Sunday, November 19, 2017

4th of July 2017

This year for the 4th I was wanting to do something different...something new. For years we have done the parade and it was feeling stale. The kids have gotten bigger and we needed something different. 

I had the genius idea to go for a family hike. The weather was beautiful and I found a trail not far from us that Tuba could easily navigate. We set off decked out in our red/white/blue outfits to celebrate by getting in touch with nature. 

 George was excited. He was all in! Enthusiasm and energy and excitement.

 Sis was medium excited. She loved the horses we saw as we headed into the woods. Her excitement came to a screeching halt when she encountered bugs. EEEEK!! She hates flies. And I mean HATES flies. The same kind of hatred that I have for snakes. Blech!!! She darted, dipped, dashed, ran, swatted, shrieked, waved, hollered and cried to get the flies away from her. Poor girl. There were a lot  of flies. In actuality the flies just moved around us but she was so worried and just sure they were going to land on her.

 But the scenery was beautiful and we were here to on we went.

We did some I spy and some scavenger hunt activities to distract Sis from the flies and to keep the kids moving.

Tuba did okay...really he'd rather be sitting around but he tolerated the walking.

By now maybe you're wondering if Mr. P and Moses were along on the hike. Oh yes, they were. In hindsight I wished I had left them home. At the start of the hike they were lagging behind. The trail goes many different directions and Cam and I kept prodding them to keep up so we would all stat together. But...the teenager reared his nasty teenagy self and because we wanted him to keep up he lagged behind even more. Moses (who doesn't really like hiking) decided that he would buddy up with his brother in the obstinate (butt head) club.

Several times they were told to come along. They were staying far enough behind and then hiding so we couldn't see them. The were lagging behind on purpose and I was getting miffed so finally I told them that if they didn't keep up and we lost them that we would NOT wait for them at the van. I told them that we would leave them there and they could walk home (it's about 15 miles). And then, off the rest of us went.

For the rest of the hike we didn't see the boys. I wasn't too worried until we reached the point where we turned around and went back. Poor George started fretting and got so worked up worrying about his brothers. I too was getting worried.  

All of the way back we didn't see the boys. Sis continued freaking out over the flies. Tuba was really tired as we had now gone about 4 miles. As we neared the van I hoped the boys would be there. There they were sitting in the shade. I was really mad. They were acting like turds and had refused to do what we asked them.

I decided that we would take the kids out for ice cream on the way home. I informed the two stinkers that they would have to sit in the van and not get a treat. They ruined our hike and they needed to know it.

So, we went out for ice cream and enjoyed every bite.

On the drive home the boys did humbly apologize. That was nice. The rest of our 4th we spent at home. We had a delicious dinner and our traditional berry shortcake dessert.

Looking through the pics I don't see any of Moses. Well, he was there.

 As for Sis..she is still traumatized by the flies and NEVER wants to go on a hike again in summertime. She likes fall and winter hikes when the bugs are dead. :)

Not sure what we will do next year for the 4th but it won't be a family hike.

Mr. P is 14!!

Summer birthday season began with Mr. P turning 14. This boy....boy/ changing so much every day. Some mornings he comes out and I feel like he's the Incredible Hulk. He comes out looking like his arms and legs grew six inches over night. Since I'm posting these photos five months after they were taken I can see so many changes in him. Wow! Someone slow down time. 

A birthday treat that all the kids request is toaster waffles. Ummm....yuck....but it's not my birthday and it makes my life really easy so...okay!

On Mr. P's birthday we took the kids (and a friend of the birthday boy) to the beach. One of our favorite places to go is this cool beach. The tide leave behind tons of shells and I also find lots of sea glass combing through the rocks and shells.

Everyone should have some relaxation on their special day.

 Lunch and ice cream and lazing around in the sun was the perfect way to start summer.

I love this pic of Mr. P. We both laid on this comfy lounger for a bit. We were shopping at Costco and took a break. Which by the way I'm really enjoying grocery shopping these days when I take along one kid as a helper. So nice to spend one-on-one time AND they are really great help.

Later in the summer Mr. P had a birthday party with his buddies. The nicest group of boys...guys. Throwing a party for 14 yr. old boys is about the easiest thing ever. Food+Dessert+More Food+Outdoor Space+XBox. Easy peasy!

