Saturday, December 12, 2015

Half Way To 90

This week I turned 45. I'm only half way to 90...and since I plan to live to at least 100 I'm thrilled to have plenty of fun years to go.

The season is busy and the kids' sports schedule is crazy and Cam was working my actual birthday so we planned a night out for family dinner on the one night we could all make it.

Disclaimer: In case you ever look at my family's photos and think...oh how perfect they all are. In case you ever read my stories and think...oh how Pollyanna they all sound. Well let me give you some reality. About an hour before leaving for dinner one child (to remain nameless) was being crabby and TERRIBLE to a sibling. A bicker fest ensued and then Cam came home in the middle of it. The guilty kid had been sent to their room and Cam went to talk (YELL) at said child. Wow! A big downer right before dinner. Soon three of the five kids were crying. I was hollering at Cam and Cam was still hollering at naughty child. A real mess. We hurried into the van and I had doubts that we should even be going. After a uncomfortable ride in the van we managed to arrive on time for our reservation. Slowly we began to talk and sit close and make up as we waited for our table. We gave apologies and extended forgiveness...even if some gave it begrudgingly. One sweet child sent me a text from Cam's phone saying "I love you. I hope your special dinner isn't ruined". I texted back "the wonderful thing about forgiveness is getting to start fresh". And so we did.

Moving on now. We went to our favorite special place and waited extra long for our favorite table. We even got to have our favorite waiter.

There were lots of toasts and happy times!

I had a delicious dinner of steak and lobster tail and then a huge bowl of peppermint ice cream with fudge sauce. Oh heaven!

It was a lovely dinner and although it started out rough it ended up wonderful!

On my actual birthday my day started with Sean bringing me a cup of tea. He set his alarm on the iPad and got up to surprise me. What a sweet boy! I bought toaster waffles for the kids' breakfast. They are always asking me for them and I thought, "why not, an easy breakfast means a gift for myself". After taking the kids off to school I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. It was heavenly! A real treat! Then off for some shopping and a few errands. After school the kids helped me tidy up the house. Sis cleaned the whole bathroom by herself to surprise me! Then we got into our cozies and had take out for dinner....Teriyaki! Then we watched choice. I LOVED it!!! A wonderful day. Too bad it only comes once a year. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Open Joy

Poor Tuba suffers from bad bloody noses in the winter time. This last week he has had several. His nose is sore and stuffy and swollen. He might also be fighting a cold. He is cranky.

One day Cam had to go pick him up from school due to a nose bleed that took a long time to stop. Then yesterday his teacher called to tell me he wasn't feeling well. He was very crabby, didn't want to eat and...was very crabby. 

Cam and I went to pick him up. He didn't have a fever and seemed happy enough once we got into the car so we decided to stop at the library. 

We ordered hot drinks for a treat and sat for a while. Tuba loved his hot cocoa and perked up a bit more. 

As we entered the main part of the library Tuba noticed these amazing origami birds. He was entranced. It was a true Kairos moment seeing his face and the joy he felt watching the birds twirl. My eyes got all misty as I watched my sweet boy. 

It reminded me that a friend of ours once said that Tuba is Open Joy. She told it to me in Greek and even wrote it down for me.  He truly is....Open Joy. Pure. Even when he is crabby.

We always go to the Children's department to see the fish. Tuba loves watching them swim. 

We stopped at the grocery store and Tuba had a ball pushing the cart around for us and saying hello to everyone. 

Once home he got into his cozies and Cam built him a big fire to sit in front of. Bliss. 

Today he still wasn't feeling great. He stayed home with me. We puttered around the house cleaning and decorating. He was a good helper. 

I'm reminded when my babies were....well babies and a little part of me enjoyed it when they got sick. It's nice to slow down, snuggle up and enjoy time together. 


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