Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Doin'?

Okay, I just went a little nutty trying to find the link to write a new post. I could NOT find it....and then I got panicky....

What if I am really losing it?

Why can't I find it?

What if something is wrong with my brain...or eyes...or brain?

Where is it?

Oh my gosh....okay, don't freak out....holy cow...seriously!

Oh, there it is. 

See're brain tumors.

So how have you been? Me? I've been wearing the Landlord Hat, which apparently is making me question whether or not I have brain issues/diseases. We have decided to sell our rental house. **Please take this time to send up prayers that it sells.....quickly**

We feel (hope, pray, beg) that the market is good now to sell. Plus, we are really not so good at being landlords. It's a lot of work to maintain two houses when really I only have the time to do a good maintenance job on a kid's playhouse.....or maybe dollhouse.

I will be SO glad when the house sells and I can throw away my Landlord's ugly and hats always wreck my hair. I've spent the last two weeks dealing with The Rental. Cleaning, fixing, repairing, hiring repairers (yes, it's a word) is exhausting. We are trying to get The Rental in tip top shape. 

The downside to selling is that we will be paying two mortgages without the benefit of rent coming in. Hmmmm. Very NOT good! 

So, in the spirit of saving money having enough money to eat we are cutting out all fluff. What is fluff? Let me tell you. No TKD, No YMCA, No gymnastics, No piano lessons, No Weight Watchers, No dinners out, No entertainment. 

And yes, Christmas is just around the corner. I've told the kids that we will have really yummy food AND love each other all day.

The end.

I'll leave this rambling post now with this lovely picture. I've been taking photos of things I see while I'm out walking. Walking is, it's free!

Kairos moment when I saw this lovely trellis covered in hops. Beautiful. 

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  1. Hang onto those Kairos moments and everyone wishes you the very best quickly-sold future!!



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