Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Jetty

One of the reasons we love Rockaway Beach so much is that it's 7 miles of unobstructed beach. At the end is a jetty. Every year we go to see all the driftwood that piles up on the beach. It's amazing to see how drastically the landscape changes from year to year. 

The kids love to explore all the big logs. Someone had used charred wood to write on the log....a perfect photo op!

There are lots of neat structures built on the beach out of driftwood. No, I don't let the kids go inside most of them. 

It's a fun time to make the kids sit for a photo. 

They always sit nicely and smile politely. Ha!

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Ocean

The ocean is beautiful to look at and listen to. The color as it changes throughout the day is stunning. The motion of the water is mesmerizing. The sound of the waves is so relaxing....except at night when I fret a bit about a tsunami. Otherwise, so soothing.

The water temp is WAY too cold for me to even put my toes in. However the kids run and splash and play. The big boys (Cam and Mr. P) love to boogie board. We bought Mr. P a wetsuit this year and it made a big difference....he didn't get hypothermia again.

As the tide goes out it leaves the beach a little different each day. One day there were these huge tide pools left on the beach. We went on a long family walk and came across the pools. Sis thought they were great! She ran and ran and ran through them. She was soaked! 

And so happy.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Deck Time

The house we rented is the same house we stayed in two years ago. It has the BEST deck. There is plenty of room for all of us. There are amazing Adirondack chairs which I love to sit in. I spend a lot of time on the deck reading and enjoying the view.

If it's windy I just bundle up and wrap up in blankets. I love it! Hot tea, a magazine, my favorite people (and dog) and the view! Pure relaxation.

I did something new this year on vacation!! I worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY!! It was great. I walked on the beach for 45 minutes and then did my weights, lunges, squats and abs on the deck. It was so refreshing to be out in the sun and wind. Cam worked out too....but that's nothing new.

Just off of the deck there is a fire pit. So fun! Tuba of course loved the fire!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Vacation Highlights

I never know quite how to post about our vacation. We wait all year long for this special week at the coast. We all LOVE the OR coast...the ocean...the beach house....the time together.

I take a lot of photos and of course I don't know where to start or what to share or how much to post. This year I'll group them into categories of things we love about the beach.

Those things we love are....

The View
Deck Time
The Jetty
The Ocean
The Sand

....and I'm sure I'll think of some more.

Today I'll share The View. Enjoy. It brings my pulse down and makes me calm just to look at these photos. Ahhhhh.

Sunset is our favorite time to sit and look at the view and watch the sun sink into the sea.

Miles of sand and sea are my favorite place to walk and take in the view. 

Each day watching the tide come in and out is so soothing. 

Tuba loves sunset. He will sit and watch the whole time. He likes to call everyone to come and see it with him.

This one is just after sunset. The stars come out and they are amazing. Cam always has us come stand on the deck to see the stars. 

It's a magical place and we love it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vacation Bonus

Now, I'm on to vacation! I'll get this blog caught up one of these days! 

We decided this year to add a day to our annual beach trip. We booked a hotel with an outdoor pool (I don't like indoor pools). The trip would be much less driving all at once and we could extend the fun! Win-win!

It was so much fun that we plan to do it every year. We checked in early, had snacks (I packed a bag of things and a cooler), and headed to the pool. 

The temperature was perfect! Cam and I hung out on lounge chairs sipping some yummy drinks and watching the kids play. THAT my friends is my favorite thing to do! 

The hot tub was a big hit. The kids went back and forth between the two all day.

Snuggle time in the tub.

Tuba loved the hot tub and just stayed put. 

At dinner time we headed to our room....showered and got ready for dinner out.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel. It was so good! The big hit was Mr. P's bacon pancakes (a strip of bacon inside a pancake). Yum!

After checkin out we packed the car up and headed to the pool again. We swam and sat in the sun for a couple of hours and then headed for the beach house. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Paddle boarding again

I got a second chance this summer to try paddle boarding. I was very excited to try it again. I learned a few things this time around. The size/shape/quality of the board make a HUGE difference! The board I rented was not as easy to balance....not easy at all. Now, add choppy waves and boats zooming around creating wakes. It was REALLY hard. 

I paddled around a bit on my knees to get used to the board. Mr. P stayed on for about 5 minutes and then I had to boot him off so I could try to stand up. 

It was super wobbly and it took me several minutes to ease into standing. Once up I had to grip with all my might to stay up and not fall. 

It was a very good workout!

I talked Cam into trying too. I'm a bad wife because I've never laughed so hard at him trying to stand up. He didn't give up....even after falling multiple times. It really was hilarious....huge wobble and big splash....repeat. I love you Cam. 

I've never been better than Cam at anything physical! Ever! I have to admit I was a little thrilled. Truthfully it must have something to do with my lower center of gravity.

The kids tried the kayak and loved it. 

We got to spend our annual day at the water slides with the grandparents and auntie and cousins. So fun! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Hike

One of the things on my summer bucket list was a hike. I picked out this great one....not too long...beautiful scenery and got the fam on board. The trail featured a series of three waterfalls. The total hike is around 5 miles round trip. But, you can turn around after the 1st or 2nd waterfall. I figured we would see how far we could go. 

I thought of the hike like a little jaunt in the woods. Cam took it far more seriously. He packed water for each of us, and had the kids get their backpacks ready. The TKD boys packed there Bo Staff....aka ...a stick. Ummmm....I didn't plan to encounter bears or the boogieman but I guess we could error on the side of safety. 

I packed a picnic. Food, my first priority. We ate at a nice picnic table before heading to the trail. 

The weather was hot and we were glad for all the water Cam packed. As soon as the trail entered the woods it got cooler in the shade. The scenery was beautiful. 

The grade of the trail was fine for everyone except that there were large rocks and tree roots in the path. It was VERY VERY hard for Tuba to traverse all of this. He worked hard but his depth perception is really bad and it was tough. We plugged along helping him over the obstacles. 

After about an hour we still had not reached the first of the falls. Tuba was really tired and we were scared that if he fell and hurt himself that we wouldn't be able to get him out. So, Cam took him and turned around with Moses in tow. I took the other kids and pushed on. I was determined to see the falls. After about another 15 minutes my littlest two kids tuckered out. We turned around and headed back. We soon caught up with Tuba.

We had a lovely couple of hours enjoying the view and each other's company. We will try the trail again...maybe just Cam and I. Hiking date!


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