Monday, May 22, 2017

More of Moses

More Moses coming up. He celebrated his 11th birthday! 

For his party he invited 5 buddies over and I took them to a trampoline park to bounce and play. Riding in the van with these boys was so fun. Their conversations crack me up! Rousing renditions of "would you rather". 

At home they dined on pizza and cake and had a video game sleep over. 

Magical 11!

Our family celebrated with dinner out. It was a nice evening of chatting and sharing with one another  me looking at my family while they all stared at giant TV screens. I HATE TV in restaurants. Actually I HATE TV....and especially in a restaurant.

After dinner we had a nice 5 minute walk at the park. It was brisk so everyone ran for the van. 

Moses saved up years of Amazon gift cards and bought an electric drum set. He loves it! He's taking lessons and no surprise his teacher says he's a natural. 

Happy Birthday sweet 11 Moses. You are bright and tenacious and kind and helpful. Did I mention helpful?! Really, you are my go to person any time I need help finding something, fixing something, or figuring something out. I appreciate you! You are organized and always ready to go on time. You are well loved by your teacher and your coaches. And of course by all of us. You are the perfect middle to our family. And....congratulations on making the select soccer team!!! You rock! Can't wait to watch you GO!! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Moses Catch Up

Moses is in his last year of elementary school. It's going fast with a jam packed end of the year. Upcoming overnight camp, musical, and bridging ceremony. 

It's all soccer for this kid. He played two sessions of indoor and is currently trying out for a select team. He's really good and he loves it! 

Moses and Mr. P are good friends and spend a lot of time hanging out together. Lately they sit and listen to music together. 

This kid loves cool sunglasses and hip hair. He is always dressed well in his finest sporty clothes.

He's famous for pulling these goofy faces. 

He won an award at school for "cooperation". Truly he is a very cooperative young man. It was nice to see him recognized for this quality. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Weigh In

Okay friends! It's been two weeks of Weight Watchers. AND I've been working out like a MANIAC!!

My weight is down 6 lbs.!!! Yeah!! My fat pants feel better but unfortunately my skinny pants still do not fit. Ugh!! I get very impatient. Like on day 3 of WW I started freaking out that I wasn't losing any weight...that my pants didn't fit....that I couldn't rock a bikini. I know, irrational. Cam talked me down from the ledge.

I'm feeling good now. It takes at least a week for my body to adjust and detox sugar for the mad cravings to subside. Instead of thinking about cupcakes every 2 seconds I now only think about them about 2 times an hour. Sigh.

Okay, so one of my kids asked me if I can run. Before I could answer Cam says, "yes she can but she just doesn't". Well I'll be......


So, I pondered that for a bit. And then I got busy cranking up my cardio. It's not running....cause I hate running and it does hurt my knee.....CAM! But I've been doing these workout my SIL told me about call I do a 30-40 minute HIIT workout which is High Intensity Interval Training. Whoosh! Can you say sweat?! I've also done some of the ab workouts. Oofda!

Even Cam is impressed with my workouts. That says A LOT. He's even afraid I'll get injured. Actually my knee is hurting so I'm doing some of the low impact workouts. They are amazingly hard even without jumping around.

In all I'm feeling good and on my way to being fit. I've got a whole closet of fun clothes that will fit me soon. Bonus! A new (old) wardrobe!!

Just in case you didn't read it on FB. I sent Cam that pic of myself telling him that I just kicked my own hiney. Except I didn't have on my reading glasses (too steamy) and I had actually typed that I just licked my own hiney!! Dying!! Humor is getting me through. Lots more hiney licking kicking to come!!

Sis Catch Up

Sis played two sessions of indoor soccer and is now having a break from organized sports. She is looking forward to swimming in the summer. Lest you think she sits idle I'll tell you that she spends ALL her waking minutes at home cartwheeling and back bending around the house. She has been practicing how to do a backbend and then kick her feet back over to standing. She's getting really good! It's on my list to check out gymnastic class times for her.

This pic cracks me up! After her dental check up this is what she chose from the prize box. Ha!! 

Sis plays AG dolls all day (while cartwheeling). She adores her dolls. She watches youtube videos and makes her dolls all kinds of fun things like little cell phones, mini bags of cotton candy and furniture. 

And she gives her dolls green beards for St. Patrick's Day. 

Sis loves her daddy. 

And the beach! We love to visit our favorite island and look for hidden rocks. We always find some. We've now painted a bunch to take and hide for others to find. 

Sis has worked REALLY hard in school this year. She has made big gains in math and won an award today for it. You receive a golden pencil and get a scholar award certificate. Yeah for her! 

Other than dolls and gymnastics her other fave past time is singing....loudly...and longly. She sings it all from 80's rock to contemporary pop. By the end of the day we are all ready for her to sleep. :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kid Catch Up George

Since I haven't blogged regularly for so long I'll do a kid catch up. Starting with the baby George. He's no baby...that's for sure. He's WAY bigger than his sis and almost as big as Moses.
He is developing his political views...and they are strong. The picture is of a ripped up newspaper article about Trump....or Mr. Rump as George would prefer.

George is working towards his black belt in TKD. He is about half way there. His enthusiasm comes and goes but we are encouraging forcing him to finish since we spent a ton of cash on his sparring gear and black belt club. Once he is at class he likes it but getting him going is hard. 

George and Sis have always been great almost twins. But, this year George has moved towards wanting to do more with the big boys. He loves to be included with his brothers and dad. He plays more with neighborhood boys than his sis too. He likes to ride bikes, play swords or nerf guns or legos. 

George is an amazing reader. Ya gotta love a book worm. 

He has a zany side to him and has been exploring his sense of humor. He likes to read joke books and try them out on us. 

And he's tender hearted. He doesn't like it when kids are sad or are in trouble. He thinks about social justice a lot.

This pic is my beloved Uncle Larry. All my kids adore him. We recently got to have dinner with him. Such a joy. 

And he's serious too. He loves to hear Cam talk about the military. He reads a lot about it too. He had Cam teach him how properly salute.

The kids and I were at a basketball tournament near where Cam's dad is buried. I took the kids to see the grave. George was very was a military cemetery. 

I like to ask the kids periodically what they want to be when they grow up. George wants to be a nurse practitioner. Great choice! 

Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's favorite holiday. 

We continued our tradition of dinner in our pj's. We all look forward to the event. I set the table with everyone's treats which makes for a festive time. 

After dinner we had a cozy time by the fire. 

A simple yet fun time. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


See this sweet face?! She really is a sweet girl...mustache and all. She's a tell it like it is kind of girl too. I like that quality. But, sometimes the truth hurts. Yesterday she informed me that my butt cheeks are huge. Yep. Wow. Ouch. She then went on to say that my butt cheeks are jiggly and dimply. Double, Triple ouch. In her defense she was not saying it to be mean. She was just making an observation. 

I took that (accurate) observation and headed straight to Weight Watchers. I need to take off some pounds. Again! Oh how I am annoyed at myself for letting my weight creep up. Again!

So, here I go. Day 1 of get going....lose some lbs....get moving...clean up my eating...exercise regularly. My WW meeting topic today was "All or Nothing". I could really relate. I have an all or nothing process when it comes to food and exercise. If I have an off day and eat more than I should or eat a lot of sugar I tend to mentally throw in the towel. Well, there goes the day I might as well not work out or I might as well eat more junk, etc. 

I recognize that is not a healthy was to think and act. It's how my bad habits spiral...and my weight creeps up. I am going to make a conscious effort to change that thought process. 

I'll be blogging more on my success and challenges. Anyone else working to take some weight off or beginning a new workout routine? 


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