Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween at our house started at 5:30 am. Yes you heard that right. I think the kids are conditioning me for Christmas. No, I was not thrilled. They ran around the house talking WAY too loudly. 

We are lucky to have a school that allows costumes. They call it Story Book Character Day. Genius! I decided to get into costume too! The little kids were thrilled and Mr. P look petrified that I might come to his classroom as a kitty. I told him that yes I would be coming to his classroom and that I'd be doing the Litter Box know....the one from the movie Puss In Boots. Muwahahahaha!!

First stop on our Halloween Party Train was Sis's classroom. The room parents did an amazing job with the party!! was so cute!! 

I love hanging out in my kids' classrooms. Plus costumes and candy!! Woot!

Then it was on to Moses's classroom for his party. More fun! I painted kids nails and put black lipstick on them. So cool!

After all my partying I brought the little kids home and put my pj's on. Time to re-group and get ready for the rest of the day. 

I make chili and corn bread every year for dinner. While the dinner cooked the kids ate MORE candy. Oh!

Cam got home in time for dinner and then off to trick-or-treat our neighborhood. It wasn't raining AND it wasn't freezing. Double bonus!!

This year we had a ghoul. I do not like this! I begged and bribed him to be something cute like Batman.....again. Hmpf! I do not like my boys getting big! I actually shed a few tears at the Halloween store. Okay....1. The store was full of horrible creepy things. 2. I was a bit overwhelmed that day. 3. My baby wanted to dress as something creepy. My tears did nothing to change his mind and quite frankly my husband wondered if it was close to "that time of the month". No it is not!! Rude!

So, I ended up with a ghoul and a Ninja. What a cute ninja!! That ghoul...he's disgustingly scary! Turns out that during trick-or-treating he found out the mask was sweaty and he took it off. Happy Mom.

Tuba is always a witch. A good and happy witch.

George was a pirate and Sis was Bell the princess. Oh how I love the little's costume choices. I'm savoring it. 

Let's talk about the candy. HOLY MOLY!! We came home and weighed the candy. 40 lbs.!!!! That's more than Sis weighs! Although she ate so much candy in one day surely she will gain a pound or two. 

Today she is buzzing with nasty sugar energy. NOT pretty. Poor girl. Her candy is not under lock and key and she can have one piece a day. Anyone who feels sorry for her can take her for the day....I'll provide the candy. :)


  1. Oh THANK YOU (yes I'm shouting it) for posting the pictures. I very much missed Halloween this year. When I got home late last night there was a big bowl of candy on the table - Grampa Keith had bought it because "I wasn't expecting anyone to show up but I thought if they did, I'd be ready." Nice to know I have him so well trained.

  2. I just love your blog!
    I so miss Halloween with little ones, when I got to choose or at least influence what costume they wore. Sadly, those days are long gone at my house! I'm still trying to enjoy it while I can though because I know our trick-or-treating years are numbered!



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