Friday, February 29, 2008

Where will you put everyone?

We've been asked "Where will you put everyone?" quite a lot lately. We have an almost 2000 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2.75 bath, house with a family room and living room. I don't feel like we are too crowded...yet. I'm sure when the kids are bigger and needing more space of their own we will be looking for a bigger house or at least a house with one more bedroom. We are moving Busy Guy into the "big boy" room. He has a toddler bed and the other boys have bunk beds. The babies will share the other bedroom. Of course we'll have babies in our room for some time too. Managing kids and beds isn't the's the toys! I spent all day yesterday getting the big boy room ready and moving the toddler bed in. It fits perfectly! They still have lots of room to play on the floor. The room is only 11 ft. x 11 ft. I'm an organizing maniac who loves to clean. Luckily the closets all have a great shelving system. Clothes are on one side (no room for a dresser) and toys/games on the other side. I tried to put Busy Guy to bed in his new room but he was having way too much fun sitting up (at least he stayed in the bed) and talking loudly to his brothers. I'm not sure how this transition is going to happen? We do have some time so I'll keep trying. As for the potty....he's loving trying to go on the potty seat...maybe a little too much. He wants to go anytime someone else is going. We were at the library today and he yelled out, "Poopoo Mama!" and then went. Darn it, if I'd been at home I could have put him right on the potty seat. There will surely be more opportunities:) Now, I'm debating how to do the baby room. Half will be girly and half will still have the train border and bedding the other boys have used. I'm getting panicky about getting "everything" done in time. My hubby just looks at me bewildered and asks, "what has to get done?". I know, nothing HAS to get done but it's what I want to get done and what I think needs to get done. I want everything ready so I can sit on my bottom and nurse babies (and enjoy all the hard work done)!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I didn't have the heart to tell Busy Guy he couldn't eat this lollipop at 7:30 am. He got it out of the drawer himself, unwrapped it AND put the wrapper in the garbage!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's A Boy!

It's A Boy!!! We are thrilled to have another boy:) Since I don't put my kid's names on my blog I can't tell you his first name but his patron saint and middle name will be George. What little boy wouldn't love to have his patron saint be someone that slayed a dragon? It was so fun to see my baby and he looks nice and healthy. Oh, and I didn't have to drink ANY water...woo hoo! The boys and especially Mr. P are very excited. I thought maybe he would be disappointed but he whooped with joy, "Yeah, it's a boy!". Now I'm off to plan a baby room for one boy and one girl. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Do

I had my Dr. appt. today and then a hair appt.! Yeah, a new do. I needed something easier to blow dry. By the time I get done blow drying my longer hair I'm so tired I need to lay down! Also, here's a shot of my growing belly. On Friday I'll be half way...20 weeks. Tomorrow is the big day, The Ultrasound. We are very excited...and I'll let you know as soon as I find out:) We have names picked for either sex, of course Irish names. We also have picked Patron Saint names and middle names. We really like the "name game" and we often have names years before the child arrives.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Such a fun day

I've had such a fun day today. We were at Costco and I had the most delightful time picking out some baby girl clothes. When we got home there was a new picture of our sweet girl in the mail from our agency. What a wonderful surprise! She has the fatest cheeks. She looks so good, healthy and beautiful. We are looking forward to a new medical report soon that will tell us her current height/weight. There are a couple of families in Addis right now and they will be taking pictures of her for us too.
Tomorrow I have my monthly appt. at the Dr.'s office. They will be scheduling my ultrasound, which I'm very excited to have (except for the drinking gallons of water). I love seeing the baby and of course I can't wait to find out the sex! Mr. P is sure it's a girl. I've tried to prepare him that it could be a boy...but he's just sure. It's too funny, I always thought he would want more brothers. He was over the moon with the new picture of his sister today.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Potty Training?

