Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Pictures. That's what is on my mind today. I haven't put ANY photos into picuture albums since July! is really weighing on me. I know there are people who never put photos into albums but I'm not one of them. I have always put the photos in as soon as they came home from the developers. I have all of our albums labeled with the year and put into an "A-Z" order to make it easy to find exactly what I need. I even have all of my hubbies and my own childhood photos in archival boxes labeled with the dates. Part of the problem and delay in getting the pictures into albums is the switch to digital. I have downloaded all my photos onto my computer and backed them up on disks but haven't sent them on to be printed yet. I want to first finish my scrapbook of my trip to Ethiopia. I finished one for my Mom back in Oct. but haven't even started mine yet. I'm carving out some time today to do this. Once I get started I will get on a roll. I keep telling myself that once I have the scrapbook done, then I'll get all the photos printed and into albums. Another "picture" topic on my mind today is quite excitng. Our travel agent contacted me yesterday and asked permission to include a picture of my trip to Ethiopia for their brochure. The picture is of myself, sweet baby and my Mom who we joked was the "nana-sherpa" because of the amount of luggage she carried while I carried my sweet baby boy. Well it's about nap time for the babe and I'll get started on my scrapbook!

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  1. I love this picture of you and 'nanna sherpa'. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful mom!



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