in the life he lived, the Christian Orthodox who hadn't practiced as a child quit the New York-based market for a dilapidated Bulgarian monastery that once served as a communist labor camp.
Retaining one luxury — a mobile phone, which connects him with both potential donors and former trading colleagues — he has brought the rigor of his broking experience to his faith.He has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of levs (dollars) to rebuild the monastery — a hard task in a country where charity is not part of the mentality and building shopping malls and golf courses is a priority.
"Many people... in the world do not realize that they have not earned the food they eat, that they take without giving," Mishkov told Reuters. "But if someone consumes more than they have earned, it means someone else is starving.
"It is right to see people who consume more than they deserve shattered by a financial crisis from time to time, to suffer so that they can become more reasonable."
Being a trader has seldom been more traumatic: placing bets on political decisions about billion-dollar bank bailouts which, if they fail, could mean much more than a bad day for yourself or colleagues, but also jeopardize livelihoods.
'Search for happiness'
Some have found solace in religion, others in humor, but a few fall. Surveys show traders reporting more stress and every news report of a trader suicide is accompanied by suggestions the pressure may have been too much.
"We always search for happiness in the outside world, in material things, which makes us constantly unsatisfied, angry with ourselves and the world," said Mishkov, who exudes a sense of tranquility, intelligence, and humor.
Greed and the marketization of our lives have reached the point where people have been turned into a commodity — even their health can be traded like a stock, he said.
"We have so quickly lost our human appearance, we have become beasts ... There's no-one to count on and say 'hey neighbor come help me.' He will come but demand a payment."
His monastery, tucked among hills 31 miles west of Sofia, was founded in the 12th century. The communist regime which banned religion turned it into a labor camp, then a children's pioneer camp and a livestock farm.
Now Mishkov works hard every day milking buffalo cows and building stone walls. He says he is not against rich people but can only respect those who contribute to the good of society — pointing to Microsoft founder Bill Gates as an example.
As a younger man working for more than two years for Karoll, one of Bulgaria's leading brokerages, Mishkov was good at his job, former colleagues say.
"He was a religious person and that annoyed me sometimes," said Alexander Nikolov, head of international capital markets at Karoll. "There were occasions when he would not show up at work because of some religious holiday."
His colleagues were stunned when he decided to become a monk, but Mishkov felt the time had come to look after people's souls.
"Everybody can be a good broker but this does not bring much benefit for the world," he said. Religion can help people cope in today's stressful times and find answers, Mishkov added.
Staying grounded
Churches in New York's financial district reported last month increased attendance at lunchtime meetings, with many more people in business attire than usual, when some of the world's biggest investment banks collapsed.
Steven Bell, chief economist of London hedge fund GLC, said keeping a sense of reality is what traders needed.
"It is very important to just remind yourself that there is a real world out there. In any job but particularly in financial markets, you need to try and keep your feet on the ground," Bell told Reuters by phone.
Mishkov says the crash should also help correct a dangerous global trend of an excessive outflow of labor to the service sectors, by people attracted by high pay and an easy life.
"Milk is not produced by computers, bread doesn't come from a good company PR. It is necessary to plow, sow and harvest before that," says the monk.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Photo Shoot

I didn't get any really good full length photos of the babes in their baptismal outfits so this morning I bathed them and dressed them up. What fun! Baby George was so cooperative...a little model. As for Sister...Holy Cow...she was a crank and a wiggler. I did get a few cute ones though.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busy Week

We've had a busy week with 2 trips to Children's Hospital for Tuba and 2 field trips to the pumpkin patch. I'm pooped! I'm ready to put on pj's and snuggle on the couch.
Tuba had a few seizures last weekend so we went down to the hospital for an appointment with his neurologist. They needed to check the battery in his VNS. We were all shocked to learn that the battery is DEAD. No wonder he had some seizures! They arranged for Tuba to have lab work and two x-rays right away. I unfortunately had all 5 kiddos with me. I'll spare you all the horrid details of the trip...including losing Busy Guy for about 3 minutes, and Mr. P and Busy Guy behaving terrible while I tried to talk to the Dr. Let me just say that it was a NIGHTMARE and I had to call my mom to come help me. She left work and came to rescue me. I could swear she rode in on a white horse:) Anyway, Tuba will have battery replacement surgery next Fri. The really bad part is that on Thurs. we have 2 pre-op appointments to go to....30 minutes away from home...and they are for 10:30 am and 2:00 pm. NICE! Oh well, I guess we will go to lunch and have some play time between appointments. The nice thing about the hospital is they do have lots of kid friendly things to do including a huge play room and outdoor park.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Our sweet babies were baptized yesterday. It was a beautiful service and a wonderful day.

The beginning of the service. Godparent affirmations and prayers. Do you notice my little Mr. P tucked under my arm...yes, he's never far from me:)
Big brother Tuba serving as an acolyte.
Getting rubbed with oil.
Baby brother's turn.
Lydia's first up for the full submersion baptism (3 times dunked).

Baby George just out of the water.

Sweet boy in his fancy outfit.
Sweet girl and her pretty dress and cross.
The Chrismation...annointing with Holy Oil.
After the Chrismation having the Holy Oil washed off with a sponge.

The tonsuring when the priest cuts pieces of hair and burns them, "May your life be so consumed in Christ".

Baby George getting his tonsuring...hard to find enough hair.
The wonderful Godparents with our babes.
After the service and the liturgy snuggling the boys with my mom.

For a good explanation of an Orthodox baptism go here.

Friday, October 3, 2008

What's Next?

So...what does this mean? It means I still weigh 154 lbs.! Whaaaaaa! I've been going to the gym haven't been eating least not enough to lose weight. Poopy! That's what I have to say. How come I can't just be one of those people who eats what they want and is still skinny? I know...they probably don't really exist unless they are 12 years old. Cam says..."don't you want to work out to be healthy?". NO, I just want to work out so I can lose weight...believe me if I could be thin and not work out I would be thrilled. I know, I know, yes I do want to be healthy but my main motivation is to lose weight. I do also want to get the extra weight off because after having Gestational Diabetes I am at a 50-60% increased chance to get type 2 Diabetes in my life. Getting the weight off and exercising greatly reduces this risk. Once I get on track I will of course reap the benefits of the healthy part too and start to enjoy them. More energy is the best benefit...I could use more energy for sure:) Tomorrow I start counting my points. I get substantially more points because I'm nursing. I think I'll nurse for the next 5 years at least...LOL...but I'm kind of serious. Making time to calculate and write down my points will be a challenge. I really have very little time in my day for anything extra...although I am finding time to blog...a girl has to have some fun.
PS...notice the little hand in the photo with my WW girl is such a little helper.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Check Ups

The babies had well child visits today. Here's the stats.

Baby George: almost 3 mos. old. Height 25.75 in. (97%), Weight 15 lbs. 7 oz. (88%)
Lydia: 9 mos. old. Height 27.5 (50%), Weight 17 lbs. 9 oz. (24%)

They each had shots...ouch! Cam was able to come to the appt. with us...yipee...I fled to the restroom when it was time for shots...he-he;)
They are healthy and happy babies. We are so blessed.


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