Warning: Talk of potty, poo-poo and details of such!
Well, I'm going to start potty training Baby Guy. He has been showing signs of being ready even though I wonder if he is too young? He'll be two next month. He likes to do EVERYTHING that Mr. P does so he already imitates him going to the tiolet. Baby Guy is telling me when he's gone poo-poo and points to his tushy. The other night after dinner he took off his clothes and diaper in anticipation for getting his pj's on. Then he ran out of the room for 2 seconds. When he came back into the kitchen he held up his finger to me and said, poo-poo. And....then he rubbed it across his head! I quickly snatched him up, told everyone to freeze where they were, and went looking for the poo-poo. I found a nice blop on the entryway floor with a big finger poke in it! I put Baby Guy in the tub for a good scrub. I told him, "When you have to go poo-poo you tell Mama and we'll go on the toilet...oh and don't put your finger in it". He replied, "Okay, Mom". I have sat him on the big potty and he tries to go but I need hubby to get the little potty chair out of the attic. Last night I found him naked in his crib. I don't know if he was going to go potty or if he was just having fun. He was in bed for about an hour and I could still hear him playing and talking. He started to fuss so I went in to lay him back down. It was pitch dark and I reached in to get him and SURPRISE...naked! He had worked very hard to get his one-piece zippered pj and diaper off! Good thing he didn't go potty before I found him. Well, I'll let you know how the potty training goes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Head Cold

I have a terrible head cold and nasty cough! I'm feeling really annoyed that there is NO way for Moms to ever get sick time off. My poor kiddos (and hubby) have been dealing with a sick, cranky and complaining Mama! We are having lovely sunny weather here for the first time in months...which really feels like years...and I can't stand the sun because it's killing my eyes and head. Boo Hoo. I'm holed up like an undergound mole in my downstairs family room. It is however nice enough to send the kids outside to play for a bit....yeah:) Every two minutes when they open the door and ask me to look at something they are doing I have to put on triple dark sunglasses and take a quick peek. I saw this contraption on Martha Stewart last week and it cracked me up....only now I really see it's potential! I would add to it sunglasses with wrap around coverage, a dangling chapstick, a pocket for cough drops, oh yah....and a bell to ring for someone to rub my back while I lay in my cozy bed and watch movies.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Dinner

We had a lovely dinner and dessert was yummmmmmy! I think it's the best pie I've ever made. The boys bought me my favorite See's Candy chocolate covered my biggest decision is which to have for a treat...the pie...or the candies...I know...of course I had both! I'm eating for 3 ;0 .

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day!!! I'm spending the day with my sweeties. We are having a big spaghetti and meatballs dinner with apple pie for dessert. I have so much fun setting the table with all kinds of special Valentine treats and trinkets, and of course candles. Happy Valentine's Day to you! Cherish all your loved ones and give them a big XOXO!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Feeling a baby kick inside me
Looking at our new baby girl's picture
Necco candy hearts (although I only like the white and orange ones and I give the other colors to the kids)
Valentine Dinner
Memories of Valentine's Day when I was a child in school

Friday, February 8, 2008

Did You Plan That?

