Friday, July 6, 2012

Mr. P is 9!

The Birthday Season has begun!! Mr. P starts it off in June. He turned the big 9!! Whoa! Where has my baby boy gone? He was lucky to have his big day land on a weekend. We packed up the car and headed for another old military fort. He LOVED it! The weather was rainy and a bit cool (I wore a down coat). But, none of that matters to a 9 year old boy. Adventure. That is what matters.

All of the boys (well, not Baby George) loved exploring the fort. Me, But, we Mamas do what we got to do to make a fun day for our birthday boys. Even if that means boots, umbrella, warm coat and faking interest. :)

In case you take your small children is NOT safe for wee ones. High concrete walkways, no rails or railing that hits above the height of little ones with concrete below. Oh! I had about 100 heart attacks....much to the annoyance of my boys (including Cam). Tuba and I stayed down on main level with Baby George....and hollered directions to be careful. I know, what a fun mom!

The boys had so much fun running through the dark tunnels and exploring.

Here is BG posing for me. He usually refuses to be in photos.

The best part was that the rain let up and we walked down to the beach. Had I known the trail was so close I would have headed to the beach and skipped the fort. I love the beach!

The kids were nice to sit and pose for the obligatory group shot.

Busy Guy is practicing his camera skills and got this one of my sweetie and I. Yes, that is the world's largest umbrella.

Climbing on fun.

Tuba loves the beach as much as I do.

After the beach we headed home to change our wet wet clothes and shoes. We went out for our favorite pizza and then home for cake. Mr. P chose ice cream (vanilla and strawberry) cake with Oreo crust. Yummy and easy to make.

Happy Birthday to my sweet thoughtful smart boy. You are a great little brother to Tuba! You are a fantastic reader and I love to see you reading books all the time. Also, a great athlete. You are really doing well at TKD and will have your black belt in no time. You have a heart for the poor and are very compassionate. You do not have any tolerance for bullies. I am so thrilled to watch you grow. Mama loves you!! God loves you!


  1. What fort it that? Looks pretty cool!

  2. What an awesome day! So were wearing a coat, and it hit 100 where we live :) Your love for your children is so real, and so inspiring. Keep up the great work...and could you post the recipe to the birthday cake?

  3. Wonderful fun...and the birthday he wanted.

  4. And Grandma and Grandpa love you too, Mr P!



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