Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer Time

Summer has arrived! We are settling into our summer routine nicely.

But, first some catch up on the past month. It was busy!

All school year long I had worked as a substitute teacher one day a week. Very occasionally I worked two days in a week. Then the end of the school year approached and teachers were asking me left and right if I could sub for the. The end of the year brings testing and report card prep so the need for subs is high. I decided to be brave and just go for it. I ended up working nearly every day for the last five weeks of the year. Some were half days which allowed me to get Tuba off the bus on the days that Cam worked. It was a little crazy to work so much but we all pushed through knowing it would be short lived.

Turns out it went great! Cam was a huge help and picked up a few extra chores around the house. The biggest help came in the form of making lunches and breakfast! Cam was awesome! The kids were great too. On the mornings that Cam was gone they helped us get out the door on time. I kept telling them the extra money I made would be for our vacation so they had good incentive to help out.

There were a few crazy moments too. One morning Moses told me he had no clean shorts. Well, he did have clean pants but he didn't want to wear pants. I informed him that he would have to wear pants. In the car I noticed that he had on shorts. He told me he got them out of the washing machine. The load had just finished and he pulled them out....and wore them wet. Oh!! Good thing they were quick drying fabric....but ewwww!

Now summer is here and we are in full relax mode. Lots of playing and reading and summer fun going on.

In the past week we have gone camping (pics coming soon), begun swim lessons, deep cleaned bedrooms (my favorite way to start summer), celebrated a bday (more pics to come soon), caught up on yard work and paperwork and household chores, slept in and even watched several movies.

We are ready for more fun!

A few pics from Cam's sister's visit in early June.


  1. Amazing life of a seven member family with two employed parents yet you still made it to every single sporting event! Yikes! Love the anecdotes of laundry and chores. Thank you so much for taking time to update your blog - you could have just walked away but many of us count on hearing from you and seeing your great pictures. Now, summertime!!

  2. Good job on working together!



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