Sunday, January 6, 2013


Whew! Christmas is here and gone. I love Christmas but, WOW, it's a whirlwind. I try to remain calm, focus on the birth of Christ...and remain calm. Lots going on during the holidays. We had three separate Christmas celebrations, plus Sis's birthday, New Year's Eve and house guest for five days. I. Am. Wiped. Out.

So I've neglected blogging and now have loads of photos and memories to share. But, it will be SO much easier because my beloved bought me a new laptop for Christmas. TOTAL surprise!!! In 19 years he has never surprised me like this. He usual gives himself away. Not this time. Stunned!! I'm updating my blog now with ease. The Internet connection hasn't dropped and I'm hoping the photo upload will be quick!

When things got crazy and I was feeling overwhelmed by Christmas (shopping, cooking, entertaining, parties/concerts to attend, decorating, and so much cleaning) I would gaze upon one of the many nativity scenes in our house. This was my favorite this year. Sis made this at school. Look how precious baby Jesus looks!

Other than gazing at my nativity sets I also like to sit in the living room in front of a nice fire. The lights on our tree were so beautiful. I love to read the kids Christmas books at night before bed. After the kids go to bed Cam and I like to sit in the quiet. It's rarely quiet in our house. An hour or so of quiet before bed restores me....especially during a crazy busy time.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all have ways to calm the craziness of Christmas. What do you do to stay centered and calm in the midst of chaos of holidays? Do tell.


  1. I look at the sky - seriously, I look at the clouds or blue or stars or whatever, and wonder at the fact we are here and alive and we like each other (yes, know know we love each other but it helps when the liking is there, too) and I take a deep, greatful breath and I move ahead to the next page of the future.

  2. We haven't mastered calm yet, but FUN we have nailed own because we come to your house! :)

  3. I pet one of my dogs and look into their beautiful, loving eyes or I look at pictures or videos of our grandchildren. And I pray- a lot! It is sometimes hard to shut chaos out of prayers when it is so busy and crazy but I really try to concentrate and that calm peace normally comes over me.



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