Monday, May 21, 2007

One Man Demolition Crew!

Well, he's walking, REALLY walking now! Baby guy is so thrilled with himself. Aside from walking he is a major demolition expert. He has had two baths today due to "toilet visits". Oh, yes. When it's really quiet (like he's not hanging on my pant leg) I know something is up. He was also eating old Target popcorn out of the garbage. Clearing the shoe rack of it's 20 pairs of shoes, climbing from the couch onto the end table and throwing all table top items onto floor (lamp is now in closet), happily ripping through piles of folded laundry, pulling out diaper wipes as fast as humanly possible, and on and on. He fell asleep tonight at 6:30 which is an hour and a half early. Thank God! The big boys and I are savoring the peace:)


  1. There is nothing quite so satisfying as thinking you can keep up with the big kids. Wait until he gets ready to ride his own bike or (ahem, in a few years) drive the car. Now THERE is unbridled joy.

  2. That so sounds like a day at my house. He looks awesome. It is so neat to see these kids that were together grow up. How is the process for the next adoption going? We are waiting for our homestudy to be done--in the next week or so and then we start the whole waiting, and waiting again.



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