Thursday, December 11, 2014

George Update

The baby is the last to get his update done. We have been busy with holidays and such so I need to get this update on here and move on with the rest of the fun posts I have. 

My getting huge! He is enjoying Kindergarten and learning so quickly. His conference report was great. He is ready to read and I've been gently nudging him but he just says "no thanks". Ha!! His teacher and I talked about this. In class she suggests George try a challenging math option and he politely tells her "no thanks". Cam and I talked to him and gave him a pep talk about challenging himself. He is becoming more willing. George loves to look at books and spends hours asking me questions about what he sees. 

George goes to half day K. It was a HARD decision to decide between the half day and full day. Half day is free and full day is $3,000 a year. We opted for the free option. Truthfully he's a bit bored in the afternoon. But, he and I do have nice one-on-one time to hang out. Some days are great and others are filled with endless pleas to watch TV or play video games. Yesterday I played Candy Land AND Go Fish with him. Yes, I earned my way to heaven in one afternoon. 

George is fully embracing TKD. He loves to go to class and learn his forms. He is an amazingly strong athlete. He rocks out the perfect form on his push-ups. Just like his Dad!! 

George played soccer and had Cam as his coach. It was such a fun season. It was his first year playing and he jumped right in and was not at all shy or timid. He scored some goals too! He is really excited about playing next year again. 

George has a tender heart. If one of his siblings gets into trouble he gets very sad. He will ask me to please let them out of time out or reverse whatever the punishment might be. He will often break into tears when a sibling is crying. He was given an award at school for being a good friend. 

Thankfully he is still very affectionate to me. I love to sit and snuggle him. He ALWAYS kisses and hugs me goodbye. ALWAYS. I appreciate this so much....especially as the older boys move away from this. I'm going to collect the hugs and kisses and cuddles for as long as I can. 


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