Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Horses and More

Sis loves horses. A LOT. She plays that she is a horse, she puts her barbies on horses and plays all day. She also has a barn and horses that she loves to play with. Horse girl. There were a few horse girls in my neighborhood when I was little. I didn't really "get" the whole horse thing. 

But, now that I have a horse girl I'm starting to see the point. When we were at Sunriver last spring Sis saw the horses one day on a bike ride. She was drawn to them. She spent about 30 minutes talking to them, petting them...and naming her favorite ones. She was captivated. 

The boys asked Cam all about the horse's....ummmmm......man parts. And then laughed hysterically when the horse did a doo-doo. Boys!

Just before Christmas we got the chance to go see Christmas lights at a local attraction. The weather was terrible....to say the least. POURING rain, cold, pouring rain. We bundled up and made the best of it. The tickets were free and this is an expensive event that we rarely get to enjoy because of the price. 

The highlight of the night for me was the amazing lights strung in trees and on every inch of acres and acres. The highlight of the night for Sis was getting to ride a horse! She did not care that is was pouring rain. She wouldn't keep her hood on. She seemed oblivious to the water. 

She loved the horse. Loved the ride.

When we got in the car George announced that the best parts of the night were the donuts....and leaving. Hilarious....but all of our thoughts exactly. Except Sis, she got up the next morning and asked if we could go again!

Here's the more part of the post. Sis has ANOTHER hernia! Yep. Other side. Yep. Surgery soon. I must be getting used to my kids having surgery cause I'm not freaking out. Yep.

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  1. I was never a "pony girl" - though I rode them as a youngster and respected them...I just didn't "get the call" to ride anything but my bike and my own two legs. However, I certainly grew up with girls who fell in love with horses and, in fact, have had adult female friends and co-workers who ADORED their horses. Also, cousin Julie is a horsewoman extraordinaire. I think, instinctively, you hear the call or you don't. So, are you getting her a pony?



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