Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby Time!

We had the pleasure of having my SIL, BIL and our precious niece stay with us for 5 days! It was
so much fun. They were awesome house guests. Just imagine having live in human jungle gyms with the bonus of a sweet snuggly baby! Heavenly! I REALLY wish they lived closer. :( But, there is hope for the future with them applying for professor jobs closer to us. FYI: if you two plan on any job applications on the east coast I *might* be calling them to say how terrible you are. Kidding....not really kidding. :)
We spent the days keeping track of whose turn it was to do the holding. Sis loved her time with baby girl.
Nap Time for Uncle Jamie, baby....and Busy Guy snuck downstairs to sleep too. He curled right up. Precious.
Oh! Baby Feet. What more can I say?!
This is known as my "I've had it" hairdo. Clippy and ponytail tied up says I'm tired and ready for bed. Or in this case it's morning time and I just want to sit around in my pj's and hold this pumpkin. I had a terrible cold while they visited so I didn't get in as much holding as I wanted to. Well, to tell the truth there is no such amount that would be enough.
Mr. P's turn for some baby love.
Tuba was thrilled to have a baby in the house! Mr. Busy Guy was thrilled to be in LOTS of photos. I could publish a whole book of him from this visit. ;)
Uncle Cam had to work most of the days but he still got lots of snuggle time too.
Who is missing....hmmmm....no pics of Baby George holding his cousin. Well, I guess that just tells me he's either an alien or maybe he's just plenty happy being my baby. :)
More to come soon from the visit. Lots of good pics of The Human Jungle Gym. Sorry Jamie! Some day when you have back surgery we'll watch the baby!

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