Friday, May 4, 2007

Ball Therapy:)

It's been a loooooong day today. The oldest child is sick now. He has been home from school the last two days. Mr. middle child could not have been higher maintenance today! Cry, whine, argue, repeat! The baby guy is just full of good old energy and a little fussy with teeth coming in. The hubby has been gone working the last 3 days too which makes everyone a little nutty. Sometime during dinner I glazed over and was dreaming of a BIG glass of wine or a giant ice-cream sundae! While cleaning up the kitchen we listen to "kid" music and dance. The middle child was finally out of his "thing" and brought out the bag of balls. "Great idea!" I declared. The balls are dumped onto the floor and the boys have such a good time crawling/running through them. They throw them all over the place and have a "ball". What a good stress reliever too.


  1. Love the pics of the boys, too adorable:) I'm glad they figured out some kind of stress reducer and I hope you ate that Sunday anyway!

  2. I am so glad that everyone is well now for your trip to DisneyLand. Have fun and I look forward to seeing pictures with a bunch of Mickey Mouse Ears! Enjoy your familytime and don't forget to rest, too.

    Gramma Sue



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