Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet Moment

Some days are long. Some times it's chaotic. Some times I'm frazzled. Some times I dream of what my life will be like when my kids are older, more self sufficient.
Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my kids. We played and worked and had a great day.Last night Cam and I were tucking kids into bed. I was singing to Baby George and Cam came in and handed him a Lego guy. BG was so excited and hugged it to his chest. All of a sudden a huge wave of emotion overcame me. I suddenly thought that some day my baby would be too big to be excited about a Lego guy. As I sang "You Are My Sunshine" to BG I got all teary eyed.
I kissed him goodnight and then went off to have a good cry. I came into the kitchen to get a hug from Cam and the tears really flowed. I was all swollen eyed and blubbery. I could barely tell him why I was sobbing. He was a nice man and told me how sweet I was.
When I went into kiss and sing to Mr. P I told him I was feeling sad that my kids were growing up so fast. He told me, "Don't worry mom when I'm grown up I'll come over for some holidays". Oh great! At least he made me laugh.

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  1. Thank you....and Paddy is right...and I felt my own wave of nostalgia because Gramma and Grampa Sartain used to sing "You Are My Sunshine" in the car when I was a little girl...(no radio)



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