Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day is one of my favorite days of the year. 

This year I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for the day...maybe a bike ride, or a hike. But, Sis spiked a fever on Friday night that persisted the whole weekend. So, I changed gears and decided we would enjoy a day at home.

Now, what is better than a crew of kids and hubby willing to do whatever I wanted to do?! Nothing I tell you. I decided we could have a work party in the yard. And...they were all for it. I have such nice people! 

My day started with this sweet boy making me a gift. He presented me with a halo and said I am "his angel". How cute is that?! 

Then I was presented with the gifts and cards the kids made at school. These are my favorite things! I treasure them. 

Cam took the kids to church and Sis and I stayed home. We decided that a pedicure was in order for Mother's Day. Well, we gave it to the dog. Kali loves this and totally relaxes and snores through the whole thing. Doggy spa day. 

Once everyone was home we headed outside to get working on the yard. The kids were awesome! We chatted and worked side by side. Yes, I worked too.

We weeded and then put in new soil. The plants are looking great!

Everyone was working hard...well except Tuba. Do you see him? I guess he's the boss and watching to make sure we do a good job. 

Cam and the boys mowed and edged the lawn. 

Even my little two are good workers. 

Sis was feeling perkier after a Motrin so she helped too. 

It's a Dog's Life. They moved around the yard and laid near me and got underfoot several times. But, they are so sweet and good company. 

Only one mishap in the day. They boys had gone to Ace to buy more dirt and the little kids were in the back yard. I had been cleaning out those big planters you see in the above photo. They are big and heavy. I rolled them to the edge of the lawn where it meets a concrete bulkhead to our driveway. It's about 4 ft. from the grass to the driveway below. I was bent over scooping dirt out of banter into the compost/yard waste bin. I was hungry and tired and as I stood up I lost my balance and fell over backwards towards the driveway. As I began to fall I thought...oh no, concrete below. At that moment I hit the compost bin and landed in it. Hard. Oh ouch on my elbow, and arm and hip. But, what a save that bin made. Much better than landing on the concrete. My guardian angel was looking out for me. I had to extract myself from the bin with the dogs watching over me. Luckily no lasting damage done other than a scrape and sore elbow joint. 

After our hard labor we enjoyed happy hour on the deck and then BBQ burgers for dinner. Great day!  
There is nothing I love more about my life than being a mom. It's wonderful to celebrate that job!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you!!! You have a wonderful family, including the dogs :-)

    Love Sis's pants, so cute.

    Love you - XOXOXOXO



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