Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

If you thought our weekend seemed busy...well, that was only Saturday. On Sunday it was St. Patrick's Day. And we always celebrate! 

We did something we rarely ever do. We stayed home from church. Oh! Tuba was so tired and we decided to let him and the rest of us sleep in.

We had green pancakes with blueberries to celebrate Busy Guy and Mr. P's special day.

We relaxed around the house. Actually, the kids played and Cam and I did laundry, cleaned and got ourselves ready for the week ahead.

 Then we donned all our green and headed to our friends' house for Irish dinner. Fun!

After dinner we went to church for our annual Forgiveness Vespers service. It was lovely. The turning of the colors and the somberness are beautiful. 

It is a wonderful way to begin Lent. Us Orthodox Christians are just beginning Lent. We won't celebrate Easter/Pascha until May 5th this year. 

After church we went home and plopped into bed. Tired!! Weekends really need to be longer....but then again that might mean even more busy fun packed in. 

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