Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mr. P is a Teen

Mr. P is officially a teenager! 13!!!! Woot!!

He celebrated a few days early with his best buddies. The nicest group of kids. And I can tell you that as boys get older the parties get easier. I fed them dinner and dessert and breakfast and then rarely saw them. They played outside and played video games into the wee hours of the night. 

Brother love. 

On Mr. P's actual bday I took the kids to a local burger place and went to the park for dinner. Cam was working. Boo! 

Then to assert his independence as a teen he went out of town for five days on a trip with his buddy. We really missed him but boy did he have fun! 

Happy Birthday Mr. P! You are smart and hard working and your recent report card is proof.....3.95 GPA with English/Literature and Math honors classes. I can hardly believe you passed me up in height this spring. You are growing like a weed...or a teenager. You are a beautiful boy...handsome and stunning. I cherish any one on one time I have with you to chat. You are compassionate and loving and that shines through in discussions of world matters. Your future is bright and I am enjoying watching it unfold. 


  1. You are all of the things your Mom said; I couldn't have said it any better! Happy Birthday Mr. P!!! Many years! ...and come spend a day/night with me. Love you XOXOXOXO

  2. Lovely - he is an amazing young man! One on one time is so precious because, from this day forward, your time with him with become increasingly limited. Beautiful pictures (as usual) thank you for sharing.



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