Monday, August 31, 2015

Camping Part 2

It took me awhile to get part 2 of our camping trip posted. I had to get photos off of Cam's phone so I could post them. Turns out he took some good ones of the camp site and the trailer we rented. Look how cute it is?!

Sis especially loved her bunk. She sat in there listening to music.

Like I said....George got to celebrate his 7th birthday while camping. Fun!! We had cupcakes at Grandma and Grandpa's campsite.

Fun party in the outdoors. Notice the racing theme at G&G's campsite? They are big Nascar fans. 

The campground had Shuffleboard and everyone had a great time playing. We'd all like a big court in our backyard!

We got to have Grandpa's amazing grilled chicken. My dad is a serious MASTER of charcoal grilling! I was taking notes!

And we are looking forward to more camping next year!

Look how much fun we are having!! Barb, what is the thumbs down for? I cannot remember. And why am I showing my beer? We are a strange bunch. 

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  1. Lovely pictures of a lovely family time. Your kids have so much "Gramma and Grampa" love in their lives! We are all honored to be available to your family - available with love, with time, with laughter, with all our hearts.



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