Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Holy Week...Friday

We attended services all week. Well, some of us. Mon. and Tues. Cam took half the kids. I stayed home with the other half. I need to pace myself so that I can enjoy and endure all of Holy Week. 

On Wed. night we had Holy Unction. It was a lovely service and each of us was anointed with Holy Oil. Thurs. night is the Passion Gospel service. Christ is nailed to the cross. A somber and moving service.

On Holy Friday we always take a family photo. You can look back over the years and see us each Holy Friday. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. So fun.

This is the 2013 photo. I love it! Matchy Matchy of course. We are sitting on our back deck enjoying the sun!!

Friday night service is The Lamentation Service. The young girls in the church represent Myrrh Bearing Women. They sprinkle flowers around Christ's Tomb. This year Sis got to be a Myrrh Bearing Girl. So exciting!

Tuba was just excited to get candles...and be at church again.

She was very excited and very proud. She was thrilled that it is something just for girls. Each girl wears black skirt and white top. All the girls had braids and flowers in their hair. So pretty.

Sis is not known as the kind of kid to sit still....ever. But, she stood so still and quiet with the other girls waiting to sprinkle the flowers.

She even held her own candle. Yes, I was nervous.

A view of the church's dome.

We follow the priest outside and process around the church building. As we re-enter the church we pass under Christ's tomb. Cam is one of the men holding it up.


  1. Oh, Becky, so beautiful! I love that your family works hard at upholding principles-of-value. Thank you so much for posting. Yep, I did print off the Easter photo...mailed one to Gramma Sartain for Mother's Day. Also have one on my kitchen 'frig so I can see you all and smile daily.

  2. Great Pictures Becky! Fun to see that other people all over the world are doing the same thing as us!
    By the way...I am back to blogging. :)



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