Tuesday, September 1, 2015

George's Kid Party

This was the first year that George has had a "kid" party. He was REALLY excited! We planned it all out way back in June. Finally when the day came he was so excited!

We had an old fashioned backyard party. We set up the slip and slide, the sprinkler and let the kids go at it. The weather was HOT HOT HOT!! 

George picked this cake....from Pinterest. What was I thinking letting him look at Pinterest?! But, it was delicious! Layers of chocolate cake and confetti cake with ganache poured over the top and finished with sprinkles. 

Then the kids did a piƱata. I felt kinda bad watching the kids whack this cute Minion!

And outdoor present opening. Did I mention the day was hot? Oh, swelteringly hot. 

It was a really fun party and George is looking forward to next year already!


  1. A "kids' party" that everyone loved! Yep, sometimes harking back to the "old days" isn't such a bad idea. I am so glad for all the smiles!! And your special BD cakes are ALWAYS fab!!

  2. Beautiful cake!!! Happy Birthday George! We love you!!! XOXOXOXO



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