Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I told Cam no more staycations. I needed to get out of the house. So, we pondered where to go for Spring Break. We wanted sun. We needed it to be within driving distance. Hmmmmm. We opted for Sunriver, OR. We booked a house and made plans.

We bought Tuba a bike trailer. It is amazing. It holds an adult up to 150 lbs. It's by Wike and it's made in Canada. It was EXPENSIVE....like more than the 5 day rental for the vacation house. BUT, it's so worth it. We can now bike together as a whole family. Yipeeeee! The house had a bike trailer for me to borrow and I pulled the two youngest. And, yes Kali rode along too. She loved it!

We arrived (after a long 7 hours in the car) to sunshine. We quickly changed into our cycling clothes and headed out. I should note that Cam has tons of cycling clothes.....I have yoga pants with matching hoodies and running shoes.

Good thing we enjoyed that first day of sun. The rest of the week got progressively colder. MUCH colder. Think snow. Yep. But that didn't stop us. It was a cool 10 degrees in the morning. We'd lounge around in our pj's until about noon when the temp would get up to about 38. And we'd head out for more cycling. It was so much like skiing....but on wheels. The snow was very dry and would just fly off of us. At one point it was hailing pea sized snow.

After one day of cycling for about 10 miles (pulling two kids and a trailer. 100 lbs.) in the frigid air and snow Cam commented that he was so proud of me. He said I was tough!

Huh? Hello!!!

I asked him if it really took him 18 years to figure that out. Of course I'm tough! Just because I had to wear two shirts, a fleece and a coat plus two hats doesn't mean I'm not tough! I do like him saying I'm tough...so I've told him to keep it up. :)

In fact....we have some new Family Mantras:

This family is tough.
There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.
Just Keep Pedaling. Sung to the Nemo tune of Just Keep Swimming.

The scenery was amazing. We cycled through a pine forest and then out into a marshy meadow area. I loved it out there. The bird watching was fantastic. We saw so many varieties of birds. Here's a question for you birders out there. My favorite bird we saw was all black with bright orange under his wing area. What kind of bird was it?

Beside cycling we enjoyed the house's hot tub and TV. Movies and tubing and magazine reading and dinner out. Very fun!


  1. What an amazing family - made up of amazing individuals! Your "get-away" was certainly that and I'm pleased your children got to see an active Mom & Dad loving each other and the world. Good job!

  2. Probably a Red Winged Blackbird. They have a wonderful song as well.
    Simple name huh. But it's for real.

  3. Loved the wonderful pictures! So glad you had fun and made great memories for the kids and yourselves!

  4. Would you recommend the place you stayed at? I have been wanting to go to Sun River for a family vacation...in the summer :)I'm a warm weather girl, definitely not as tough as you!



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