Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Two Decade Tuba!

When you are turning 20 you help cook your birthday breakfast. Kielbasa and eggs and toast. Tuba's faves. 

Did I forget to say....20....what the heck?! 20!!! How can that be?! 

Tuba's friend sent him a bouquet of fruit. He loved it!

We spent the day at the beach then home for dinner and dessert. Pudding with loads of whip cream was a big hit. 

Once Cam got home from work Tuba got to open his gift. Two sets of grandparents pitched in with us to buy Tuba an outdoor propane fire pit. 

When Amazon delivered it Tuba saw the huge box and yelled, "FIRE!!". He's such a stinker...he knew what it was. 

Once it was opened he started bossing Cam around to get it set up and lit. 

Hot weather doesn't matter when you are a fire lover. Tuba was so happy. 

Happy birthday Mr. 20! You are such a joy and light to the world. You delight in small things and the beauty of the world. I love it when you call me to look at the sunset. You never miss it and you make sure the rest of us see it too. You love new shoes...just check out the new orange birthday shoes from Nana. You ran all over the house showing us how cool and fast they make you. Thankfully you love going to all your siblings' sporting events. You are the best cheerleader...and you even cheer the other team too. Everywhere we go you wave to people and say thank you to them. You love to help stir whatever is cooking. And oh yes you love to eat yummy food. Tuba you are a joy to us and we are so glad you're ours. Happy Birthday!


  1. This made me burst out laughing and them smile and smile! Yes, Tuba, you are loved beyond words!!

  2. I love to hear Tuba stories, so sweet that he cheers for both teams. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Tuba!!! Looking forward to him coming over and on Sunday and good to know he likes to help cook. :-)



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