Did you plan that? This has been asked of us a million times since we announced we are pregnant. Everyone already knew we were adopting again. People are sort of stunned and this has been the most frequent question asked. I was pleasantly surprised that nobody asked if we were going to continue with our adoption. Most people understand that once in process it is the same as being pregnant. You dream of the child that is going to come into your life. You plan for them the same as you do a pregnancy. You love that child that you haven't even met. So, in answer to the question....Yes, I guess we did plan it. Let me start 11 years ago when Tuba was a baby. Hubby and I were both in college and struggling to get finished and make ends meet. We waited to add to our family until we were both close to being done. When we decided to start trying for a second child we were surprised to find that it wasn't happening so quickly. We tried for a year with no luck and then sought help. I had a fallopian tube removed as it was full of scar tissue from a ruptured appendix when I was 7. The Dr. was amazed I ever conceived Tuba with such a mess inside. He's our miracle! After that surgery we tried for a bit longer and then sought help with a fertility clinic at the local university. After all the testing it was determined that I had low levels of Progesterone. I started taking a supplement of Progesterone and got pregnant after about 5 months. We were elated! During this 2 year process we had looked into domestic adoption options and had just received an application for a program through our church when I found out I was pregnant. When Mr. P was about 18 mos. we decided to try again for a pregnancy. I started taking my progesterone (which I should add that I always felt very good taking it. I could tell my body had been low and that something was off with my hormones. It make me feel normal). I got pregant in June 05 and once again we were thankful to God and so joyful. We were devasted when at 9 weeks I miscarried while on vacation. It was very hard to lose a baby. I went back on the progesterone after a couple of months and continued to try for another pregnancy. In Nov. of 05 while I was at my sewing group I looked at pictures of my friend's sister and neice's new kids who were being adopted from Ethiopia. I had a break down and cried hysterically. I bawled my head off and I didn't even know why? I went home from sewing that day and talked to my hubby about it. He told me he had gone to AAI's website earlier in the week (we had heard about AAI through our friend). The next morning as we drove to church we both bawled our head off talking about adoption. We knew God was speaking to us. We made the decision that morning to adopt. When we arrived at church I'm sure the parish thought, "Wow, what's wrong with them?". We were all puffy eyed. After church we went over to our friend's home so hubby could see the photos too. Of course he bawled when he saw the kids too. The next morning we called AAI and asked for an application. 7 months later we were blessed to receive a referral for our sweet Baby Guy. He joined our family in Aug. of 06. Once we brought him home we knew we wanted to adopt again and applied after he was home for 6 months. We chose Ethiopia again and applied to adopt a baby girl. Throughout Baby Guy's adoption and this second one we didn't use birth control except for a few months before I travelled to Addis and a few months last summer while I tried to regulate my hormones and clear up my bad skin. I tried the pill for my skin but could only take it for a couple months because it made me so sick (and nutty...just ask my hubby and kids). I stopped taking it and talked with my Dr. about going back to the Progesterone instead. I started the Progesterone again pregnant right away. We were very excited. God has blessed us with two babies this year. Our first seven years of parenthood we had just one child and now soon we will have 5 (3 of which will be added in the span of 2.5 years)! If we could have seen this back when we were so sad and trying so hard to have a second child I'm sure we would have been so surprised. We feel so blessed by God. Truly everything is in His plan on His timetable. So, I guess this is the REALLY long answer to that question but the short answer is yes we planned it because we weren't preventing it but it doesn't mean we weren't surprised by it.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Having So Much Fun

We went shopping Target of course...for some baby girl clothes! Mr. P was excited to pick out a PJ to send to his new baby sister in her welcome bag. He also suggested we buy her a could I say no to that;0 We also bought her a little toy and a photo album to fill with pictures of her new family. Speaking of new family...As we were driving in the car Mr. P asked me questions about his new sister. As we talked about sending her photos of us he asked me, "What happened to her old family?". I explained how we don't really know but that they were probably very poor and maybe too sick to care for her. He replied that "maybe they had died". He thinks so deep and hard about these very big and tough issues surrounding orphans and adoption. He wanted to know how her skin gets brown? I told him the baby grew inside a lady's tummy who also has brown skin. He was really interested. 6 months ago he thought he was "dopted" too and wanted to know who went to get him. We've had lots of conversations about babies, adoption and skin color. We ended our conversation today talking about how all my children are my babies, whether they grew in my tummy or came from Ethiopia and grew in another woman's tummy. I'm the Mama and they are my babies. Then just as quickly as he started this conversation he was off and talking about Star Wars and shooting bad guys!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Have A Daughter!!!!

So excited to announce our referral!!! We received that much awaited phone call from our agency director today. Our new baby girl is 6 weeks old....which makes her birthday right around Christmas. What a gift! She is beautiful and we are over the moon swooning at her picture. We cannot post her picture on the blog until her case goes to court and she is legally ours. This is a rule from the Ethiopian government of which we have great respect so we will be abiding by this rule. Sorry, but the second we hear that her case passed court (sometime in April?) I will post her pictures! Thank you for all the prayers...keep her and our family in them while we wait to bring her home. Hubby and his mom as well as my dad and stepmom will be travelling to get her. I can't wait to hold her in my arms:)
When we got Baby Guy's referral I was shopping at Target and felt like I should hurry home in case our agency called because I knew it was getting close to our time. When I got home there was a message from them about a referral. This morning I had to go to Target and I thought to myself..."Wouldn't it be weird if they called today while I was gone?". I was on my way home from Target and I got the call on my cell phone!!! Too funny and oh so exciting...I'm loving Target even more;)

Monday, February 4, 2008

8 Things

I saw this over at the wonderful blog and so enjoyed reading it I thought I'd give it a try.

