Sunday, November 19, 2017

Mr. P is 14!!

Summer birthday season began with Mr. P turning 14. This boy....boy/ changing so much every day. Some mornings he comes out and I feel like he's the Incredible Hulk. He comes out looking like his arms and legs grew six inches over night. Since I'm posting these photos five months after they were taken I can see so many changes in him. Wow! Someone slow down time. 

A birthday treat that all the kids request is toaster waffles. Ummm....yuck....but it's not my birthday and it makes my life really easy so...okay!

On Mr. P's birthday we took the kids (and a friend of the birthday boy) to the beach. One of our favorite places to go is this cool beach. The tide leave behind tons of shells and I also find lots of sea glass combing through the rocks and shells.

Everyone should have some relaxation on their special day.

 Lunch and ice cream and lazing around in the sun was the perfect way to start summer.

I love this pic of Mr. P. We both laid on this comfy lounger for a bit. We were shopping at Costco and took a break. Which by the way I'm really enjoying grocery shopping these days when I take along one kid as a helper. So nice to spend one-on-one time AND they are really great help.

Later in the summer Mr. P had a birthday party with his buddies. The nicest group of boys...guys. Throwing a party for 14 yr. old boys is about the easiest thing ever. Food+Dessert+More Food+Outdoor Space+XBox. Easy peasy!

Happy Birthday to my baby. My baby!! Yes, you ARE my baby. I am so impressed with you. You are maturing and showing us how responsible you are. You are a smart guy and are doing so well in school. Not only are your grades fantastic but you handle it all on your own. You have great friends and I know that means you are a good friend in turn. You continue to shine in your affection and bond with Tuba. Also, it's fun to watch you and Moses and the bond you have as friends and brothers. As an athlete you are growing leaps and bounds. You have found your sport in basketball. This season was a blast to watch you. I cannot wait to see what your future holds. Surely it will be wonderful just like you. Happy Birthday!! 

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  1. Mr. P 14 already!!! Was just yesterday we were at his first birthday party ...I miss the kids being little ...I miss my kids being little. Happy Birthday Mr. P!!!



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