Thursday, June 2, 2011

Like Me

On Sunday Sis wanted to wear her traditional Ethiopian skirt and top. Cam bought it when he was in Ethiopia to bring her home. I had gotten her dressed in it and we were in the bathroom getting her hair brushed. As I was brushing her hair she said to me, "Like Busy Guy" (although she used his real name). I was confused because Busy Guy has really short hair. So I said, "is hair is short right now". Then she patted her chest and said, "No, Ethiopian, like Busy Guy". Oh. It was so precious. She was telling me that she is Ethiopian just like her brother. My eyes got all teary. "Yes", I told her. They are my Ethiopian babies.


  1. This is simply wonderful! I still have a silver btracelet from when we got Sara...she came with two but one got lost...sigh. I remember when Cam picked out her outfit...what a couple of great parents you are.

  2. So sweet! Hug all the kids for me please.



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