8 things I'm passionate about...

1. My faith
2. My family
3. Doing what's right
4. Homemaking
5. Education
6. Character
7. Adoption
8. Health

8 things I want to do before I die...

1. Continually work towards being a better mom, wife and Christian
2. Go to Ethiopia with my hubby and kids to volunteer for a month
3. Encourage others to adopt
4. See the Grand Canyon
5. Volunteer at Children's Hospital
6. Watch my grandkids grow up
7. Go on a tropical vacation with my family
8. Make a difference in a child's life (other than my own children)

8 things I say often...

1. Wow!
2. Where's Baby Guy, What's he doing?
3. Get down! (to Baby Guy about 30 times a day)
4. I love you!
5. Please hurry
6. Is that talking/acting in a kind way to your brother?
7. Can you?(fill in the blank) said to hubby a million times a day.
8. Give me a kiss

8 TV shows I’ve recently no particular order

1. Oprah
2. Martha Stewart
3. Jakers (kiddo show)
4. Friends
5. News
6. Extreme Home Makover
7. CSI
8. Ugly Betty

8 songs I could listen to over and over

1. Amazing Grace
2. Fields of Gold-Eva Cassidy (bought and listened to this song when we found out about being pregnant with Mr. P. It always make me get all teary)
3. How Deep Is Your Love-Bee Gees (I love all Bee Gees...and all disco for that matter)
4. Disco Inferno-The Trammps (Nobody can be in a bad mood after listening to this song...well maybe my husband)
5. Same Old Lang Syne-Dan Folgerberg (just love this sappy song)
6. Independence Day-Martina McBride (Great housecleaning song...Gets you moving)
7. This One's For the Girls-Martina McBride (love this girl power song)
8. No Ordinary Love-Sade (our wedding song for our first dance)

8 things that attract me to my best friends...even my virtual ones!

1. Their faith.
2. Their laughter/sense of humor.
3. Their stories.
4. They share their sorrows as well as their joys.
5. They make me a better person by just knowing them.
6. They invite my family over, even when we bring ALL the kids!
7. The things they teach me or make me think about.
8. The yummy food they feed me.

8 things I’ve learned this past year (or previously, with a strong reminder this year)...

1. Life is full of surprises!
2. Things happen on God's timetable.
3. Persevere
4. Stand up for what you believe is right
5. Listen more, talk less
6. Take time to rest
7. Do not grow weary doing well (told to my hubby and I by a good and smart friend)
8. Laugh more and let the small stuff go....still working on that one!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Beary Happy Day

A Beary happy day was had by all! The boys had so much fun looking at all the bears. A few are the boys bears but most are mine:0 They loved hearing all the Beanie Babies names. Good thing I was obsessed with keeping all my Beanies...I also have tons of other beanie animals but today we were into bears. They are all seated on Baby Guy's new toddler bed. I'm waiting to put him to bed in it until I need the crib. So, for now it's a Bear Bed.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sweet Boys

This has been the new thing with Tuba and Mr. P at bedtime. They want to snuggle in Tuba's bunk. Some nights I hear them in there talking and giggling. Considering Tuba's limited vocabulary I find it so touching that they communicate so well. Usually I let them snuggle for about 15 minutes and then tell Mr. P to climb up to his bunk. Sometimes he climbs up on his own before I call to him. Last night they were both so tired and I told them no snuggle time because I wanted Tuba to get right to sleep. After I went to my room Tuba kept calling to me and asking for something....I asked if it was potty?.....I asked if it was water?....finally Mr. P informed me that Tuba wanted him to come snuggle. Quickly Tuba agreed with, "Yah". So, I caved in and let them snuggle. They were asleep in about 3 minutes!


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