Friday, May 10, 2013

Holy Saturday

The service on Holy Saturday is my favorite of the year. The colors change from purple to white as we celebrate Christ conquering death. We are always tired and the service is so fun and invigorating. 

Our boys and our friends' boys reading a Bible story. How cute are they?

This cracked me up. Busy Guy is looking tired while listening to the reading.

My friends (the one on the right is our kids' Godmother) ringing the bells.

The priest sprinkling bay leaves. There are still flower petals on the floor from the night before. This makes for so much fun for the kids. They scoop it all into big piles....stuff their pockets and toss stuff in the air.

Mr. P served as an acolyte.

Of course I got in some snuggle time. Sis is still pretty light but I know I won't be able to hold her forever. I'm enjoying it.

After the service we take the kids out for donuts. Then it's home to prepare for Holy Pascha. We washed clothes, shopped for our basket of goodies, tried to rest (this means we all went to bed for naps. Cam and I slept 7 minutes...the kids slept 0 so after an hour we got up), and then got ready to go. The service begins at 10:30 pm. 

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