Monday, May 28, 2012


Memorial Day. I want to say thank you to all the veterans, past and present. Thank you for your service and dedication. Thank you also to the amazing families who support our veterans.
This pic of Busy Guy is from the Memorial Day Parade 2009. What a moment to capture on film. Truly a Kairos moment to treasure.
In the comments section Deborah asks, "Are there moments, days, when you KNOW we are right in the palm of God's hands?". I love this. I think it's a statement and a question. This is the essence of the Kairos moments that I post. Kairos moments are when time seems to slow or stop and we see glimpses of God and His beauty.
Kairos moments:
On a bicycle ride I passed a house and saw a woman combing her daughter's hair out in the front yard. They were standing in the welcoming sunshine all bathed in light.
At our bonfire last night Cam hollered to me that there were two eagles "coming in hot". I looked up in time to see two eagles flying low and chasing a bunch of crows RIGHT over our house and yard. Amazing!! I screeched and hooted. Such a sight.
On a walk one morning I saw a whole flock of goldfinch fly overhead.
During prayers last night I glimpsed Sis with her head resting on Cam's shoulder and her little hands around his neck.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Makeover

I've been busy painting our dining room and living room. I did not like the colors (garish yellow and drab dirty white) and have been itching to change them. Once the kitchen was painted I really wanted to get the other rooms done too. I'm not brave or bold when it comes to paint colors. But, I went out of my comfort zone....meaning I choose a color outside the beige family. :)

It was hard! I had several friends as well as family come over and give me their opinions. I consider them my free decorators. They gave me great advice! The rooms look amazing. I LOVE them. It's soothing and beautiful. Hurray.

I love before and after photos. So, here it is! What do you think? Dining room with old yellow and in right corner you can see the start of the new color....Wythe Blue.

The color accents our lights beautifully.

 Dining room looking into kitchen.

Living room with splotch of new color on top of old.

Living room color is Palladian Blue. It's the lighter shade of the dining room.

Living room with the splotches and yucky white wall.

And the done room! Love it!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day. The sun was shining. Bonus! We went to church, then out to a little cafe for breakfast, then to my favorite garden place for flowers for the yard, then home to get ready for a bike ride. We got some Subway and had a picnic along the bike trail.

I am LOVING my bike and riding in the sunshine is so fun. The trail we rode on is so beautiful. Lush green trees and grass and lots of wild life. I kept stopping to look at birds.....AND....a snake crossed our path. If you've been a long time Wildheart reader you would remember THIS. I do NOT like snakes. But, I'm very proud to say I've grown, I've progressed....or, I felt safe up on my bike. As a huge python little garter snake slithered across the path Mr. P hollered for us to stop. He remembered my last snake he quickly told me NOT to run over the snake. I'd do that....okay, I would but that would mean getting close to it. Blech!!
I calmly stayed on my bike and allowed the snake to cross. See! Progress! Cam told me he was shocked that I didn't run back to the car or rear my bike up and trample the snake to death. Gee rude is that? Actually, I knew if the snake came towards me I'd just jump into the trailer with the little kids and zip it shut. Pronto! Then I'd scream for Cam to get the snake OUT OF HERE!
Mr. P did ask if he could pick the snake up. NO! I haven't progrressed that far. NO, no.
Other than the snake it was a lovely day. I am so blessed to be a Mama to these 5 kids. I love being a Mom! Hardest job. But, also the best.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We have the wonderful snails in our yard. Really, I know they are just slugs with shells but somehow the shells make them charming. You know the saying, "clothes make the man"...well, I guess it applies to snails. The kids love them. They take them off the wall and then put them back on again. They learned last summer not to step on them. They are "God's kweetchews" says Baby George.

On this spring morning the wee ones were having a great time exploring their friends the snails. I especially like that Baby George is wearing his Sis's pj pants....and Sis, well, she's got on a typical creation outfit of her own...with bed head.

Our neighbor saw the kids playing with the snails and announced that will be poisoning them. Wow! Nice! Thanks for sharing that with my kids. They were so upset. I tried to calm them and tell them only his (neighbor Doom The Poisoner) snails will be killed...not ours. But, we shall see. I hope ours don't die too. I know they probably eat my plants and they really are just slugs but they bring the kids such joy.


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