Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3rd Birthday!

More catching up.

Another birthday in the house! Baby.....not so much a baby....George turned 3!!!

Oh-my-word!! Where has my baby gone? Well, I can pretend...and tell him he's my baby. :)

Three is such a fun birthday! He was OVER the moon about his gifts and cake and GIFTS!! We went to church and then came home for cake and GIFTS! Then we went to see Cars 2. Loved it!

Happy Birthday my sweet snuggly funny power house of a little boy!!

Happy 4th of July. Kind of late....I know it. I'm still trying to get caught up.
We had a great 4th. I love the 4th!! We went to the parade with Grandma and Auntie Sara and then went to our fabulous friends' house for dinner and fireworks.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New House

I wanted these photos at the end of the post but my laptop and blogger are not cooperating...so it is this way instead. :)
The move was long and hard and....stinky! But the reward is we get to live in our beautiful new home. 4 of the 5 kids were horribly sick during the move. Terribly nasty illness. 104 temps. that lasted for 6 or more days. Mr. P would vomit when his temp went up high. Awful. Baby George and Mr. P both also got sinus and ear infections. Sis and Busy Guy rode it out with just fevers and feeling terrible. The day of the big move Busy Guy and Mr. P were too sick to go to their Godparent's house with the other kids. They laid in our bed until it was time to move the bed and then they laid on the floor with towels and a bed skirt over them. It was so sad. My mom was a life saver. She sat with the boys until we could move them and then made up all the kids' beds so they could go to sleep at the new house. Thanks Mom!! Grandpa Bill came with her and besides helping with the kids they helped us move and clean. We hired a couple of guys to help us too. All the moving was done in one day. The next day we spent the whole day at the "old house" getting it cleaned and ready for the renters to move in. Whew! I have never worked so hard!
Of course there is still lots here to do but we have unpacked LOTS! The kitchen is all put away and most of the bathroom, bedroom stuff is done too. There is lots of books to unpack but were not sure where everything is going just yet.
I LOVE my new house. LOVE!!! The neighborhood is amazing!! The kids have been playing outside and riding their bikes/scooters non-stop. We take a family walk every night after dinner. There is so much to say about what I love. The view, the increased sq. footage, the yard, the quiet, the dining room, on and on.
I'll start with the best. Our master bedroom is out of this world! The view is so beautiful. I feel like I'm on vacation.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Someone is 8!

Mr. P had a birthday just after we moved. It was a bit hard to plan a party around the big move. We decided on a small party at our new house.....just 5 days after moving. We went with easy. Corn dogs, ice cream cake and lots of playing. No games, no goody bags. :) The boys had a great time. They were all running around our house so I sent them outside to play in the wet yard. Oh well they didn't mind. It was a huge success and it was easy. Exactly what I needed.
I cannot believe my baby boy is 8!! He is growing into such a big kid. He is reading all the time. I love to hear him in bed at night reading Calvin and Hobbes and laughing out loud. He got monopoly for a gift and has been beating all of us at it! He is the land baron!! He has been such a huge helper too. He is very sweet to Tuba and helps me a ton with him. Sometimes when Tuba is being a stinker for me Mr. P will ask him to do it and Tuba will comply. He is also growing a ton! He is eating ALL-DAY-LONG too. I guess that is what happens when you ride your bike all day long! I can't complain when I look at him and he is the skinniest kid.
Happy Birthday my sweet, smart 8 year old. I love you to the moon...and back!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Missed Me?

Have ya missed me? Well, I've missed writting on my beloved blog! Crazy busy times for me!! We moved! Yeah! More on that later and pictures of the fabulous new house too. But first I need to catch up on other things.
Just after moving to our new house I got 2 new neices! I now have 3 neices to go along with my 3 nephews! Also, Cam's siter Cinn had a baby and my sister Chelsea had a baby. Babies Babies!! I love it! For an update on Cinn and Jamie's precious baby go to her blog which is listed on my side bar. It's called A Walk In The Garden. I don't want to post pics of her on my blog until I take the photos....it feels weird to steal the photos from her blog and re-post them. I can't wait for them to visit us this winter!! Hurry!! Come see us soon!! I have your room ready!!
My sister Chelsea asked me to be her delivery coach/helper person! I was thrilled to have the job. It was an amazing experience to see a baby born! I was at my sister's other births but they were water births and you just can't see much. This time it was at the hospital and no water birth. I got a front row seat. Amazing! I loved it!! What a miracle it is when a baby is born. My sister was a trooper! She had a terrible epidural experience so decided to go natural. She is tough and is a rock!! Thanks Chelsea for asking me to be part of this special day. I loved it!! Of course, no pain for me...other than no sleep. :)
On to the baby. She is precious!! Love her, love babies! The first pic is just seconds after she was born. The Dr. is suctioning her out.
I adore this photo! You can see how tired my Sister was and how hard she worked to birth this baby girl.
I set up the camera and took my own picture with the timer! :) Proud Auntie!!


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