Sunday, June 22, 2014


Tuba graduated last weekend. Oh my! It was such a fun and emotional day. Tuba was thrilled with his cap and gown. He wanted to wear it every day since it was delivered. Finally he got to put it on for the big day! Blue beads to accent his blue gown too. He looked so cute. 

It was a crazy busy day trying to coordinate getting all the kids dressed and ready and keep the house tidy for the party. We did manage to get a photo with our grad. Is anyone else noticing how short I look? I say look because I can't truly be that much smaller than my son. Hmpf. 

The graduation was at our local event center. It was great! Lots of seats for everyone! Here is Tuba with the other two grads from his Life Skills class. We have known these sweet kids since 1st grade. The boy on the left gave a speech at graduation. It was a beautiful speech about how being involved and embraced at the high school has changed his life. 

These two ladies are the sweetest girls on Earth! The asked if they could help escort Tuba at graduation. Tuba loves them! 

After the ceremony we headed back home for a bonfire and party at our house. It was a very fun day! 


  1. It was SUCH a lovely, lovely family time. I have said it before but it bears repeating - Con's high school is the most inclusive school with such wonderful students and a great staff!

  2. It was a wonderful day! Tuba looked so grownup and handsome! You do look short :-)
    I will be posting photos on FB soon as Grandpa puts them on the computer.



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