Saturday, October 21, 2017

Spring, and Mother's Day

I began working out in the spring. I joined (re-joined) WW and got busy working out. I use and workout in my basement. I LOVE it!! It was VERY hard when I began. Brutal, sweaty sessions that left me sore for days. I'm still at it and it's still challenging but not as brutally painful....most days.

Tuba enjoyed lots of outings with his classmates. As the year wound down we all began feeling the weight of him leaving school for good. Well, he didn't. He just carried on and enjoyed it all. We should all be more like Tuba.

Ummm....this. Equal parts hilarious and frightening.

So many good things about our dogs. Sis especially loves them. She is our animal whisperer.

Mother's Day is the best. I adore all of the homemade cards and gifts from school.

On Mother's Day we went out on the same nature walk we did on my birthday. It was neat to see how the landscape changes in each season.

It's so refreshing to get outside and breathe fresh air. We found lots of beauty to take in, hold hands and laugh together. A perfect day. 

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