Monday, February 25, 2013

The Slice Again

Outside My Window - The trees are beginning to send out new shoots. Spring is starting....It's not here yet but soon it will be. The sky is blue with white clouds and the sun is starting to peek out.

I Am Thinking - About how my kids are growing so big. I vow to take every opportunity to snuggle them. I've got to get in kisses and hugs while they still let me.

I Am Thankful - For a calendar full of busy happy fun times. The birthdays, holidays, gatherings, and even the routine of the days, weeks and months makes my life so rewarding.

From The Kitchen - Clam chowder for dinner tonight.

I Am Wearing - Jeans, grey shirt, teal cardigan sweater and of course my black slippers.

I Am Creating - St. Patrick's Day decorations are going up. Sadly, I had to put the Valentine stuff away today. I really love them. But, onto the next holiday. I have a sweet banner sign that says "Lucky In Love" with shamrocks. I'm a sucker for banners.

I Am Going - On a date with my hot husband! Woot! Date night this weekend. Yippee!!

I Am Reading - Hypocrite in A Pouffy White Dress. I'm only about 1/3 done and I have book club tomorrow night. I better get reading....speed reading! Not sure if I'd give it a thumbs up or not yet. Some parts are good and very funny but it's not a page turner.

I did just finish reading Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight. It was really good. Two thumbs up.

I Am Hoping - To get Sis signed up for gymnastics this week. She is a natural! She busily turns cartwheels all day long. She is eager to learn how do handstands and flips.

I Am Hearing - The radio is on in the kitchen. Fun music to get me motivated...for housework. Since I'm siting on the couch I guess it didn't work.

I Am Laughing At - I was looking through some old cards and things from the kids. There was a preschool paper from Mr. P. The teacher has asked the kids to fill in the blank on a list of questions about their mom. One question was "I know my mom is smart because _______". Mr. P filled it in with ...because she does dishes. Bahahaha! We all had a good laugh.

Around The House - My sewing/craft and laundry area is really shaping up. I rearranged everything this week. It's getting there.

One Of My Favorite Things - Holding my kids in church. I sat yesterday and snuggled George. He is way too big for me to hold and stand up so I sat and cuddled him. Love every minute of it. Oh, I did hold him standing up back is paying the price today. Still I loved every minute of it.

I Never Thought This Would Come Out Of My Mouth - I'm constantly telling kids to hurry up. Hurry and get in the car, hurry and brush your teeth, hurry we are going to be late....hurry, hurry! The other part of the day I'm telling kids to stop running. Stop, slow down, don't run. Don't rush. My kids must think I'm crazy.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week - Book club, TKD for the boys and Cam, and date night!!!! Woohoo!! Date night! Drinks and good food and dressing up and Cam all to myself!

A Picture Thought I'm Sharing

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things I Love

The sun is out! It's pure heaven on earth to me. Better than chocolate. A real happy pill. 

The kids are out of school for mid-winter break today. We packed a picnic and headed to the beach. Never mind that it is a whopping 45 degrees. Where we live you have to get out there when the sun is out!

And of course kids are never cold. I wore a down coat and wore tshirts and I forced them to bring a sweatshirt.

Getting some sun makes me feel all warm and happy....sort of wappy. Wappy is like young love. I walk around with a smile on my face and nothing bugs me. Wappy is so relaxing. I could have laid down on a log and closed my eyes. But although I was totally wappy I still had to watch my kids.

Being wappy makes me think of all the things that I love....


The sea

The beach



Beach worn rocks

Kids eating ice cream

And kids who share french fries

Sunshine on snow capped mountains


Kids playing outside 

Rock throwing

Ferries that cause waves and shrieking kids


Log jumping 

Sail boats



Bazookas and laser blasters (aka driftwood and sticks)

A van full of happy tired sun soaked kids, mama and dog.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Two Jobs

Sis announced that her Daddy told her she could have TWO jobs. She could be a Mom and a doctor! She was so excited.

Then little brother piped up and asked if he could have two jobs also. Of course I told him yes he could. He instantly announced that he would be a Dad and a Police Man!

They were so excited planning their futures. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine...

After a long day I dragged myself upstairs to my bed. It had been a busy crazy day. A day fraught with lots of sibling squabbles. The crabbies had settled into my bones. 

As I settled into my bed, fluffing my pillows and then reaching for my book on my nightstand I found this.

I opened the card and burst into tears. Hot tears of joy and love. Cam also had a card on his nightstand. He went off to see who Secret was and thank him/her.

I got my tears under control in time to see this precious boy step into my room. We plopped him in our bed and smothered him with kisses and hugs. 

What a sweet and special boy we have. 

Happy Valentine's Day! Take a moment to show someone your love today! Love Wins!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kali Girl

Look at this pic of my dog. My sweet girl Kali. She is such a good dog. She is my girl. Kali goes everywhere with me in the car....unless it's too cold out. Then she is very sad to stay home. But, eagerly greets me when I return.

She loves to lay in my bed and anxiously awaits me going up to bed. She likes to stretch out across Cam's side of the bed and on his pillow....with her hiney. Cam is not a fan of that move. She does have to go to her kennel once I get ready to sleep.....big snoring.

She is such a good and tolerant dog to our maniac children. She has been dressed up, carted around fought over and generally bugged yet stays friendly.

She is very helpful as a dust busting vacuum. Seriously, I have not cleaned up any crumbs or spilled food since she arrived. Definitely earns her keep. I even found her outside in a workers truck cleaning all of his crumbs up.

If you are a dog lover you MUST read A Dog's Purpose. Beautiful book. I bawled my eyes out and then while telling Cam the story he got misty eyed.

Kairos Moments:

Sis woke up sleepy yesterday. She laid on my lap for 30 minutes while I tickled her back. She drifted in and out of sleep. It was so peaceful and so rare. She NEVER sits still so it's hard to get snuggles in with her.

The sun was shining today. I was sitting in the dining room coloring with the kids and the warm sun on my back was magical.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Face

This sweet boy is growing like a....well, like a teenager. He is also getting a peach fuzz mustache. This mom does not like it. Not one bit. I want him (and all my babies) to stay babies. :) Impossible I know.

I keep asking Cam if there is a new drug on the that will stop puberty. Seriously. I'd give it to Tuba. He could continue to grow big but still have this sweet baby face.....a face that won't need to be shaved.

Sigh......Big Sigh

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Laugh It Up

Since my New Year's Resolution is to laugh more I've been looking for things that do just that. This pic of George cracks me up. Not sure what he was doing....but funny boy!

Another funny. I was driving Mr. P and his buddy home from basketball practice. As we drove down one of the main streets we drove passed a Lovers store. Ya know...the kind that sells sexy lingerie and all sorts of things know...lovers.

Mr. P: Look, that place called Lovers is a restaurant.

Me: Ummmmmm.....okay....

Mr. P's friend: No, it's not a restaurant........big pause where I was dying.....It's a dress shop.

Me: Whewwwwwww! 


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