Happy Birthday to my baby. My baby!! Yes, you ARE my baby. I am so impressed with you. You are maturing and showing us how responsible you are. You are a smart guy and are doing so well in school. Not only are your grades fantastic but you handle it all on your own. You have great friends and I know that means you are a good friend in turn. You continue to shine in your affection and bond with Tuba. Also, it's fun to watch you and Moses and the bond you have as friends and brothers. As an athlete you are growing leaps and bounds. You have found your sport in basketball. This season was a blast to watch you. I cannot wait to see what your future holds. Surely it will be wonderful just like you. Happy Birthday!! 

Father's Day 2017

We spent Father's Day at a basketball tournament. I always joke that it's a good thing we like to watch our kids play sports....cause it's all we do. We turned it into an adventure. The game was out of town so we enjoyed treats and coffee in between games.

Then we headed out for dinner on the way home. AND.....Mr. P's team was the championship. Really fun day!!

We are so lucky to have Cam as the dad in our family. Truly blessed to have a fun, loving, crazy energetic, smart, dedicated, hard working man!! 

Moving Up Ceremony

Spring was time for lots of changes. Moses finished his last year of elementary school. At the end of the year he went away to 5th grade camp for three days. We REALLY missed him. All of us walked around all morose waiting for him to get back. Mr. P was especially lost without him. I don't think Moses missed us too much though. He came home tired and grumpy....and he had turned into a pre-teen over night.

The school has a nice celebration for the 5th graders...a "moving up" ceremony. It was fun to see all the kids in the slide show and celebrate them. 

Tuba had lots going on in the spring too. He was finishing up his last year in the transition program. With each passing day we knew we were that much closer to the end. Oh! The stress and the worry over what Tuba's days would be filled with...or not filled with. Tuba has gone to school (on the beloved bus) every school day for 17 years. We knew the change was going to be hard...on all of us. Okay...and how precious is this pic of Tuba and his school buddy?!

I attended the end of the year picnic with Tuba's classmates. His teacher presented him with a special t-shirt that she had made. It contained all the phrases and sayings that Tuba uses. He was too shy to go up front and receive the he hid behind me.

The little kids and I attended Tuba's transition ceremony. Cam had to work and the other boys had sports. We actually didn't realize the ceremony was as significant as it was or we would have all attended. Tuba's teacher gave a heartwarming speech about him. She was his teacher for 7 years! And she was a first year teacher when Tuba entered as a freshman. She is a special person and we will appreciate and love her forever!!

I took this photo of the kids and then was surprised to see the photo below on the district's instagram! So fun!

Tuba' super awesome aide attended the ceremony too. We are all missing her a lot!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Random Spring bits 2017

 I looked over one day and this beauty was sitting in the sun reading. Oh my heart! She's my busy cartwheeling girl and doesn't ever sit still. This was a big deal.

Mr. P played for a select basketball team all spring. It was a blast! It was tournaments so long weekends and lots of travel from city to city...but so much fun. His skill set exploded. It was a great experience.

This cracks me up. Moses is trimming Kali's nails and she looooooves it. She falls asleep and snores. Spa day for doggy.

Spring time is when we can get our fire pit going again and have cozy time on the deck. We use the area April through October. With the fire pit and blankets it's a cozy space.

The biggest event of the spring was my haircut!! No really!! I dithered and waffled and discussed and pinned hairstyles and discussed some more. My kids were sick of me talking about my hair. I was SUPER nervous but I did it!!

Now, I love the shorter cut. Sheesh. Who knew!

But, I'll never look as cool as this kid. Oh my word! Style.

And more headshots. This guy is officially taller than his grandpa now. Whoa!!

Spring, and Mother's Day

I began working out in the spring. I joined (re-joined) WW and got busy working out. I use and workout in my basement. I LOVE it!! It was VERY hard when I began. Brutal, sweaty sessions that left me sore for days. I'm still at it and it's still challenging but not as brutally painful....most days.

Tuba enjoyed lots of outings with his classmates. As the year wound down we all began feeling the weight of him leaving school for good. Well, he didn't. He just carried on and enjoyed it all. We should all be more like Tuba.

Ummm....this. Equal parts hilarious and frightening.

So many good things about our dogs. Sis especially loves them. She is our animal whisperer.

Mother's Day is the best. I adore all of the homemade cards and gifts from school.

On Mother's Day we went out on the same nature walk we did on my birthday. It was neat to see how the landscape changes in each season.

It's so refreshing to get outside and breathe fresh air. We found lots of beauty to take in, hold hands and laugh together. A perfect day. 


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