Sunday, April 29, 2007

"I'm going to throw up!"

I really appreciate a kid who says, "I have to throw up" and then waits the nano-second until I grap a bucket! Versus, the kid who throws up all over everywhere and then announces, "I don't feel good". We had a crazy morning getting ready for church (the Dad was working). After a million tantrums from the middle child (and me too) and time-outs we finally got into the car and drove the 30 minutes to church. About 5 minutes from church my middle child is crying and saying he is tired and that his stomach hurts. As we pull into the parking space he now says, "I have to throw up!". I quickly grab a Taco Time cup from the garbage bag and well, you can imagine the rest. There was nothing to do but pull out of the parking space and head home. This caused the oldest child great stress! He loves church more than anything. An offer of McDonalds quited him down. So...once home I put on my pj's, read the paper and put on a movie for Mr. sick. He took a good long nap and felt better. Since it was such a nice day today the boys came outside to work in the yard with me. Mr. baby managed to go where NONE of his brothers have ever gone. This was his first experience outside in the backyard exploring. He took his "job" seriously. I looked up to find him ALL the way under the deck! YUCK (we call it the racoon motel!). He was sitting in the dirt with just enough head room. When I tried to reach him and pull him out he leaned away from me! Stinker! Finally, I dragged him out and blocked the area off. Let's just say I am REALLY tired and sooo glad that Dad is now home!
PS: Is the picture such a hoot! You need all your "guy" tools to watch a movie!


  1. Becky, your blog is so great! I love being able to "see" you guys more frequently now! I love all your posts and how neat is that to be in the brochure for the travel agency:) We are hoping to get going again for #2 in a year or so and I think we may use AAI too. How's your process going? Your place is just goregous, I hope we do get to come visit you one day soon!

  2. Becky,
    I know, unfortunately all too well-as two of our girls were throwing up all night and this morning, how this sort of thing goes...I hope everyone is feeling better now!



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