Tuesday, January 24, 2017

46th Birthday Celebration

Oh how the time is flying by....I'm so behind on my blogging life.

Working, plus this busy sports family is keeping me from my chronicles here.

December is a packed, busy, celebratory, fun, stressful and crazy month.

I think the next thing to post about is my birthday. Oh! I LOVE my birthday. It will be fun to relive it here today.

Early in my birthday week I got to spend an afternoon with my mom. It was SO FUN! My mom had just retired and so we had a double celebration. We went to a long leisurely and delicious lunch and then browed the shops nearby. Loved this day!!

On my actual birthday we attended church. I truly love to stand in church holding hands and hugging my loves while singing and worshipping.

After church we stopped at my fave cupcake shop. Yummy!

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE! A pink champagne cupcake!

I have been wanting to visit a nature preserve near our house. I seized the opportunity of a captive audience and we headed out for a rainy adventure. Hey, on your birthday you get to choose!

The scenery was beautiful and the falling rain on the water was music to our ears. 

I love all the moss that grows in our area. 

After our walk we came home, warmed up, dressed up and headed out to dinner. 
We love our dinner tradition! 

Lots of time to chat and eat yummy food...and make funny faces.

I think this pic is after the boys were done eating and very full! 

Birthday number 46 was great! I'm already looking forward to my next fun day. 


  1. So lovely - I am happy-happy that you had the perfect birthday!!

  2. Great hat! ;-) Love the photo of you and your handsome husband!



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