Friday, May 27, 2011


If I thought life was spinning it's REALLY twirling. Woof!
I have too much to say...and no time to say it in. We are learning all about being landlords (SO much to learn!!!) Luckily we've had lots of friends/family giving us advice. We also joined a local organization that runs the background/credit checks and gives us access to all the forms we need.
I think we found a renter. Yeah! I lost much sleep over the thought of paying two mortgages...and even more sleep worrying about picking the wrong person! ARHHH! Too many decisions.
On to the new house. It's fantastic!! 4 bedrooms!! Yep, sister will finally have her own room!! Whoohooo! Tuba and Mr. P will share and then Busy Guy and Baby George will share. Everyone is very excited! The layout of the house is awesome! You enter on the main level and there is a living room, HUGE dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, full bath and access to backyard...which is also HUGE and all grass! No more high maintenance yard for us. :) Then you go upstairs to our master bedroom. There are no words to describe it! It is awesome!! Beautiful view!!! HUGE room and master bath. Heavenly. I'm so excited to get ready in a bathroom without 5 kids, the dog and the cat all squeezed in. Yipeeee! Then the basement which is where we will come in from the garage. Most of the basement is finished but needs a major overhaul. It is clean and dry and gets lots of sunlight. We can make the changes we want to do over time. There is a TON of storage, a full bath, laundry and family extra space. We plan to tear a wall out right away and make the family room bigger. I can't wait to move!!
Speaking of moving. I've began packing. Ugh! Today I packed about 10 or so boxes. My eyes itch from the dust it stirred up. It's going to be a LONG process. I am purging, purging, purging. The thing that makes me cringe is the garage....and attic. Oh!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catch Up

Life is spinning..........

Whoaaaaaa! I've been neglecting my blog. Life has been good and busy. Here's a mini catch up.

Mother's Day - I had a wonderful day!! My one wish was to have a shower without anyone coming into the tell on someone, to ask me a question, or to go poop!! And, yes it happened!! Whooohoooo! The kids brought me breakfast in bed. Loved it. I really love all the nice things the kids make me at school. God bless the teachers for doing such a kind thing! I laughed and cried at those precious gifts. We went to church and got to worship with my mom, sister, nephews and step-dad. Really nice. Then we went to eat. Yeah! And then spent a nice day at home.

TKD - My boys (Cam, Mr. P and Busy Guy) had testing last Sat. The little boys advanced to yellow belts! Yipeee! They did wonderful! Cam advanced to brown belt. AND...he was the only student to get a perfect score! He was amazing. Wow!! I was so impressed with his performance.

Kali - Love, love, love my sweet doggy! She had her spaying surgery yesterday so she is a bit sore. She is snuggled up in bed with me. Love her! How did I live so long without her? She makes the kids laugh so hard. She loves stuffed animals and keeps taking the little fabric dolls from the dollhouse. The kids throw them for her and she runs and gets them and then shakes her head all around. They can't get enough! Love her!

AND....perhaps the main reason I've been neglecting my blog. We are moving! Yep. We are buying a new house. Finally! We have decided to rent out our home and take the plunge and buy a new one. It's fab!!! I'll post more later about the house. We love it. The inspection is this week and if all goes well we will be moving the end of June. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Say some prayers for us to find great renters. I'm so nervous!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Dog's Life

We are really loving our new doggy Kali! She is the sweetest girl! She is getting lots of love and cuddles from the kids.
Busy Guy read her stories. She listened and looked at all the pictures.

She loves to go bye-bye in the car. Plus, I'll never have to vacuum the car again! Too bad she doesn't eat pine needles and dirt...I guess I'll just vacuum less often. :)

We have had a terrible far as weather goes. It was the coldest April on record. Boo! But, we had one nice day last week and we took Kali to the park. Tuba loved walking her all around on her leash.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Real Us

I really should update our family photo on the right hand side of my blog. We have all grown and changed so much. But....I really love that photo and hold that time in my heart as something so precious. Oh....I should change it since it's almost 3 years old. I'm thinking this photo would be a good replacement. What do you think?

Monday, May 2, 2011


We did it!! We got a family dog. We spent our weekend driving 3 hours each way to meet and bring home this precious doggy! Her name is Kali and she is a 3 year old Boston Terrier. I found her through a woman who breeds and shows dogs. She is PERFECT for us. She is mellow and such a love! She loves the kids...but really, really loves me. :) She loves to lay on my lap and be rubbed. She is 100% crate trained, house trained and is just all around great. She is WAY into food. I don't think I'll ever have to vacuum under the dinner table again! ;) We are very thrilled with her. The cat....not so thrilled. I'm hoping Shiloh warms up to her....and stops chasing her while hissing. Sheesh mean cat!
Today I was downstairs doing some chores and it was really quiet upstairs. I got to wondering (panicking) what the kids were doing. I came up to find this. They were playing "baby" with Kali. She was sitting perfectly still for them! Good dog!!


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