Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We signed papers on our new house today! Woot! It will close on Tues. and we can start moving in. Yipeeeee! I want to paint Sis's room and maybe a couple others walls before the big stuff gets moved in. Sis and I are shopping for the perfect pink or lavender for the walls. So girly and fun! The middle boys' room needs painted too (it's lime green). I hope to have time to get to that room too.
Meanwhile I am a painting fool here at the "old" house. I have been painting over all the stencils in the kids' rooms. Sad! I worked so hard on them and now am working so hard to erase them. Phooey! I have finished the kids' rooms, master, kitchen, family room, bathroom...all that's left for paint touch up is the livingroom, diningroom and mudroom. Wow! What a load of work. Add to that packing (and purging) the whole house, cleaning everything, sprucing up the yard, and getting things ready for the renter. Holy Moly! It's no wonder I'm tired...and sick. BAD cold, sore throat, and just blah!

To keep all (probably 5) my readers interested I'll tell a couple funny stories.

1. Busy Guy was hollering for me....loud..."MOM". "What" I yelled back as I ran for the upstairs where he was. "Something is wrong with Sisters's stuck inside!!!". I ran up thinking I was going to find some terrible mishap. When I arrived in the room Sis was looking perplexed and looking down at her naked potty. Busy Guy was looking horrified and while pointing at his Sis's potty he exclaimed, "It's not hanging's stuck inside!!". I calmly explained to him that a girl's potty and a boy's potty are different....boys hang out...girls are inside. "Oh" he says looking rather relieved. Okay, now you might be wondering how a child gets to be 5 years old and does not know this difference. I wonder that also. Especially since Busy Guy has taken a bath with his sister almost every day for 3 years!!! Naked! Good grief!

2. We were playing at the playground and Mr. P had to go in and use the restroom. When he came out he says to me, "I bet girls wonder what a portable looks like". Hmmmmm. "I think you mean urinal", I say back to him. "Oh, yah" he says and runs off to play. Hilarious!


  1. This made me LAUGH!! I love the innocence of children. Have fun with the new house! I hope that lots of things get done the way you would like.

  2. Hilarious!! I guess he was so busy playing in the bath he didn't pay attention!! ;-) Hope you feel better asap and blessings on a smooth move. I'm here and read faithfully, even though I don't comment too much. So I guess I am 1 of the 4, or maybe many more!

    Carrie T. - mom to 4 from Korea

  3. That is fantastic! My favorite part is how concerned he was and how confuses sis was!

  4. I think that kids don't pay attention to details (of other kids) until they are 4, 5, or 6. Things like skin color or hair type or, uh, pottys are just not something they really examine-for-differences. Anyway, Sata and I laughed and laughed over this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your blog always makes me laugh!! Dontcha just love questions about the birds and the bees!



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