Monday, April 30, 2012

Dancing King

Saturday was a special day for Tuba! It was the Honor Society's annual Spring Dance. They invite the kids in the special needs programs to join them as their special guests. It is an amazing night of dinner and dancing. This is Tuba's second year attending the event. So fun!
The girls all get a day of beauty. They get hair, nails and makeup done. The boys this year wore shirt and tie instead of tux. Tuba loves to dress up and was thrilled to show off his outfit to his teacher and fellow students.
Tuba rocked out! When we arrived to pick him up he was dancing and sweaty and wild! He could have gone another couple of hours.
Can you say Party Animal? Yep! He had a blast.
I was so touched last year by the kindness and tenderness of the kids who put on this event. This year I wanted others to know how special it is. I contacted our local newspaper and they covered the night. The photographer got so many great shots of the kids dancing. For anyone who thinks teenagers are rotten or selfish....let me tell you....these are the nicest kids! There is goodness and love in the world and it's in the form of teens in my town!
Kairos Moments:
Tuba's shy sweet face as a pretty girl was talking to him.
Watching Cam trying not to cry as he watched Tuba dance.

More Kairos from life:
Three yellow finches flying.
The white baby hairs on Baby George's head in the sunlight.
Sister putting her arm around my neck and telling the person behind us, "this is my Mama".


  1. I loved the photos from the article but I do think my very, very favorite photo(s) are the ones you took. You and Tuba dancing the last dance!!! The second fav is Tuba in the conga-line. Thank you for sharing this wonderful night!

  2. Love that boy! (And what a great event!)

  3. Took my laptop down so great-gramma could see these...she was so happy for Tuba and loved the conga-line dancing!! (maybe reminded her of your own wedding?)



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