Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Party Madness

We I am getting ready for Tuba's graduation and party. It's a very exciting week....and busy!

A normal person's list of how to get ready for a party:

1. clean house

2. shop for and prepare food

My list of what to do is a bit more. I'm crazed! I think of all the things I've wanted to get done over the last three years and I try to fit them into one week. When I enthusiastically read my TO DO list to Cam he responded with, "there are meds for that Becky". Perhaps I am a bit OCD and yes there are meds for it....but then who would get this list done?!

My List....the things I've gotten done this week.

1. Paint walls in stairwells both up and downstairs. 

2. Touch up paint in family room

3. Touch up trim paint throughout house

4. Paint front door and trim

5. Weed gardens

6. Mow lawn (Cam and Mr. P)

7. Wash windows

8. Deep clean my bedroom, including moving all furniture and mopping floor under said furniture. 

9. Scrub two bathrooms

10. Dust family room

Things I still have to do....

1. Vacuum whole house

2. Clean main bathroom (I'll wait and do that 20 minutes before guests arrive....otherwise what's the point?)

3. Clean living room 

3. Shop for party food

4. Prepare food

5. Bake cookies

6. Decorate

7. Get everyone's clothes ready for Graduation

Whew! It's getting there. I am really tired and really stiff and sore....but also have a zen sense of calm now that the dust under my bed is gone. Really.

We are all really excited for Tuba. He is going to have a great time at his party!

The pic at the top of post is from my front porch. I planted a few succulents this year. I am loving them. They also make me feel calm and happy each time I walk past them.


  1. WOW! You're an amazing woman with endless energy.

  2. Haha...we get ready for parties the same way. Congrats to the graduate! And also you and Cam. It takes a lot of work and love to get kids to this point.



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